Surprise, surprise! You didn't think I would finish it did you? Anyway it's not finished yet. One or max. two more chapters. Sorry it took so long :( I hope you enjoy reading it, if anyone is still interested out there.

In the dining hall

Lydia looked around. The dining hall was huge, with long tables and benches. In one part was the buffet, where an eight or more armed octopus served the food.

-It's not as weird, as I thought...-said Lydia to herself.

-Not as weird?-Ra repeated the question.-What do you mean?

-Nothing, nothing.-smiled Lydia.-Ughh again...

The monster children invaded the dining hall, and grabbed one-one plate, and lined up on front of the buffet, where they choosed food. After they got what they wanted, they walked to the tables and sat down to eat. Lydia, Mantha, Casper and Ra did the same. The daily menu was: spaghetti with eyeballs, some kind of green soup, bleu colored pie with unknown condiments, and fish. Lydia made a disgusted face, as she looked over the variety of foods, after that she looked forward to see what will her friends choose. Casper choosed the green soup, so did Mantha, and Ra choosed the blue pie.

-What kind of soup is that?-asked Lydia.

-Swampy.-answered Mantha.

-Swampy? That sounds funny, from what's made of?-asked Lydia with amused face.

-From a swamp plant, it's very tasty.

-Oh, so it's a vegetarian food?

-Well...if we think of a flesh eating plant, as a plant because it is one...-muttered Mantha.

-Never mind.-answered Lydia with embarrassed smile.

-Move the line!We don't have all day!-shouted the buffet woman.

-I'm sorry.-looked Lydia up at her, than she turned to Mantha.-What about the fish? It's not poisonous right?

-No, it's not poisonous.-Mantha started walking towards a table, where Casper and Ra already sat down.

-From that one please.-pointed Lydia to the fish.

Soon she was walking towards the table, but noticed, that the four places at the table are already occupied. Wolfie joined the gang. Lydia stopped and looked puzzled towards the table. Casper spotted Lydia, and got up from his seat.

-Here, you can take my seat, I just sit somewhere else.-he said smiling.

-No thanks.-smiled Lydia.-I don't want to bother you, I go and sit somewhere else.-she went away and sat down at an empty table.

-I wonder where's Beej? Without him it's not so interesting…It's boring to sit here all alone.-thought Lydia while she looked at the fish on her plate. –Is it really safe to eat this? I must eat something while I'm here…even if I'm not a fish fan…

-Can I join?-came the question, and Lydia looked up.

Thatch was standing next to her, with a cute vampire smile, holding his plate.

-Uh, sure.-smiled Lydia.

Thatch occupied the seat vis-à-vis and put down the plate with eyeball spaghetti and a glass of red liquid.

-How come you're alone?-asked Thatch.

-Well, all the seats are already taken over there, so I came here.-Lydia pointed towards the table where Casper and the others were.

-I mean, where's your cousin?

-Who? Oh, Beetlejuice!...Well he's around here somewhere…-Lydia looked around.

-Thank God he's not!-thought Thatch, and started eating.

Lydia looked at Thatch, then at the fish on her plate.

-Ummm Thatch?

-Yeah?-Thatch looked up.

-Is this fish poisonous? Mantha said it's not, but…

-No it's not, but I totally understand, that you don't trust them.-he nodded towards Mantha and the others.

-Oh no! I didn't mean it that way!-Lydia forced out a laugh.-I just wanted to be extra suuuure.-she added.

-I'm glad that you trust me.-said Thatch and drank from his glass a little embarressed.

-I don't know why is everyone is saying that you are evil…but to me you seem like a nice person.-said Lydia smiling.

-I'm not nice!-shouted Thatch angrily.

Lydia was surprised:

-Oh sorry…I just…

Thatch came to his senses:

-Ummm, sorry, I didn't mean to shout, you know it's a habit for me.-said Thatch with embarrassed smile.

Lydia smiled back, now she was calm. Meanwhile, Dummy Girl, Moss Head and Slither reached the and of the line at the buffet. After they all got themselfes lunch, they started walking towards the usual "gang" table. When they all settled down, Slither looked around surprised:

-Where's Thatch?

Dummy Girl answered to him:

-He's probably late.

-No, he's eating.-interjected Moss Head.

-What?-asked Slither.

-Now he's drinking.-answered Moss Head.

-What are you talking about?-asked nervously Dummy Girl.

-There.-pointed Moss Head in one direction.

Dummy Girl and Slither looked in that direction, then at eachother, and then again in that direction. They couldn't believe their eyes.

-What's Thatch doing there, when he should be here with us?-asked Dummy Girl.

-It looks like he's having lunch with that vampire girl.-answered Slither.

-I can see that! But why?

-I don't know.-shrugged Slither and started eating.

Thatch put down his glass, which was already empty.

-Is that blood?-asked Lydia.

-Yeah, why aren't you drinking? Can I bring a glass for you too?-asked Thatch, and he was about to leave.

-Oh no, no! Preferably water, if you can.-answered Lydia.

-Water? Are you a vega-vampire?

-Weeeell…no, I'm just trying to be one.-said Lydia with an embarrassed smile.

-This is stupid…why you wanna be one?

-I…like to try out some new things.-grinned Lydia.

-Oh…okay. Me too!-grinned Thatch and ran off to the buffet.

-Where are you Beej? Why aren't you here, when I need you? I'm really curious, about that little job you have…-thought Lydia.

Thatch returned with a glass of water.

-Here.-he handed the glass to Lydia.

-Thanks.-answered Lydia and took the glass, then she drank from it, while Thatch sat down. –Today after class, you're going to the library to study?

-Huh? Oh yeah…my detention…

-Can I come?

-Why? It's a boring place, full of old books.-said Thatch rolling his eyes.

-I like librarys. You can find interesting things there.-said Lydia smiling.

Thatch looked at her for a while, then nodded.

-You can come, if you want…you could help me with my homework.

-Sure.-nodded Lydia smiling.

Thatch was smiling too, and he blushed a little.

Later, that afternoon

Lydia jumped off Mantha's bed, where they were playing cards.

-Where are you going?-asked Casper.

-Yeah, I still have a few aces, I want to play.-said Ra.

-Are you cheating again?-asked Mantha reproachingly.

-Sorry guys, but I have to find Bj, I didn't see him since this morning. And I'm helping Thatch with his homework in the library.-answered Lydia stretching.

-You're spending too much time with him.-said Mantha.

-Do you like his gang?-asked Ra.

-His gang? No. I mean, I haven't met them yet.-answered Lydia.

-Hmmm, that's weird, usually they are all with him.-said Casper.

-Maybe now they'll be there too. We'll talk later, bye!-waved Lydia and ran out the door.

Casper, Ra and Mantha looked at each other.

-Are you thinking what I'm thinking?-asked Casper.

-That I will win the next round too?-grinned Ra.

-No, but that…-started Casper, but Mantha interrupted him.

-That Thatch really likes Lydia and he will turn her evil sooner or later.

-Yes, but I'm not sure about the second part.-answered Casper.

Meanwhile in the library

Lydia stepped into a huge space, in the center was huge column like construction with lots of drawers. Around the column where little tables with two places, Thatch was sitting at one of the tables surrounded by books and notebooks. When Lydia noticed him she smiled.

-He's not a bad boy at all, he just wants to convince everyone about it…he's similar to Beej. I wonder where is he? I sure hope he didn't forget about me!-thought Lydia, but she rapidly chased away the idea.-Thatch!

Thatch looked up and waved to her.

-Hey, at last you're here!

Lydia walked to him.

-Sorry, I was just looking for my cousin, but with no succes. Are you studying?

-I'm trying…but it's so hard.-Thatch sighed.

-I know, it isin't easy for me either in my school, at home.

-But you're learning at home, right? That's a lot easier!

-Oh uhm, it depends from which side we view it.-smiled Lydia.-But where are the books?

-There, in the drawers.-Thatch pointed towards the column.

Lydia looked in the direction, and started walking towards the column, then opened one of the drawers.

-But be careful, there are dangerous books too…they bite.-grinned Thatch.

-You're kidding right?-asked Lydia smiling.

-Not me!

Lydia blinked, and did not know, to believe it or not, after she started searching between the books.

-Anyway, where's your gang? Mantha and the others said that you have one, and that they're always with you, but I haven't seen them.-asked Lydia.

-Uh, they're…idiots.-answered Thatch, but he didn't look up from his notebook.

-Idiots? It's not nice to say this about your friends.

-I never say nice things, and they aren't my friends.

-Oh…then who are your friends?

-I don't have friends, I'm scary and dangerous. I don't need friends.

-Don't be silly! Everyone needs friends.-smiled Lydia.

-Well I don't.

-Was I wrong? Although Beetlejuice always says that he doesn't have friends, but he does.-thought Lydia, then she smiled cunningly. –Oh, I suppose that I'm not your friend then?

Thatch looked up surprised, then he blushed and his pen fell out from his hand, although Lydia was too far to see this.

-But…yes, you are my friend.-said Thatch.-Am I going nuts? What am I saying? Lydia is my friend? But how? Is it this simple?...-thingking he was looking towards Lydia.

-I'm glad.-smiled Lydia.-I wasn't wrong, he's just like Beej.-meanwhile he walked back to Thatch.-Thatch?


-While I'm here, could you show me around the school? I'm curious about every corner!

Thatch looked up at her blinking, then he smiled.

-Sure! I'm free all week!

-Really?-Lydia looked down to one of Thatch's notebooks.

Thatch followed Lydia's gaze, he looked down to the notebook, and added:

-Uh, of course after classes.

Lydia smiled and nodded.

-I would have prefered better, if Beej could guide me around, but it looks like he's too busy with something…-thought Lydia.

-Lydia? Can I ask you something?

-Yeah, sure.

-Do you have a partner for the Green Moon night?-asked Thatch, hiding his excitement.

-For what?-blinked Lydia confused.

-The Green Moon night. Mantha didn't told you about it?


-It's going to be in this weekend, once a year, for just one night the Moon turns green.

-Deadly vu!

-So we celebrate it, with a little dance night thing, Kibosh will be here too.


-Yes, he's the main boss of all schools in the Neitherworld. He's a ghost too, but very strong and scary…of course not as scary as I am!

Lydia laughed. Thatch smiled.

-So…I was just wondering…-tried Thatch again.

-This means that I can go to the party too?-asked Lydia excited.

-Uh, sure…

-Deadly vu! I wonder if Beej will be my partner? And a new dress wouldn't hurt at all…-Lydia looked at herself thoughtfully.

-Umm Lydia?-Thatch tried again.


-Ah…I don't have a partner and…

-Oh, don't worry Thatch, sooner or later you'll find someone.-said Lydia kindly.


-A really need to find Beetlejuice! Sorry Thatch, but I have to go now, but I promise, tomorrow after class we'll go to look around the school, okay?-Lydia started walking out from the library.

-Okay…sure…-muttered Thatch.

Lydia waved to him, and walked out the door. Thatch sighed sadly, and laid down his head on the table.