Forbidden Love

Just a quick one-shot. I've always thought that D'jok's had the hots for Tia and that scene in episode 3 where Rocket's clone appears just reinforced the idea in my head, so here you go a one-sided love for ya.

"The Snowkids have so many new players there's no telling who might show up" Micro-Ice joked.

Tia nodded sadly as she made her way to her position, but as the Red Tigers holograms began to fill in so too did an unexpected guest. The Rocket clone caught Tia completely off guard. Her eyes widened in shock and before she could stop herself his name slipped from her lips like a deadly poison. "Rocket" She whispered.

D'jok watched her in concern, he saw the grief in her emerald eyes and the dull acceptance as -just as quickly as he had appeared- the Rocket clone faded away, and it hurt him, it was like a knife through his heart every time he saw that girl in pain. Sure he was supposed to be with Mei, and he did…he did love her but just not in the way he had fallen in love with Tia.

No one knew this of course, D'jok had become an expert at hiding his feelings, at making excuses: whenever Mei asked him to come out with her around Genesis, he would refuse making stupid excuses and lies up, lies that Mei would accept with a heavy heart. D'jok didn't want to admit the only reason he refused to go out was because of wishful thinking. He couldn't help hoping that Tia would suddenly realise she was in love with him and come storming to his hotel room and wrapping him up into a passionate kiss.

He watched as Tia squinted her eyes, a perk that he'd come to know well through his years of watching her; it was her trying to hold back tears, suppressing pain…because she was strong, D'jok felt a strong urge to comfort her, to hold her…but he couldn't because whether he was here or not Rocket was always going to be in the way. But…team mates were allowed to ask each other if they were okay weren't they? D'jok allowed himself to walk over to the object of affections, gently he placed his hand onto her slim shoulder.

"You alright?" He asked, wishing deeply that he could engulf her into a hug. Tia looked over to him and nodded sadly, obviously lost in her own thoughts, completely oblivious to the strong feelings D'jok was having for her. He didn't want to let go of her shoulder, he wanted as much contact as he could get with this beautiful, mystical girl that was Tia.

Tia looked away and down at the ground, obviously wanting nothing more than for him to drop it, so she could continue pretending everything was alright. But D'jok didn't want to drop it, he couldn't help hoping that maybe with enough prying, she would suddenly burst into tears and fall onto him, using him as a blanket, but this didn't happen, suppressing his disappointment D'jok decided to make sure she was ok before leaving her and returning to his position. "You sure?" He double checked.

Tia nodded again, D'jok's mouth formed a frown and his hand slowly slipped off of her, he stared at her for a moment, then Yuki was throwing the ball into play and D'jok had to leave her, he packed away his feelings into a nice tidy box and set them aside for now as he rushed off to receive the ball.

Mmm hope you liked it…it's kind of a weird pairing I know but hey.