just a quick short almost drabble i wrote.

drabble have always been my weakeness, i hate reading them thinking them far to short but i ahve always wanted to test my writing ability. to see if i could cram enough meaning into something so tiny XD

anyway let me knwo what you think.

This is not the perfection I had imagined.

The slick feeling of his chest pressed against mine is not the way I remembered.

The quiet, almost silent moans coming from both of us are not the passionate cries I used to hear.

The hands running in familiar paths down my torso, callous's I never felt before.

The scars I can feel with my fingertips that never used to be there.

The searing pain I haven't felt since I was 15 and the soft apologetic eyes I never thought I'd see again.

And finally the blissful pleasure I had given up on 13 years ago.

"Moony" his quiet voice drags me back from the past, back to the soft mattress beneath us; our bodies far to old for the hard and rough encounters against walls. The chilling breeze that never bothered us before, but now we can't seem to shake it from our bones. The distant sounds of movement above out heads, reminding us those quiet days of seclusion are long gone.

"Moony" our eyes meet and for a brief second it all slips away again, it is just us. The slick press of his chest and mine, the gentle ghost of his breath of my face, a rough kiss, a harder thrust; the remnants of an almost forgotten passion and I arch up, crying quietly,



His thin, warm body falls on mine and I wrap myself tightly around him, drifting into sleep.

This is not what it used to be, this is not the perfection I had imagined.

This is so much better.