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I'm Yoh Komiyama. Quiet, cool with nothing in between. My girlfriend Haruna Nagashima and I have been together longer than most high school relationships would last. We just made-up the other day after what happened on our last date. She's normal again and things were back to its old routine. I still find it a little awkward that I almost threw her clothes off and started kissing her in random places unintentionally. Thinking about it makes me want to kill myself.



"So how did you two make-up?" Asaoka asked, giving that annoying smile again.

The flashback of what happened yesterday made me put my head down on the table again. Asaoka means to do this to me all the time.

"Yoh found me swinging by myself the other day so he—"

"He doesn't need to know." I interrupted Haruna's story-telling session.

Nobody even bothered telling me that I was blushing as I said it, so they all started laughing at me again. How annoying. This is, no doubt, Asaoka's fault again.

"Oh Yoh, I guess someone really has changed your whole life and turned it upside-down!" Fumiya snorted. He is the most loyal best friend a guy could ever have. Really.

Asami kept quiet the whole lunch time. Her tiny little mind was filled with vices as usual. She never really appreciated what I've become after I met Haruna.

I hoped for a brother. God never really granted that wish.

"It just shows that Onii-chan has never dated a girl like Haru-chan that's all." She finally made her say.

Everyone stopped giggling and stared at Asami, who is apparently shooting an I-am-not-happy-with-my-brother's-girlfriend look.

"She's loud and too confident!" She started shouting at my (very shocked and at the moment, confused) girlfriend, "Her chest hasn't even grown into the shape they're supposed to be in! Her face isn't cute, she acts so manly, and she can't even smile—"

"That's enough Asa," I made her shut up, "You will just have to bare with it because whatever it is that you think about her, I think of her as the complete opposite!"

Fumiya stopped me from getting any closer to his girlfriend. Haruna ran out of the cafeteria and I noticed that she was crying her way out.

"Pretty soon we'll graduate from this school and go to college, and get married, so you have to get used to her."

The words slipped out of my mouth. What the hell was I saying? I will never know. Asaoka looked at me with large, shocked eyes. Asami shot me the same look. Everyone was surprised with what I said.

I felt the blood rush up to my face again. I couldn't resist from blushing. My whole body started to tremble with embarrassment yet my eyes were still filled with anger as I fixed them to my little sister.

The whole cafeteria fixed their eyes on me as I walked out.

Another embarrassing scene. How troublesome.


"You didn't have to yell at her Yoh," Haruna brought out her humble words, "She was right too."

I looked at her, confused. Her tears were about to start streaking, but she tried to resist them. The wind blew gently through her hair as she stood.

"I'm not like other girls, am I?" She turned her back to look beyond where we were.

We were on the roof of the school. Not a very magical place.

"You aren't like other girls at all." I answered her honestly.

She looked at me with a sad face and started crying like a little girl. Ugh. It's not the first time I've seen her like this, yet it kills me whenever I do.

"Hey, stop crying! Everyone would think that I made you cry or something!"

"I'm not good enough for Yoh!" She exclaimed, running towards the end of the roof.

"You idiot! You might fall!" I angered, running up to her.

I grabbed her hand and we fell together rolling down towards the roof's entrance.

"Ouch!" She managed to say after being crushed by me.

Again, I felt her whole body against mine. I stretched my arms to push my weight further away from her chest. Her eyes were closed in fear. I looked at her startled face in a sudden nostalgia. It reminded me of our last date. Which I don't want to start thinking about again.

"Sorry." I mumbled, getting off of her, "You shouldn't be doing stupid stunts like that without me close to you, okay? You're so careless."

Her expression didn't change. She still looked frightened. Once again, I have no idea of what to do right now.

I sat closer to her as we shared our state of innocence. I put my arm around her and turned to her and smiled.

"I wouldn't be dating you if I thought you weren't the girl I liked."

She smiled as tears started to fill her eyes again. I wanted to say something again, but she dug her face into my neck and started making baby crying sounds.

"You do love to cry don't you?"

I hugged her as I looked up the sky. The whole world seemed to stop as we stayed together until I heard the door open from the back of where we were sitting.

I looked up and saw both our homeroom teachers looking at us.

Bring on the yelling.


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