AN: Let the Tags begin!! What an incredible premiere! I am so excited for this season, and even more so the Tag series! For those of you reading for the first time, I will be doing a series of Tags for each individual episode of Season Seven, with a variety of ships (always notated, no slash), variety of genres, and lengths, stemming from a quote or scene within an episode. I update throughout the week of the aired episode and start afresh with the next one....Thank you in advance for reading! Here's to a memorable season!!


Tony: Right now I should be terrified, but I'm not…


The plane ride back home was relatively silent. Ziva resting her head on McGee's shoulder as the two drifted off to sleep. Gibbs opting on staying awake if only to make certain his team was alright. Tony doing so for no reason in particular…

"You want to talk…" Gibbs stated as he took his eyes off McGee and Ziva and met Tony's gaze.

"Why do you say that?"

"You're not sleeping…"

Tony hid a smile. "You know me well."

"Almost as well as you know me."

His eyes shifted. "Wasn't scared for a second boss…"

"Of course you weren't…" Gibbs almost smiled.

Only Tony didnt. "Knew you'd come."

A moment of silence passed; Gibbs expression saying all that needed to be said. It was a full minute before the two were locked back onto their teammates…

"Were you boss?"

"Was I what?"


Gibbs let his head rest against the wall for a moment. "Yeah…"


Gibbs didn't repeat himself. "Mission accomplished DiNozzo…all that matters."

Tony nodded in understanding, a whirl of emotions piercing through him. "Time to move on huh?"

"Together," Gibbs stated in a way only he could; choosing to repeat himself this time. "Together…"