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On with the story

Ch. 5 – Forming Bonds

Naruto walked into the house with his hands in his pockets, causing all eyes to fall on him as he walked in the house but he paid them no mind but he did say hi to Tsunami, Kurenai, Anko, and Hinata before walking towards one of the empty seats at the table and sat down to eat breakfast.

"So Naruto, where were you all night?" Kakashi asked with the blonde grunting

"I was out training all night plus I had to blow off some steam. Don't worry its nothing worth your concern." Naruto said causing the masked man to sigh in slight frustration at the blonde obvious message of 'I'm not in the mood, piss off'

"Well make sure that you don't do it again, the situation is still critical with Zabuza and his apprentices hiding out there and we still don't know where he is." Anko said with Naruto nodding before he dug into his food.

"Dobe, who were you able to do that?" Sasuke asked, surprising everyone in the area since the black haired gennin rarely spoke much less be the one to initiate the conversation.

"Do what teme?" Naruto asked back though he already knew what the Uchiha heir wanted to know

"The tree climbing exercise, how were you able to do that?" Sasuke asked again with frustration beginning to appear in his voice.

"Its simple dipshit, I knew it long before you guys even heard about it. We had three months to train after we graduated remember?" Naruto said with Sasuke looking ready to blow a fuse, as the blonde didn't even answer his question.

"How did you graduate anyway? Everyone in the academy knew that you couldn't perform the clone jutsu and that was needed to pass the exam." Sakura asked, as that was also a question that she was beginning to suspect wasn't answered with the truth by her former teacher in Umino Iruka.

"It is as Iruka said, I was simply playing a prank on you guys and it worked; plus you shouldn't even be concerned with it anyway because it's not important." Naruto said as he ate some of the rice, while Sakura narrowed her eyes at him.

She knew that he was lying but chose not to say anything, since it technically wasn't her business but something within her told her to not let it end there. Once everyone saw that the blonde was through talking Kakashi chose to speak up this time, since he didn't want the atmosphere to become dull and boring.

"So, how's it going with the bridge so far? I'm sure that you guys should be progressing smoothly" He asked with Tazune sighing as he placed down his chopsticks.

"I wish it was that easy to say yes, but I'm afraid that we won't progress any further at the moment, especially since three more of my men walked out on me." Tazuna said with Tsunami looking surprised.

"Again, but you already had five guys leave yesterday." She said while bringing more tea to the table.

"Yes and apparently more want to go tomorrow; it's amazing how so many of them refuse to believe in the project." Tazuna said with the jounin each looking saddened somewhat by the mans words.

"Don't worry, once Gato is defeated then you will get the bridge done." Kurenai said, causing a little smile to appear on the old mans face.

"Yea, after all he's nothing but a coward." Anko said with Tazuna nodding slightly before going back to eating his rice

As the conversations moved back and forth, one occupant in particular was silent. Inari stared at the figure opposite him with annoyance, how the blonde weirdo could just come here and act so high and mighty, like he was really sure that he could stop Gatou. All he was doing was prolong the inevitable, they all were. These morose feelings swelled and grew, and as memories of 'that' day flashed back in the young boys mind Inari found it harder and harder to keep his peace. Unable to keep his feeling bottled up anymore, Inari stood up from his seat and slammed his hands down on the table, creating an immediate hush and silenced everyone, thus giving the boy the floor but Naruto simply kept eating.

He wasn't interested in this at all.

"Why are you guys even bothering to get stronger? It doesn't matter how strong you try to get or how strong you think you are, Gatou will just kill you." Inari said with tears rushing down his face "My father was a great man and now he's dead because of him." Inari said, getting some looks of sympathy from the others and while the boy was ready to continue, Naruto immediately got the attention on him.

"Don't judge us" Shino spoke behind his collar. Most people wondered how on earth he ate with the thing on, but whenever they looked they could only see his kikaichu bugs swarming over small mounds of food on the table, so they all learned not to look at all.

"Yeah, we wont lose to that guy" Kiba said with pride, his hand under the table feeding Akamaru scraps.

"Don't worry Inari-kun, we will win this." Sakura said, trying to be nice to the young, already knowing that his heart was fragile at the moment and the last thing he needed was to hear something mean. The others then threw their own two cents in but Naruto chose to be different in the way he approached the situation.

"Hey kid, are you done with the damn soap opera shit or what? Because I'm trying to eat here and your bitching is ruining my appetite." Naruto said, getting appalling looks from the girls sitting at the table for the mean comment he just made, although Inari simply turned his anger towards the blonde and continued to voice his opinion.

"Shut up, you're the worst one out of all these losers here. All you do is talk and act like your some big shot when your just a spoiled shinobi from Konoha thinking he can save us here." Inari said, causing Naruto to get slightly agitated but choose to ignore the urge and allow the boy to continue his venting. The blonde haired gennin knew that this was pent up anger that needed to be released if he was going to learn his lesson "You think training will help you against Gatou's men? That working hared will make you a hero? A hero is stupid and useless, because no matter how hard you try the weak will always lose to the strong." Inari said with Naruto yawning, causing all the attention to fall back on him.

"And what exactly does all that prove? That your some spineless coward that would rather spend his days crying like a bitch looking at a picture of some dead guy or some boy that would rather complain and let his problems control him as opposed to facing them head on." Naruto said sipping on some tea, thus causing one last outburst to come out of the crying boys mouth.

"SHUT UP! Just looking at you pisses me off! You all talk like you know everything about us, but you know nothing this isn't your home! You don't know a thing about me or what my life has been like! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT SUFFERING IS!" he shouted at them all, angry conviction backing his every syllable with venom and hate.

At that statement the sympathetic looks of Anko, Kakashi, and even Hinata turned to dark glares, since this little brat wouldn't know suffering if it was at his doorstep, asking for a room to stay in. Naruto on the other hand let out a quick burst of killing intent before he grabbed hold of his blades handles, looking at Inari with his now rage filled red eyes. Everyone tensed when they saw the action but before they could act Naruto already had them out. He took a quick swipe at the boys suspenders before bringing his arms back up to held both of his swords near the boys neck, the life threating position quickly erasing all forms of anger in him and replaced them with that of fear. Nobody dared to move an inch, mainly because they didn't know what to do and saw that Anko had her hand on the boys shoulder, thus causing him to calm down.

Naruto then began to count to ten in his head and was beginning to get control of his anger but the reds of Kyuubi's eyes didn't leave him. Naruto then sheathed both his swords with loud click ringing through the room and just continued to stare into the eyes of the small boy, before he walked towards the small boy that was now filled with fear that only grew with each step the blonde took towards him.

"And what do you know about suffering? Is suffering living without any friends or loved ones by your side all your life? Is suffering having to wonder if you will survive the night? Is suffering trying to eat something that hasn't rotted already? IS SUFFERING LOSING YOUR PARENTS THE DAY YOU WERE BORN?" Naruto yelled when he was only a mere inch away from the boys face, with his features taking on more of the Kyuubi's. "You have your mother and grandfather still alive and well, fighting to protect you and all you do is act like a pussy and wallow in your own sorrows or thinking about what you call suffering. All they try to do is love you and protect you with all they have and this is how you repay them? Your grandfather had to lie to us just so that we can come here and protect you and your mother. Your mother is forced to stay strong in front of you so that you won't get worried about her well being. You may think that this shit is suffering when in reality all you are is nothing but a fucking spineless coward that ain't nothing but a damn disgrace to his father." He said right before he bent down to the childs eye level and then spoke only three words to the boy yet they sounded so cold and dark that you would have thought a demon said it to you.

"You disgust me."

At that the blonde then shoved him to the side, causing him to hit the wall and making a large dent. The small boy then slowly slid down and sat of his butt, looking shocked at those words the blonde spoke to him while he walked out of the room with his hands in his pockets. He then tossed a wad of cash towards Tazuna while saying "Sorry for the damages" and walked out of the house.

After Naruto's presence left the room, things begin to pick up again but this time everyone was thinking about what the blonde teen said and his words causing each one to want to ask his reasons for saying them. Inari still sat in the same spot with his mother asking him if he was okay but he was unable to respond. He then left the room in silence, after all he did act like a brat to them.

(Forest Area)

The night sky was incredibly beautiful to gaze upon with the only light coming from the moon and the only things that could be seen were the clouds that floated with the breeze. Naruto sat in an open area gazing at the night sky without a care to give but he knew that would soon change in the next few moments. Three days went by in a flash and in that time Naruto was training tirelessly to get his skill up to where he felt that he could confidently fight Zabuza if the man decided to do something.

"Calm down kit, you'll be fine." Kyuubi said, seeing his vessel going over his current situation at the beat of a million thoughts per second.

'I know that but the situation is still at risk because I don't know the other guys skills nor do I know Haku's, just Zabuza somewhat.' Naruto responded, as he continued to play out certain scenario's in his mind with each one being of a different outcome that would lead to either just one or all of their deaths.

"Well kit by that description you have nothing to fear as they don't know what you can do." Kyuubi said with Naruto sighing, knowing that was true as well. He then looked to the sky and then his watch immediately knew what time it was and began to mentally count down the minutes until their arrival

'I guess its now or never.' He thought before he activated his bloodline to see if they would indeed be his enemy. He then looked at his watch that read four minutes to midnight. Three minutes, Two minutes, One minute. He then counted the seconds down till five seconds remained, four, three, two, and one. At that moment Haku and Kimimaro appeared with a figure resting on their shoulder and was gasping for air. The blonde boy sighed deeply as he felt the presence of three others nearing the area, the feeling of his confidence slightly deteriorating came full swing but he wasn't willing to allow it to take over. He was going to stand his ground and if he were to die then he would make sure that he took them down to hell with him.

"Okay brat why the hell would you ask Haku and Kimimaro to come out here this late and alone for that matter?" Zabuza asked trying to stand up on his two feet but was using the help of his sword and his partners beside him.

"I'm glad you guys choose to come here, it would have been heart wrecking for me if you guys gave me the option to kill you." Naruto said with Zabuza scoffing as he tried to put more strength in his legs that were shaking like crazy.

"You wish you little brat, you wouldn't be able to pull off the same shit twice." Zabuza said with Naruto shaking his head

"That may be true, but even if you and I did fight a second time, the outcome would have remained the same except I would have done more then just fight you with my swords, I would have used all of my power." Naruto said with Zabuza scoffing loudly.

"You may think that kid but we haven't had a second round yet and when we do, you'll see what I can do." Zabuza said with Naruto smirking.

"We'll just have to wait and see then." Naruto with Zabuza smirking behind his mask before he donned a serious expression.

"I must commend you though, you're the first gennin that I've seen in a long time wielding and actually having skills in the sword arts. Plus those are some impressive blades you carry, where did you get them?" Zabuza asked with Naruto unsheathing his blades and presented them to Zabuza.

"These are the heirlooms of my clans, the Savior and the Akatsuki." Naruto said with Zabuza's eyes widening as he examined the boys sheathed swords.

"Wait a minute, what clans do you hail from?" Zabuza asked with Naruto giving him a confused look before shrugging his shoulders.

"The Savior is from my fathers clan: Namikaze, and the Akatsuki is from my mothers clan: Senju." The blonde shinobi said proudly with Zabuza looking shocked at that before he began to laugh rather loudly to himself. This action caused the blonde teen to raise an eyebrow along with the eyebrowless man's apprentices before seeing the mans laughing stop slightly before he spoke.

"I don't believe it, you hold two bloodlines that hail from the Youmei no Juusanken (Order of Thirteen swords), the legendary clans that are regarded as the greatest pure blooded swordsman clans in the world. No wonder you performed so well with a sword, sense you look like you've only just started to wield a sword in recent months " He said with Naruto raising an eyebrow at that.

"How do you know that? Nobody but members of one of those thirteen clans even know the legend behind the order." Naruto said with Zabuza once more laughing with Kimimaro smirking as well.

"Apparently you haven't studied the whole legend behind the order thoroughly, because you would know that the Momochi clan hails from the order as one of the nobles before it fell during the second great war along with the Kaguya clan. I've been studying the legend ever since I was a kid with my father telling me stories of the order passed down from my grandfather." Zabuza said with Kimimaro speaking up.

"My clan also hailed from the order with ours being the only clan that didn't create any swords since we always held them within our bodies." Kimimaro said with Naruto raising an eyebrow

"Your from the Kaguya clan?" He asked with Kimimaro nodding his head, causing another smirk to appear on his face "It looks like I choose correctly to speak with you guys first before we fought." Naruto said with Zabuza raising an eyebrow, or lack there of.

"What are you getting at kid?" Zabuza asked with Naruto sheathing his swords

"The reason why I asked you guys to come here is because I want you to become my new sensei." Naruto said with a smile on his face, further confusing Zabuza.

"Why would you want that kid? Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the highest ranked missing shinobi in the world." Zabuza said with Naruto shrugging his shoulders

"The fact still doesn't change that your one of the only kenjutsu master in this world and I need a new one." Naruto said with Zabuza looking surprised before his expression changed to confusion.

"But how can I be your teacher when I'm a missing ninja?" Zabuza asked with Naruto smirking before he pointed towards his headband.

"In my village, they are always in need of jounin and are always looking for ways to gain new ones, regardless of the circumstances. A shinobi of your status would do wonders for the village and they won't pass up an opportunity to get a former shinobi of that was a member of the previous seven swordsmen. Plus I'm in good standings with the Hokage and he's like my grandfather so I'm sure that I can get in a good word for you." Naruto said with Zabuza looking surprised before looking to both of his apprentices, and saw that they each looked intrigued with the offer. Of course he wasn't a exactly into the idea of going to an unknown village with a virtual stranger, but he knew that his apprentices were tired of this life on the run and wanted nothing more then to find a place that they could call home.

Also with the skills this showed with the sword and him personally asking of him to be his teacher then how could he pass up this kind of opportunity.

It was a complete win/win situation for him and his apprentices.

"Very well then boy, I will take you up on your offer." He said with Kimimaro and Haku smirking at that.

"Awesome, then I'll be sure to relay it to my sensei and the others here. Nobody on my team will know of this besides my sensei, since she decided to come along and watch us, right sensei?" Naruto said without turning, as he smirked at the shocked expressions of the three mist natives, once more proving to the two teens that Naruto was being completely truthful. The blonde's purple haired jounin soon appeared beside the blonde haired boy with a cute pout on her face while looking her student.

"No fair, I wanted to make a big entrance and surprise you." She said while looking at Zabuza and licking her lips, which would cause him to raise an eyebrow if he had one of course.

"Sorry sensei but I wanted to make sure that these know that they can completely trust my word, it would make no sense to tell them to trust me and I knew that you were watching us the whole time." Naruto said with Anko scoffing before she ruffled the boys hair.

"Whatever kid, but regardless of that I am proud of how far your honing skills have improved and given a little more training you would be able to find someone without even having to use the bare minimal of chakra." She said with her tone soon turning from playful sister to the authoritive master when she looked towards the three former mist natives "I also wish to help you three in terms of backing my students invitation to our village, since Konoha would no doubt benefit tremendously from your joining in our ranks. I am also in good terms with the Hokage, so you wouldn't have to worry if Naruto can't come through completely with his end of the offer." She said with Zabuza nodding.

"That's understandable then after all its not everyday that an S-class criminal would want to join your village." Zabuza said with Naruto smirking again before he walked up to Zabuza and held out his hand.

"Don't worry we will get it done." He said with Zabuza took his hand and soon shook his hand

"You better, or else I'll make sure you regret getting my hopes up." Zabuza said with Naruto shaking his head before he and Anko walked away.

"When you guys show up to fight us again, be sure to make it look as real as you can. Catch you in a couple of days, peace." Naruto said as he poofed out of existence, thus showing that he was a clone the entire time. Zabuza just stood there shocked while Anko simply smirked to herself that the boys antics before she too vanished in a puff of smoke. Zabuza continued to stare that the ground the blonde clone once stood on before a laugh began to escape his lips with Haku and Kimimaro smirking as well.

"I really am starting to like this kid, I can't wait to start training him." He said before he vanished along with his two apprentices.


Naruto could currently be found in the middle of the same forest but resided in a completely different section that was far north west of where his clone met with Zabuza but wasn't far enough for him to not find his way back to the house. The blonde had been training for four hours straight in honing more of his skills down to a good degree, so that when he fought Zabuza a second time, the progression within the match wouldn't be the same.

As such he was now going through a simulation of fighting a total of three hundred clones to see where his style was weak and was in need of changing with each one holding onto a copy of Savior and Akatsuki. The blonde himself was wielding both swords with a large sweat stains showing in his clothes with a huge sheen of sweat drenching all over his face. In the full four hours of fighting his clones, Naruto had only managed to take out two thirds of them out and was beginning to tire out due to the amount of fatigue he was getting.

The remaining clones were each holding onto their copy of the swords and were silently awaiting the command from the blonde to continue the simulation. This was by far improving his skills with the swords in terms of quick reactions in defense and faster strokes with the swords, but that still didn't stop the amount of cuts he received from the swords due to low reaction time and impulsive strikes.

He knew that this was mainly due to him not entering his state of calm because of that litte brat but he knew that this would have to be resolved in a better situation. He then stopped when he felt the information into his mind and a big smirk appearing on his face along with the clones with the information that they just received from the clone. The real Naruto then took in a deep breathe before he stood up tall, completely refreshed.

"Okay guys, it looks like the deal is set. Can't disappoint the new sensei now can I." Naruto said as began to summon some of Kyuubi chakra, which formed around his body like armor, thus causing a red hue to surround him "So lets start the next level of the training. Go." Naruto said as he vanished from sight and thus began to once more go on the attack with the clones following suit.

This was the sight that was seen by the eyes of one Hyuuga Hinata, who followed him after he stormed out of the house the way he did. Originally she was going to try and ask him if he was okay, but she soon became fearful of what he might say to her, even go as far as to reject her.

It was then that she began to belittle herself and would then cause her to simply watch the boy of her dreams from afar, examining his every movement with her Byakugan being active. She was amazed to see the way his body moved and flowed into each sword technique he performed, almost as if he was dancing into his moves like a fish would in water or a falcon in the sky.

'I wish I could tell you how I feel Naruto-kun, but I'm just too weak to do it.' Hinata said looking down on the ground but was soon surprised when she heard a voice behind her speak.

"You sure got the hots for him don't you?" Said the voice, causing her to become stiff and soon turned to see the form of Mitarashi Anko, standing with her arms crossed, a smirk plastered on her face at seeing the blushing form of Hyuuga Hinata. The blue haired girl could only look down at that, but choose not to answer only to nod her head which caused Anko to smirk "Well then come with me, we got allot of work to do if you even want to dream of getting him."

"W-wha-what do you mean?" Hinata asked with Anko only shaking her head at the love struck girl.

"What I mean is that I can tell just by looking at you that you want nothing more then to be with him, but I can guarantee that you won't get as much as a 'hello' from him the way you are now and I wish to change that." Anko said with the smirk on her face still plastered 'Plus with this will make sure that I can get my own 'mini-me'. If Gai can get one that I can damn sure have my own.' Anko thought to herself as she watched the girl look towards Naruto, who was currently locked in a hard battle with his clones.

"W-why are y-you tr-trying t-t-to help m-me?" Hinata asked with Anko sighing

"Because that kid is someone that I look at like a little brother of mine and I want to look out for him. Now come along, I allot of work to do with you." Anko said as she began to walk away but noticed that the girl wasn't moving, as such she stopped and looked towards the white eyed girl "What are you waiting for, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!" She said with a demanding tone that caused the girl to squek lightly before she ran over to Anko.

"So-sorry Anko-sensei." The timid girl said as she stood next to the purple haired woman, who placed a hand on her shoulder. Before they left, Hinata took one more glance towards Naruto with a thought going through her mind.

'If this woman can help me get Naruto-kun, then so be it.' She thought before both she and her new sensei left in a swirl of leaves. Unbeknownst to them a figure walked out of the shadows in the forest and simply looked at this with a curious expression on his face after seeing the scene before him.

'Nows this is something interesting.'

(The Next day)

Tsunami could currently be found washing dishing after the group of shinobi left with her father to the bridge, since rumors began to pop up that Gato was on his way to the bridge and have a private meeting with the bridge builder. This did indeed worry the young woman, but Kakashi reassured her that she had nothing to fear and that he father would return home safely. They originally wanted to wait for Naruto to return from being out all night again but Tsunami reassured them that she would send him their way once he returned, as such they left for the bridge, leaving her and Inari at home.

The black haired woman hummed a light song before she heard the sound of someone walking along the docks and stood before her front door. She was about to go answer it when the door was suddenly busted down and soon caught the sight of two men walking into the house.

One man was dressed in a grey hoodie, black sweatpants, samurai sandals, and a green beanie covering his blue-ish-green hair. He had an extremely bored look on his face, like he didn't want to be there at the time.

The other man wore an eye patch over his right eye, had his limited amount of hair tied back into three separate ponytails and had no shirt. He was taller than his partner by about six inches and had purple tattoos all over his torso and arms. He wore black hakama pants and, like his partner, zori sandals. However, unlike his partner, he had a sadistic smirk on his...less than attractive face.

"Hello there, you must be the bridge builder's daughter aren't you? I'm afraid that you will have to come with us." The men said with Tsunami freezing with fear, as this meant that the rumors were true and that Gato was indeed getting ready to kill her father. She then heard the sounds of footsteps walking down the flight of stairs behind her with Inari's voice calling to her. Instantly her motherly instincts kicked in and fear for her child ran through her veins as she turned towards him

"Inari get out of here." She said as she tried to run towards her son but before she was captured by one of the men with Inari also being grabbed.

"Waraji, what should we do with the boy? We only need one hostage." The shorter of the men asked to his partner named Waraji, who put on a thinking pose as he held down Tsunami.

"I don't know Zori; the boss did say to just bring the girl." He said with Tsunami beginning to struggle

"You so much as lay one hand on my child and I'll bite off my tongue. If I'm dead then you'll have no pawns to use." Tsunami said, with fear for her child running through him.

"Then you''ll just be helping the situation then, after all we just need one of you." Waraji said with Tsunami becoming scared.

"Please, just leave him alone, I'll go with you." Tsunami said, praying to God that they would leave her son alone.

The thug began to contemplate the words through his head before he nodded his head and hefted the grown woman onto his shoulders and ushering his partner to follow suit. Zori nodded at him before releasing the small boy, who fell to his knees in shock while the thug spoke to him.

"Say goodbye to your mother forever little boy, because after today you will no longer have any form of family. You will live the rest of your life alone and there will be nothing you can do about it expect hide in fear, just like the day we killed Kazia." Zori said as he walked up to Waraji and soon both men left the house. Inari then stood there with shock appearing on his face, as images ran through his head. The images of his father dying in front of him, his grandfather returning home one day with a bloody arm after getting into a scuffle with one of Gato's men, and now with his mother being stolen from him.

He felt like a weakling, as if he truly could do nothing to save those that he loved with all his heart. He was about to start crying until the words of Naruto rang within him

"You're nothing but a damn coward."

It was then that Inari remembered the words that one of the jounins spoke to him directly after the incident.


Inari sat at the edge of the roof that was in front of the window of his room, looking at the water as it ebbed and flowed smoothly. It was times like this that he needed to watch the waves as it was his way of calming down whenever he felt sad or upset about something.

It was usually where he spoke with his dad the most.

Although he was only there for no more then ten minutes, it felt like days with the amount of thoughts he was processing after hearing the words from the blonde shinobi just a few minutes ago. He then began to think back on all the times he lashed out on his mother for the way she was acting after his dad was killed, even going as far as to insult his grandfather for getting this silly idea to build that bridge. The words of the blonde then came into his head, and soon all of what he originally thought about in his life were quickly dashed.

Was he truly acting like what Naruto called him? Was he really the coward that the teen said he was? So many thoughts going through his mind that he failed to hear the footsteps on the wooden promenade and sit beside him.

"Mind if I join you?" The person said catching the boys attention and caused him to look next to him and saw that it was that silver haired man that came along with the group and appeared to be the leader. Inari didn't respond, merely looking down at his feet, while Kakashi sat at the edge of the roof with his feet dangling

"...I want to let you know that while what Naruto said was a bit overbroad, he was only speaking from his experiences in life. You see like you, Naruto grew up without his father nor his mother simply because he never knew them, they died after he was born. I suppose that its easier to say that he's had a far tougher time growing up then you had. But if there is one thing I know about him, its that I have never seen that incredible kid cry a single tear throughout all his hardships nor have I ever seen that boy cower at his issues, only facing them head on." Kakashi said with a deep sigh as he saw Inari look at him in shock. "Your father was a strong man and you can be one to if you stop crying and living in the same pattern over and over again. Naruto is the only one out of us all that will truly understand your hardships." Kakashi said as he got up and was about to walk back into the house but Inari spoke up.

"How does Naruto hide it so well? His eyes showed years of frustration finally coming out in one big burst of steam." Inari said with Kakashi beginning to pondering on that.

"I guess its because he is not the kind of person that would hang onto his past and always blame others for whats happened to him. His strength is amazing and he shows that everyday just by simply striving to become something that would put all those that constantly question him to silence. I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe he's just sick and tired of the same thing over and over again, and wants to change that." Kakashi said as he walked in, thus allowing Inari to ponder more on his thoughts.

(End Flashback)

Inari soon felt something inside of him break out of its shell and soon he felt determination run through his veins, causing him to get up from his downed position and stand tall. These bastards took his father from him, he wasn't going to let them take his mother and his grandfather as well. With that in mind, bolted towards the door and stepped onto the dock, where he caught the sight of the two samurai's nearing the beach with his mother struggling to break free of their grasp.

"Hey you, let go of my mom now." Inari shouted to the top of his lungs, causing the two to turn their heads to find the boy standing. Waraji raised an eyebrow at this before a sadistic smirk appeared on his face as he turned to face the boy while Tsunami screamed loudly to her son.

"Inari, what are you doing? Please get out of here before its to late." Tsunami said with Inari speaking

"Its okay mom, I'm scared of them anymore. I have to protect whats precious to me, just like dad did for us all." Inari said with a bright smile on his face, something that caused his mother to look on in shock, mainly due to not seeing her son smile for so long.

"Well then it seems we have a little hero here huh Zori? Why don't you show him what happens to hero's?" Waraji asked with his partner nodding with a smirk on his face as well, as he drew his sword.

"My pleasure." He said as he charged towards the small boy, who raised his arms and closed his eyes, already knowing his fate. However it was pain that didn't come, the only thing that did come was the sound of a sword clinging onto another, before hearing the sound a sword moving through the air with slicing into flesh several times before a grunt was heard and a body falling into the water below. Inari then opened his eyes to find Zori missing with a large pool of blood appearing on the surface.

"Anyone that can do something as atrocious as kidnapping a woman and her child deserves to die." Said the voice of Naruto as he sheathed his sword and turned towards the little boy behind him "Sorry it took me so long to get here. I was on my way to the take care of something's before coming here." Naruto said with Inari looking surprised to see the blonde boy before realization kicked in.

"Naruto-ni-san, that man took my mother, you have to stop him." Inari said with Naruto merely smirking at the small child before rubbing his head

"Don't worry kid, your mother is just fine, look behind you." Naruto said with Inari looking surprised before he turned his head and caught the sight of his mother on her knees looking surprised before her eyes locked onto her little boy and was instantly by his side.

Waraji looked at this in shock before looking at the woman he was holding and saw her turn into a log. He then heard the sound of sizzling, and immediately tossed the log onto the ground but before he could run the log exploded sending him flying back into a tree.

Both Tsunami and Inari looked on in surprise before seeing the smirk on his face drop suddenly and turn into a dark expression "Go into the house and don't leave." He said with Tsunami nodding her head as she grabbed her son and walked back to the house. Naruto then grabbed Saviors hilt and walked towards Waraji, who got back up to his feet and drew his sword.

"You are going to pay for that you bastard." He said with Naruto standing in front of Waraji with his dark expression growing darker as he held the sword in front of him.

"The only person that's going to pay here is you fuckbag, anyone that can willingly take a woman from her child and try to kill him doesn't deserve to breathe my air." Naruto said with Waraji smirking at that before he took his stance.

"You talk a big game but let's see you run with it." He said as he charged at Naruto with his sword ready to slice apart the blonde boy. However before he could get one slice in, he felt something missing on his body but before he could even ponder on it he felt something pierce through his lower abdomen and slicing cleanly through his back before he then felt around his neck and holding him suspended in the air. He was in complete shock at what just happened before realization went through his mind and he realized that Naruto moved faster then his perception could follow.

He then heard Naruto's voice speak up "Hows my big game now?" He asked right before he felt his back get slammed against the bark of a tree while watching Naruto hold up his right hand in front of his face.

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power, its burning grips tells me to defeat you." Naruto said as his right hand began to take on a bright metallic green color, something that Waraji didn't trust at all. "Now Here I go, SHINING FINGER!" Naruto shouted as he slammed his right hand onto the skull of Waraji, who screamed in pain at feeling the pressure being placed behind the boy's hand. It wasn't long before the Waraji's skull finally caved in under the pressure and allowed the boys hand to fully closed, thus crushing his skull. Waraji's body soon fell on the ground with a heap, right before Naruto grabbed it and chucked it into the water beyond the house.

Perhaps the sharks will enjoy his remains

Once that was all said and done, he quickly swipe the blade in the air to wash off the excess blood surrounding it and soon resheathed the sword behind his back. He then bit his thumb and formed a few quick seals before slamming his hand on the ground calling out "Summoning Jutsu." A cloud of smoke then covered the blonde teen before clearing up to reveal a large falcon standing beside him. He then hopped onto the summons back and took off towards the bridge, already knowing that Gato would make his appearance there sooner or later.

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