Hey people, I know I promised this one to come out in 2010 but I changed my mind at the last minute. Now this is the remake of Shining Kitsune with a simple change of name to Shining Wing and changing this story from a G Gundam crossover to a Gundam Wing crossover. Why would I do that? Because I can and I just did. Now this will continue the original's plot of a straight Gundam cross with G-Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny but this time I'm adding in my newest favorite called Gundam Double 0, its involvement will present itself later on in the story. Some of the old ideas will remain while the rest will be used for scarp so new ones may take their place. I will also be, somewhat, involving some of the other Gundam series and mini Gundam series in this like Gundame 08th MS Team, Gundam 0080, and my personal favorite Gundam 0083.

However there will be NO involvement what so ever with Gundam SD and thats a promise.

Now the story will remain a Harem but this time I think I am not going to go overbroad like last time, so I'll try to keep it to a minimum of seven or eight girls. I can tell you now that the Harem looks like this

Naruto/Hinata X Haku X Tenten X Sakura X Yugito

The reason why I chose this type of harem is based solely around the love interests between the main characters in the animes (Though Gundam 00 is the only exception because Setsuna never had a love interest but he had girls placed as his love interest. I'm simply going to use the ones that could have a legitament shot with him and in my eyes there are only two)

And incase you are wondering who they are then I will present it

G-Gundam: Rain and Allenby (Domon)

Gundam Wing: Reelena (Heero)

Gundam Seed/Destiny: Flay (Seed) and Lacus (Seed and Destiny) (Kira)

Gundam 00: Mirana and Fedlt (Setsuna)

From my sight the characters that match up with them is Hinata with Lacus, Yugito with Allenby, Tenten with Reelena, Sakura with Flay, and Haku with Fedlt.

That's the harem and if I chose to increase it only ONE….more girl can come in and it will be of my choice.

Now let's get on with the remake

Disclaimer: I don't own neither Naruto nor either one of the Gundam series

Ch.1 – It begins

In the calm night, the village of Konohagakure no Sato was sleeping soundly neither person nor thing making a sound besides the birds and insects. However, all except for one boy however was enjoying the peaceful night; in fact, he was doing far more then that as tonight would be the night that began his dream. This boy had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a bright "kill me" orange jumpsuit, that would alert any enemy ninja on his exact location, with a pair of dark forest green goggles on his forehead. However, what also made him stand out were three whiskers like birthmarks on his cheeks.

This boy was Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuriki to the Kyuubi no Kitsune

He had to say that he felt greatly about successfully grasping the forbidden scroll of sealing from the Kage tower after hitting the old man with his first created jutsu called the Sexy jutsu. This technique allowed him to turn himself into the image of a very nude female version of himself that would affect any man in the world, unless that man liked a different body part. However, he did wonder how the old man was able to hide that he was a pervert? Well like everyone say's, we all got secrets.

Now he was close to the rendezvous point and he would be able to learn one jutsu. Then he thought on it for a moment "Wait, why learn just one jutsu? I have a scroll fill with high rank techniques that the Hokages written and I'm supposed to learn one? Fuck that." Naruto said aloud as he sped up to the point that his sensei told him to meet at which was an empty shed. He looked around and saw that Mizuki has yet to make it here so he had plenty of time.

He then opened the forbidden scroll and pulled out a spare for himself, then without waiting any further, he began to copy then down. It took him about a full hour to copy the techniques within it due to him reading and sorting through the ones he knew would be beneficial for him and others that he could not even imagine himself doing to another human being or having the power to do it. He was amazed at the techniques within this scroll as some were moves that involved the elements (Mainly lightning and fire) and others involved the manipulation of chakra

Then came the last one that he just had a strange feeling about. It felt as if he needed to learn this one along with another called Shadow clone jutsu. Sure, he was not good with clones but how could you deny a move that when it allowed you to fight in multiple areas at once and as a plus it allowed the user to gain the knowledge that the clones obtained during their lifespan. That would make training far easier.

Shining Finger: This is a chakra manipulation technique created by Namikaze clan founder; Kashu Domon later remained Namikaze Domon. This technique is said to use heat energy or is a variant of a fire jutsu that would later make Domon famous and give him the name 'Heat fist'. When the user uses this technique, it holds the appearance of metallic green/gold energy surrounding the user's hands. When technique is in use, it can cause tremendous amount of destruction to the enemy, such as a crushed skull to a melting of an internal organ. In addition, it seems to use the technique you must use a special chant listed below.

Naruto could only gasp at that. That technique was something that he would most likely dodge due to what its capabilities were but after thinking it through, he remembered something during one of Iruka's classes, which he stayed awake through besides when he talked about seals. He stated that the shinobi world is not a world of fun and adventure; it is a world of military and death. He told his class that day that the time will come when they have their first kill and they would need to be ready when that time came.

'I guess I can't deny it, I need to learn this jutsu.' He said as he began to study through this move thoroughly.

Time skip: 3 hours later

Naruto walked back to the shed looking exhausted from all the work he was doing for the past three hours. He managed to get a firm hand on the shadow clone techniques but Shining Finger was a different story. He had a very had time creating the jutsu in his hand as he needed to pump large amounts of chakra into his hand and mold said chakra to remain within his hand. Now he was glad that he was smart enough to learn shadow clones first as thanks to that he had help in the matter of getting it down

Nevertheless, even with the help of his clones he still needed something to help him get this move down.

The only question is what was needed in that regard

Before he could continue thinking on the matter Umino Iruka made an appearance in front of him with an angered look on his face "Naruto, what do you think your doing stealing that scroll? Don't you know that you have nearly the entire village searching for you and that scroll?" He said with anger in his voice while Naruto just smiled and laughed to himself before he scratched his head and spoke

"Yeah sorry about that Iruka-sensei, but now I can pass." Naruto said with Iruka looking confused.

"Pass? Pass what Naruto?" Iruka said with Naruto's smile growing a little more

"The secret exam, where I take the scroll from the Kage tower then learn one technique from it. I had to say that they were hard to learn but I managed to get about four down with one I'm still working on." He said with Iruka surveying the area then his student and looked impressed

'He's not lying. I can see that he has been working hard just by the appearance of both the area and the way his cloths look.' Iruka said now wondering who told Naruto this, since it was obviously a lie.

"Naruto, who told you this exactly?" He said with Naruto's smile dropping and he himself eyeing his sensei with a strange look

"Mizuki-sensei did. He told me that there was a secret test, in which all I would have to do was take hold of the forbidden scroll then I could learn one jutsu from it. So do I pass or not?" Naruto said with his voice sounding anxious. Though how could you blame him, after all he just stolen a high-class artifact from the Kage tower of all places and then learned four techniques within the last three hours and one that still needed to be worked on. If he was being tested on time as well, he was sure that he was guaranteed to get the rank

Iruka however was still thinking this strange matter through 'Hmm, why would Mizuki lie to Naruto like that? Surely he couldn't expect Naruto to successfully steal the scroll and learn a jutsu from it, all the moves are way to advanced for Naruto to even try much less learn. Unless that's what he wanted.' He said as his eyes widened but before he could say anything the sound of whizzing weapons could be heard in the distance.

As if on instinct, Iruka pushed Naruto away from the weapons and turned to take them head on. The result of his actions was him getting hit by multiple kunai's with two hitting his chest, one embedding his leg and another grazing his cheek. He looked up at the direction the kunai flew through and saw Mizuki standing on a tree branch with two large shuriken's strapped to his back.

"Damn I can't believe I missed that brat. Oh well I can still take care of him later." He said with a dark chuckle escaping his lips

"Mizuki, what do you think your doing?" Iruka said with Mizuki letting out a dark laugh

"What does it look like? I'm taking care of this village's demon problem and I will be paid handsomely in power and money for not only killing him but also giving that scroll to Orochimaru-sama." He said before he turned his attention to Naruto "Naruto give me that scroll now." He said with Naruto looking very confused at the situation and as a plus something in the back of his head was telling him not to give him this scroll

"No Naruto don't give him that scroll, just get out of here." Iruka yelled at Naruto, which caused Mizuki to laugh again

"Naruto, don't bother listening to a man that has done nothing but lie to you." He said which made Naruto give the man a confused look

"Lie to me? What do you mean Mizuki-sensei, what has Iruka-sensei been lying to me about?" Naruto asked with Mizuki getting an idea. Why not tell the little monster who he was before his death

"Okay then I'll gladly tell you Naruto. You see about twelve years ago a great beast known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, attacked our village and in the aftermath of its attack the Sandaime passed a law as well as a cover story to the true after math of the attack." He said with Iruka's eyes widening. Surely, he wasn't speaking of that was he? "The Sandaime passed as law that states that nobody can ever speak of that event under penalty of death." He said with Iruka then realizing that he was telling that story

"No Mizuki, you that we are forbidden from ever speaking of that." He said trying to stop this and to protect Naruto. However, said boy was now curious as to this since they both knew something that had to do with him

"You mean the Kyuubi attack? How can that be forbidden? Everyone knows that the Yondaime managed to defeat but it was at the cost of his life." Naruto said with confusion in his voice. That was the truth right?

"No you fool, that was but a lie created by the Sandaime in order to fool the younger generation. What the truth is, is that the Yondaime couldn't defeat the Kyuubi, for the Kyuubi was one, if not THE most powerful of the nine biju. Not even the most powerful shinobi to ever live was able to defeat the beast, so he could only do what was available to him and that was using a child that he found in the dumpster and seal the beast within him." He said with Naruto looking surprised

"No Mizuki stop." Iruka said with Mizuki giving him a galre

"Stop what? From telling him the truth? From being the only person in the world willing to tell him the truth? No I won't stop." He said before he turned his attention back to Naruto "Don't you see Naruto? Everyone here has been lying to you your whole life and even Iruka still wishes to continue the lies. The truth is that the reason why everyone hates you is because you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He said with Naruto's eyes widening

"What?" Naruto asked in a faint whisper, while he just froze up.

"You are the beast that killed all those people years ago and you are the one responsible for nearly destroying this village. That is why everyone hates you, and even Iruka does although you brainwashed him to believe that you were just an ordinary child, however you cannot fool everyone. You Naruto, you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He said with Naruto just staring at the man with shocked eyes

Was it true? Was he really a demon? Then he thought about it. How could that be a logical excuse? All he knew was that the Yondaime sealed the demon away within him and yet it could be true the boy has yet to commit an action that would prove it so. Something was not right with this story and it was time to get the real answer

"You're a fool to believe that Mizuki-teme." Naruto said looking at the surprised look on the mans face as well as Iruka himself doing the same. "Sure that could be believable but tell me what your proof is? Have I killed anyone? Have I destroyed any homes? Have I even shown the actions to prove I'm a demon? No, I have not. All you stupid and dumbass villagers think on a hunch that holds no logic whatsoever, and yet you continue to be idiots and hate me for no reason. Is it me that's the fool or all of you idiots that believe in something that's gotten to far out of hand." Naruto said with Iruka looking shocked

Did Naruto just give the most knowledgeable answer and reason out of anyone in this village?

Mizuki himself was surprised by that but that did not matter anymore. He was already wasting enough precious time as it is and he needed to get out of here with the scroll

"So what, demon or not the creature still lives through you and that I cannot allow." He yelled as he grasped the shuriken on his back and prepared to throw it. Iruka looked ready to jump in the way of the attack but Naruto surprised him by placing his fingers (Index and middle) into a cross seal

"Go ahead and attack you fool, and I'll counter it a thousand fold." He said with a serious expression while his eyes flashed a light green before a green hue surrounded his pupil with the green sparkling like star dust was trapped within his eyes. However, all three of them were oblivious to this as Naruto himself was preparing to use his newest jutsu

"Then lets see you try it Kyuubi, now die." He said chucking his shuriken at Naruto, who was now prepared to use his new move

"Shadown clone jutsu." He yelled. Once the shuriken neared him, five copies of himself appeared through puffs of smoke. The original Naruto then hopped over the shuriken while his other clones ran towards the traitor. However, Mizuki was not willing to lose much less to a weak little boy. So he pulled out a kunai and threw it at the clones while doing seals. Surely, this would kill the demon and why not aim for Iruka too?

When he finished his seals he called out "Kunai shadow clone jutsu." which multiplied his one kunai into one hundred and took out the clones and was now heading for both Naruto and Iruka. Iruka saw it coming and knew he had to make a choice and he had to do it now. So with out any further delay he ran in front of Naruto, which surprised the boy, and pushed him down with the Kunai hitting his back and embedding themselves within it causing blood to leak out.

Naruto could only stare with wide eyes as Iruka took a shot meant for him. Now, the question was why?

"Why Iruka-sensei? Why would you place yourself in a situation that would take your life?" Naruto asked with Iruka standing up, though it was hard for him due to the amount of blood he lost.

"Because you and I are alike Naruto, far more then you know. I lost my parents when I was a child and nobody wanted me either. So for so long I've been in your shoes, acting like a clown and trying to get attention my way." He said before he coughed up some blood "Don't allow the words of fools make you think that you are not who you are. You are Uzumaki Naruto not the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He said before Mizuki appeared behind him and backhanded him to the ground

"Oh stop your lying Iruka. That boys a demon and you know and its time for me to end your useless life." He said as he raised a kunai in the air and held it in a stabbing position "Now die." He said as he brought it down, with Naruto hearing his heartbeat grow before a low growl emitted itself out of no where and caused him to black out.

Unknown location

Naruto awoke within a place that would described as a sewer. He was confused as to how he got here in the first place, since last time he remembered that he was in a forest, now he was somehow in a sewer? Something wasn't adding up and he now needed answers to this. It was then that he heard a loud growl that alerted his attention, and said growl didn't make him feel any better about this place.

But as they say, curiosity killed the cat, and that's what he was now doing. He ventured the halls of the sewers, with the growl continuing to growl louder and louder by volume before he went down another dark hall which held a light at the end with the growl being the strongest. He then walked out of the tunnel and saw that he was now in an enormous chamber with a huge metal cage in front of him with only a small piece of paper holding it in place with the kanji for seal on it.

It was then that he saw a face appear before him with red chakra outlining it with nine large tails waving behind it immediately told him who this was

"You- you're the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Naruto said with his voice shaking in fear. Fear that the giant fox heard and could only grin at

"That I am my boy, I an the Kyuubi no Kitsune. However as much as I enjoy your fear I am afraid that we are running out of time. As we speak you are dying, due to a deadly poison that bastard had on his kunai that holds an instant affect and is now slowing down your adrenaline which slows down your heartbeat." He said with Naruto looking shocked "However, lucky for you I wish to avoid this at all cost because if you die, I die. Do you understand?" He said with Naruto nodding his

"What do you purpose we do?" He said

"That is very simple, which you must accept however as if you don't we die. What I will do is give you some of my chakra, which will heal you indefinitely. However, I am fairly sure that once that happens your body will undergo a certain…metamorphosis if you can call it that." He said with Naruto looking confused

"Metamorphosis? Do you mean like a transform of my body?" he asked with Kyuubi shaking his head

"No, what will happen is that your body will radiate my chakra like armor. You'll be able to move at high speeds and your strength will be increased by twice of what your body produces. However, this isn't permanent as the affects of this will only be temporary but with time and training you can increase the time limit." He said with Naruto looking deep in thought before he nodded and looked the fox right in the eye

"Yes, I will accept." He said with the fox grinning

"Excellent. Now hold still for a moment, this may hurt a bit….." Kyuubi said as his chakra leaked through the bars like red water before it surrounded him and encased him in a red shell before everything went dark

Real World

Mizuki was in pure glee. He did it, he killed the demon brat and was now going to be a hero for this. He just could not wait for what his future will bring, money, power, and girls willing to lay with the hero and bring his seed into the world. Now he had only one thing left to do, kill the demon lover and then he would get his future.

Iruka could just barely see anything, as the blood lost from his body was now fully affecting him. He was losing conscious but Mizuki was approaching with a dark smirk on his face.

"So demon lover, are you ready to join him?" he said with Iruka looking up with disgust on his face

"Oh go blow yourself." He said before Mizuki laughed before he raised his kunai

"Oh don't worry, for I'll have plenty of girls to do that for me but to bad you won't be around to see it." He said as he raised his kunai but before he could do the action that would launch his future a giant burst of chakra hit him. He then turned his head back only to receive a huge fist to the face that was VERY painful. He staggered abit before he looked up and eyes widened like twin saucers

Naruto was glowing, literally a bright red color that surrounded both his body and his skin. It looked as if the both was on fire and he was the one that was about to get burned. Naruto looked at the man with his eyes remaining their regular blue but also glowed a red hue while his face grew a smirk as he saw the fearful look coming from the face of Mizuki.

The man that had the balls to try and kill him and his teacher was cowering in fear of him.

Oh how funny when the tables turn

"So you wanna be all badass just a minute ago but now you want to back out? Ain't happening bitch." He said before he crossed his hands again and called out "Mass Shadow clone jutsu." And brought fourth a thousand clones of himself, each one glowing the same way that he was. The original then simply pointed towards Mizuki and simply said

"Get him." Which the clones followed without a moments notice

Mizuki was then kicked under his chin with one clone calling out "U"

Two more clones followed him with kicks to the back calling out "ZU"

Two more clones sent him up higher till he was past the treeline calling out "MA"

The last one came above as he ax handled the man in his gut while calling out "KI"

As his body flew down to the ground with the remaining clones joining the fray and each extended their own right arms in order to take out the traitor "Naruto 2K combo". They each yelled as they all hit Mizuki with their rights before two clones raised their legs to the air and bicycled kicked him down to the trees below. Mizuki bounced off the tree branch and landed on his knees before he got up with pain all over his body.

He looked up and saw the original Naruto charging at him with his hands glowing gold "These hands of mine glow with an awesome power." He yelled as he hands turned full gold while he brought his arm back "There burning grip tells me to defeat you." He said as he neared the traitor, who was now pissing himself from his fear

"Now, here I go Shining Finger." He said as he grabbed Mizuki's head which made the man feel as though the hands of god were grabbing his head and were slowly crushing it "This is all could have been avoided had you not try to cheat your way to power. What a waste of a life." He said before he pumped in more chakra before he managed to close his hand and cause Mizuki's head to explode and his body plop on the ground with his blood escaping the body

Later on in that night

That all happened about an hour ago as Naruto now sat before the Hokage's desk with said old man staring at him as the boy finished his tale. After Naruto killed Mizuki, he took Iruka to the hospital with Kyuubi's chakra leaving him afterwards. However lucky for him he met up with he Sandaime, with the forbidden scroll as well and after checking the Chunin in, he was taken here to explain his story

"That's quite the story Naruto-kun, but just to be sure this is all true?" He asked with his gaze never leaving the boy he looked at like a grandson

"Yes it is old man, that is the absolute truth." He said with Sarutobi Hiruzen rubbing his chin before he nodded to himself and got up

"Apparently, since you have accomplished so much tonight I think its only fair to keep your night going and give you what's yours." He said as he got up from his chair and motioned for Naruto to follow him. Though Naruto was confused he was inwardly happy inside "Now Naruto, I know that I've kept this away from you for basically your whole life and I do apologize to you for it, however given the circumstances as they are I had to keep this from you to protect you." He said as he opened a door and lead both himself and Naruto into the scroll room

"About three weeks after you were born both of your parents knew the Kyuubi was coming closer to the village by the second. On that day they both wrote wills and left everything for you that they knew would be useful in your future. Both of your parents left you these items, but your father left you something else. He said that it was for something that only you can see." He said handing Naruto two wooden boxes with the image of a whirlpool on one while the other held the image of a falcon. He then handed Naruto a scroll with gold wrappings around it with a symbol for a heart with two swords going through it

"He instructed me to tell you that you would need to read this alone, for only your eyes are aloud to see this." He said with Naruto nodding before he looked back at the boxes. On it he saw that they each held two letters with his name on them. Naruto took one of the letters off the box before he read it to himself

Dear Naruto

If you are reading this then that means that either Sarutobi-kun or a new Hokage has seen you ready to learn of me and your father. I feel very saddened that this is possibly the only way I can speak to you but it must be done. I would also hope that you are aware of the Kyuubi no Kitsune resting within you for not even the Yondaime was able to kill such a powerhouse as that beast. I would also hope that his wish was seen by the villagers to have you seen as a hero but I'm not as simply minded as him, and I can tell that you possibly weren't.

But enough of that, allow me to tell you about myself. My name is Senju Kushina, The crimson dragon. Now my son I got my name from being one of the first female ANBU captains in history as well as to the large amount of enemy's I've built up over the years. Another reason for my fame is thanks to my clan name. In fact, thanks to my clan, we were able to save Kusa from an invasion from Ame and Taki, which is why if you are ever in Kusa no kuni, you would be treated like royalty. When I was born it was within Uzu no Kuni, which was sadly destroyed in the second great shinobi war but we migrated here after our allies, The Namikaze clan, reassured us that we would be safe with them.

However, I must beg you to not use our clan name of Senju outside the village, for many enemies would love to get revenge for the deeds our clan has committed in the years past. I know Sarutobi probably gave you the name Uzumaki under the guise that you were adopted into my false clan for payment in assisting the Yondaime, but don't use it any longer until your strong enough to proclaim your heritage

Now its time to truly pass down a sacred item in my clan, which is a family sword, called 'Akatsuki'. Its was forged by my grandfather many years ago when he forged this sword from pure gold and reimbursed it with a chakra system so that it would be able to repair itself from any dent it gets. It holds a few qualities that would make most kill for it, however I want you to use this sword with pride and live the name of Uzumaki.

From the only woman whose love for you will never be surpassed by anyone, not even your future girlfriends

Your loving mother

Senju Kushina

P.S: Also as a person that hails from Uzu no Kuni implies, we have a firm knack for water techniques. In fact, our affinity for the element runs so strong that we can pull water from the very air itself, so you will find our clans water techniques within the case

Naruto just stared at the letter for a while longer before he turned to the case that held the whirlpool symbol on it. He then opened the case and pulled out the sheathed blade of Akatsuki. The sheath of the sword was bright gold color with the handle of the sword being wrapped in gold colored dye with the guard being a circular shape and was also gold as well. Naruto then grasped the handle of the sword and pulled out the blade, which made him whistle. The blade was looked to be a standard ANBU class sword and as his mother said, was made of pure gold, with the blade itself shining as if it was coated with a special shiner. He then resheathed the blade and moved to the next one, which he could tell was his fathers

He reached for the letter and was surprised to see how sloppy it was but then again who was he to talk about penmanship. However, but thankfully he was still able to read what was written

Dear Naruto

If you are reading this then the old man either thinks your ready to take on the world or he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Hopefully it's the later but we shall see. Now I would explain why your life is probably as expected but im afraid that I'm way to lazy to even bother explaining (something your hates yet loves about me). However, what may come as a shocker to you is that I am the one that sealed the Kyuubi into you. That's right; you're the patented son of the Yondaime Hokage. Take a moment to breathe it all in.

Naruto laughed at that. He was sure that if his father was here, all they would ever do was laugh and enjoy themselves.

However, all joking aside I must apologize for what I have done to you. But let me at least tell you that I could only trust you, my son, with such an fierce yet awesome power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Besides it wouldn't look cool if I just died on you without giving you some kind of power right? Besides that fox would be to proud to allow himself to die so I bet he's probably made you strong over the years, but then again you may not even have knowledge of the fox until today. Hopefully it's the later but once again who knows

But enough of all that, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Namikaze Minato, The Yellow Flash, but before I even continue on I must ask you to resist using my last name, due to the large amount of enemies I've built up over the years, especially in Iwa and Kumo. In fact, due to my skill and power, I've almost single handedly won the war between my village and Kumo and Iwa. It wasn't easy though as it came at the price of one of my students life and another student to lose his eye in the matter. I can only tell you how much war can change a person and hopefully you won't go through the hardships that I have.

It is also with a heavy heart that I ask you to not use the name Namikaze until you are of jounin level. If you were to use my name, Iwa and Kumo would make as many assassination attempts on your life as Ame and Taki would with your mothers name, and that's also excluding the personal enemies I've built in several other villages. So in other words don't use my name until you yourself are in the right position to do so.

Now to you, I leave my families sword, 'Savior'. Savior is made from adamantine, so it won't be breaking any time soon. This sword is also a very rare weapon called a chakra sword, as when you infuse chakra into it, the strength of the blade is increased ten fold and is able to cut through almost anything imaginable. It can also work well with elemental techniques, so you'll have allot of fun creating jutsu's to go with this sword. Use it well and live up the name of your legacy well

From the man that can never deny you as his son

Your loving father

Namikaze Minato

P.S: If you are like me, then you hold a knack for wind jutsu. Inside of this box is a scroll containing wind jutsu's, some of my personal wind jutsu's, and another little trinket I think you may like. The last gift I give to you is the clan's contract for falcon. They are a noble and intelligent clan, so they would be able to tell who you are the second you summon. It is enclosed with the sword as well, so be sure to sign it when you see it. If you are ever to become a master of the summoning Jutsu, don't go around and show off with it, but do enjoy the freedom you feel from flying in the air. It's a feeling that has run in our family for many years

He just stared at the letter in shock. His parents were some of the most legendary ninja to ever grace Konoha and now he would be able to carry on there legacy properly. He would become one as well, a legend among the shinobi and become what his parents are. Sarutobi then cleared his throat in order to catch Naruto's attention

"Now Naruto-kun, seeing as how you read this, I must instruct you that you cannot go around using both clan names. Your parents held many enemies all across the nation so I would advice you to not use their names until you reach the rank of jounin." He said with Naruto nodding, even though he already knew it. He felt saddened that he couldn't get back at the villagers anytime soon as the idea of using his clan names would make them jump at trying to make it up to him, but then he would be abusing his clan name like Sasuke was. He wanted to use his name with pride, not as a way to gain popularity with idiots

"So I'm supposed to keep the name of Uzumaki? Well that sucks but I guess that's all I can do." He said with Sarutobi nodding

"I know, Naruto-kun but lucky for you everyone will just think your Uzumaki until the time comes where you reveal your true names. Everyone here just thinks that the Yondaime had you adopted into his wife's clan as payment for your unasked service in the Kyuubi attack. The only names you should dodge using is Namikaze and Senju for now." He said with Naruto smiling a small smile at that before he opened the case and saw his next sword

The handle of the sword was also wrapped in dye, which was red, and had white diamonds going down the handle. The swords guard was a rectangular shape and was also white as well. He then took the blade out from its sheath and saw that it was also a katana like sword, though the blade was silver and held some kind of red hue around it. He then did as his father wrote and infused some of his chakra into it and watched as the hue grew stronger before he slashed at one of the walls behind him. Sure he may not have been trained as a swordsmen, but he did know how to do that. He then marveled at the now deep gash on the wall and almost went clean through.

The only Naruto could do was what he was most famous for

He grinned

"Oh yeah, I can see it all now Namikaze Senju Naruto: The Master Swordsmen!" Naruto said with a gleam in his eyes while Sarutobi just laughed at the boys antics.

Just like his father

"Don't get to arrogant. Remember in order to be a Master Swordsmen, you must learn how to be a master swordsmen. And you must also master those jutsu's as well." He said with Naruto's gleam leaving but he simply waved it off

"Whatever, now to sign this summoning contract." He said as he took out a large scroll and opened it. Inside he saw many names written on it but the last one he saw belonged to both of his parents. Hiruzen then explained to him on how to sign the contract, which involved him signing his name through his blood. Hiruzen then told him the seals required for the technique and then told the boy to come back to his quarters, after said boy strapped the contract to his back and grabbed both of his swords

"Is there anyone in the village that can teach me old man?" he said with the old man nodding his head

"Yes I can, however I am inclined to tell you that since the academy is on a three month vacation, you will be trained by him during that time alone. Once that time is up, I will have to place you on a gennin team. Weather or not he chose's to continue training you is up to him but for now he will be your sensei." Sarutobi said before he opened up a list of jounin ninja and transferred some of his chakra into one of the names. When you became a jounin this was a method used to summon you, be it a mission or a request. He then turned to face a still shocked Naruto when he heard the man say gennin team

"B-but don't I have to pass the exam first? I didn't pass the exam because I couldn't make proper clones." He said with Hiruzen scoffing

"This is a special matter Naruto-kun, and also incase you forgotten I'm the Hokage. I can chose to make anyone I chose into a ninja and in your case I'm more then willing to make an exception. Plus you also managed to steal the scroll of seals without detection, escape from the Kage tower unnoticed, defeated a Chunin, captured and executed a traitor who broke a law by death, as well as learning several advanced techniques. Do you really think I would deny all that because you couldn't perform one of three weakest jutsu's in the world?" He said before he pulled out a headband with a long black strap attached on it and handed it to Naruto

"That belonged to your father. For some reason he always hated having one thing look like everything else, so he would lways try to stand out and be seen, never to blend in." He said with Naruto putting the headband on and marveled at the feeling he got from it

"Thanks old man, I feel closer to my dad now then I've ever felt before." Naruto said before a cloud of smoke appeared and out stepped a young man that looked to be in his mid twenties. He wore a dark blue outfit with the Konoha Jounin vest over it. On his back was an ANBU class katana, which looked very elegant from a distance. He also wore his headband like a bandana, which covered his hair but not the few stray locks of dark brown that protruded his face.

"You called me (cough) Hokage-sama?" The man asked while covering his mouth, though Naruto sized him up on his appearance

'He's my trainer? He looks like all it will take is a light tap on the forehead and he'll crumble into dust' Naruto to himself

"Kit, you have allot to learn about being a ninja, and the first rule is to NEVER underestimate one; Not by their appearance, not by their power level, not even by the way they act are you to underestimate someone." Said a voice that Naruto was very familiar with

'Kyuubi? How are talking to me.'Naruto replied mentally

"Due to the circumstances of our little meeting, it created a empathy bond between us. That allows you and I to communicate mentally without the use of you coming to my gate. I can also sense everything through you, and I can also use my kin sense of detection trough you. Who knows, if you prove yourself, I may even teach a little something I know but don't think that I'm going soft, I STILL HATE YOU!" Kyuubi roared out before he cut the link fully

Naruto could only sigh at the antics of his 'tenant' but still listened to what he said on ninja's never underestimating ninja

"Yes I did call you and I'm glad you came in on time. Naruto-kun meet Gekko Hayate, your new sensei. Hayate-kun, meet Kazuma Naruto, your new student." Hiruzen introduced the two with Naruto showing enough respect to the man by being the first to extend his hand which Hayate shook.

"Its good to (cough) meet you Naruto (cough)." Hayate said with some happiness in his voice

"Likewise sensei, though I must ask, how is it that you look close to death yet you are able to be a ninja?" He asked not trying to sound offensive, just curious

"(Cough) don't worry about this Naruto (cough) it's a condition I've had for many years (cough) but I am still able to fight." He said with Naruto nodding his head while Hiruzen spoke to both of them

"Well then Naruto-kun, I shall leave you in Hayate's ever capable hands. He is one of the best all around swordsmen in the village, and I am very confident that you say do well under his tutelage." He said with Hayate and Naruto nodding

"I take your word on that old man, where shall we meet tomorrow sensei?" Naruto asked

"Over at training ground 14 (cough) tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Okay?" he asked with Naruto nodding before he left the area in a puff of smoke.

Naruto himself smiled inwardly, as things were finally getting better for him. One could only hope to have knowledge of what the future held in store for us but he knew deep down that it would be great

'Things are about to heavy in this place.' Naruto thought to himself

"No Shit Kit."

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