Two black SUV's are quickly approaching a very lavish looking hotel. Inside one of the vehicles Morgan is driving while Reid scans a very large stack of files in the passenger seat.

Morgan: We're almost there, kid. You get through all those files yet?

Reid: Twice. I've got three possibilities.

Morgan: We've got the manager waiting for us.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, the team is met by the hotel manager, a man in his late forties wearing a tailored and very expensive looking suit. He holds out a hand to Hotch.

Manager: Harris Barclay. How can I be of assistance?

Hotch shakes Barclay's hand and makes the introductions.

Hotch: Is there somewhere private we can go to discuss this?

Barclay: Actually I'd prefer it.

At this he looks to his guests and employees who are becoming aware of the FBI's presence.

Barclay: My office is this way.

Inside Barclay's very opulent office the team is seated in consult.

Barclay: I truly do wish to cooperate in any way that I can and I do not want to appear callous. I am however, concerned with our potential for liability here at the Prescott.

Hotch: An unsub like this is a master of deception. His own wife surely doesn't know what he is. We'd be glad to provide any information on the psychopathy of this type of offender that may be useful to your public relations staff. I am sure that with your cooperation you can spin this to show your concern for the safety of your female guests.

Barclay considers Hotch's words and seems satisfied.

Barclay: So how can I help you?

Morgan: We've had a chance to review your employee records and have a few possible suspects.

Rossi: What we'd like is some more personal background information.

Prentiss: Think of anyone who has been out of sorts of late; especially in the last couple of days.

Barclay: We have a great many employees here but I'll give you whatever I can.

Reid: Dean Carson?

Barclay: He heads the front desk on day shifts. He's quiet and early for every shift. He's married with a couple of kids. I don't think he's missed a day of work in two years except for a family vacation to the Grand Canyon last summer.

The agents exchange looks that say this is not the unsub.

Reid: Philip Keegan?

Barclay: Concierge. Married. Seems like he has called in sick the last couple of days. Not that it's a great loss. He does alright work but always acts like he's doing me a favor when he shows up.

Reid: And finally, Seth Warner.

Barclay: He's our chef. He's gay. I think he's been with his partner for three or four years now. He's a large part of the reason we have a five-star rating.

Hotch: Can you call Philip Keegan at home? Make up some work related question you need to ask him. We just want to know if he's home without tipping him off that we're looking for him.

Barclay: Of course.

The team is standing in the hall outside of Barclay's office attempting to figure their next move. Barclay opens the door with a worried expression.

Barclay: I just spoke to Keegan's wife. She was confused that I would be calling at home since she believed he headed off to work this morning.

Reid: Do you have Keegan's cell number?

Barclay: Yes. Should I try to call him?

Reid: No. I need to give the number to our technical analyst.

Garcia: What's up, kiddo?

Reid: I have a cell number for you to see if you can locate.

Garcia: If it's on I should be able to….And it is. GPS info coming at you.

Reid: Thanks Garcia!

The team descends on a seedy looking motel; the kind that offers hourly rates. Prentiss, Reid and Morgan wait outside in the parking lot while Rossi and Hotch go into the office. Hotch flashes his badge and a picture of Philip Keegan to the desk clerk who hands him a key to the room. Hotch and Rossi walk out and each holds up four fingers indicating the room number. Morgan takes off on a run in the direction of the room followed by Prentiss and Reid. Morgan kicks open the door and runs in with his gun drawn to find Keegan on the bed straddling a gagged woman. In his hand is a knife that he is holding over the woman as if about to stab her. Morgan dives at the man and tackles him to the ground cuffing him. Prentiss hurries to the woman to remove her gag and try to calm her. Reid calls for an ambulance for the victim. Det. Barnes arrives and Morgan jerks Keegan to his feet and shoves him toward Det. Barnes with disgust.

The plane is en route back to Quantico.

J.J.'s voice: "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."-Anne Frank

On the plane Morgan and Rossi are discussing the case.

Rossi: So what was the reason?

Morgan: Well, the trigger went back to his mother dying following plastic surgery but do these guys really need a reason?

Rossi merely shrugs, conceding the point. Reid walks past carrying two large mugs of tea. He goes to where J.J. is sitting. She has files laid out in front of her but is clearly somewhere else in her mind. Reid sits down and sets one cup in front of her.

Reid: J.J.?

J.J.'s head pops up as she is broken out of her trance.

Reid: You okay?

J.J.: Yeah, I guess. No, not really. I will be though. It just sucks sometimes.

Reid: What does?

J.J.: We had nothing to go on until he went off the rails and killed two more women.

Reid nods. He clearly feels bad for J.J. but seems to not know what to say so he simply places his hand over hers on the table. J.J. blinks back tears; moved by his simple show of tenderness. Reid begins to look upset as if he feels he failed at his attempt to comfort his friend. He begins to withdraw his hand but J.J. squeezes it tighter. She gives him a small smile.

J.J.: Thanks, Spence.