Hello, yes, I know I've got other fanfics on the go but I had to write one for Mirrormask! It's such an awesome movie!

Disclaimer: I don't own Mirrormask or any of it's wonderful characters, although I am gutted that I didn't think of it first.....sigh.......

The darkness enveloped them, but Helena raced on regardless.

'C'mon Valentine!' she screamed as she heard the rustle of him running behind her. She heard him grunt in reply, at least she knew he was still there.

They came to a stop in front of the last window. Helena could see the princess, her dark twin, twirling and laughing on the apartment roof. Anger boiled up inside her, how dare she steal her life, her home!

'Valentine! Give me the mask!' she called urgently, there was no answer.

Confused, Helena turned to face him. He was just stood there, looking at her.

'Valentine please!'

Valentine remained where he was, the mirrormask in his hand, he averted her gaze and shifted his weight from one foot to another.

'Erm, Helena, can I come with you?'

Helena blinked, they were running out of time, but she answered him in a calm voice, the answer she both wanted to say and what he wanted to hear.

'Yes, if you want.'

The effect was electric, she could have sworn he physically glowed.

'You sure? Really?! I can juggle? You'll let me stay? We'll do what rich people do?'

Helena giggled, despite herself.

'Yes, of course! But only if you give me the mask Valentine!'

He smiled and tossed it to her. She caught it, looked at the princess.

'Here I come....Valentine! Hold on!'

She felt Valentine grab her upper arm as she placed the silver mask on her face.

The darkness pulled her into the window. Her ears could hear Valentine's frightened yelps, and the princess' angry cry of 'Nooooooo! You can't make me go baaaaaacccckkkkkk!', but all her eyes could see was a warped sense of blacklight.....


'Helena? Helena sweetie, wake up'

Helena's eyes opened reluctantly to see the image of her father swim into view. He smiled and patted her arm.

'Come on sleepy head, what are you doing up here?'

Helena sat up. The princess was nowhere to be seen, but neither was Valentine.

Standing up Helena felt her dad's coat on her shoulders. He was talking but she wasn't really listening, where was he? Had it been a dream?

She looked around her, but all she could see was the skyline of the city, panic seeped through her as she began to think it had all been a dream.....

No. No dream is that realistic, and people like Valentine did not just wander into your subconscious without a good reason. He had to be real, but he wasn't there. Why wasn't he there?

'Are you alright honey?'

'Hmmm? Oh, fine dad fine, I'm just....'

'Did you lose something Helena?' Morris asked kindly.

Helena looked at him in surprise. Losing Valentine was, well, not good.

'Sort of I guess.'

'Don't worry love, it'll turn up...'

Helena bit her lip, taking a final look of the roof she followed her father. She suddenly wished Valentine had kept a tighter grip on her arm.

Where is he?

Will we ever find out? Oh come on, would I do that to you?