Jennifer's Body

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Dude.. If I owned this movie, the make out scene would not have ended, and Jennifer would not have died. So obviously, the only thing I own are the ideas that I'm using to change some small scenes from the movie. And honestly I'm sure some others would have thought of this too.

Summary: Basically canon with a few key differences. Basically how I wanted the movie to go. Jennifer/Needy. Don't like? Don't read. No one's forcing you.

Rating: M for language, horror movie violence, gore, and of course, sexual content.

Authors Note: Is it awkward for anyone else to say "Devils Kettle's" ? I mean isn't that grammatically correct, even though its awkward? Cuz the name of the town is like "Devils Kettle" but like if, for example, it were New York, the plural possessive would be "New York's" right? O.o it even confused my college English professor. If its wrong, please let me know how to correct it. Its bothering me.

Sometimes Needy couldn't understand why Jennifer hung out with her. In this small town, Jennifer was the head cheerleader, tall, beautiful and with a body to die for; she was Devils Kettle's equivalent of a pin up girl. Guys wanted her and girls wanted to be her. She could have anyone in the school she wanted. Yet Jennifer still chose Needy. Of course, she had many followers, but they were just that: followers. Clones. They didn't get her. All they saw was the fa├žade Jennifer put on every day. They didn't seem to care enough to find out either. The clones just pretended to fawn over her, waiting for Jennifer to fall so one of them could take her place as queen. So very Gossip Girl.

Maybe that was why Jennifer had picked Needy out of all the kids n school. The girls had grown up together. They were biffs. Needy had been there before Jennifer became what everyone expected her to be and Needy would continue to be there for as long as Jennifer wanted her. Needy never judged her, even when it was clear Jennifer was a crap friend she still put up with her.

Times like now, for example, reminded Needy that through it all, Jennifer still treasured her. The band Jennifer had been going on about, Low Shoulder or something like that, was playing live in the bar. All night the older girl had been practically drooling over the lead singer, leaving Needy feeling neglected and alone. As if sensing this while the band played Jennifer took Needy's hand in her own, lacing their fingers together.

Needy smiled, thinking that her best friend had finally acknowledged her existence. Looking up at Jennifer, however, her smile faded. The cheerleader was too busy staring at the band in awe to really notice her. With a frown Needy pulled her hand away and looked dejected.

This action caught Jennifer's attention. She turned to face Needy and smiled. It was a sweet honest smile. Not the fake one she usually showed everyone. It was the kind of smile that made Needy's heart pound and her knees weak. She blushed and returned the smile shyly. Jennifer stepped colder and wrapped her arms around the blonde in a light hug. Yes, it was times like this that Needy remembered exactly why they were friends.

Unfortunately that's when the fire started. That evil hellfire which changed everything for the inhabitants of Devil's Kettle. If asked, Needy could tell you this was the night when she lost her best friend. What came back later wasn't Jennifer. It was a monster.