Hey there, my fellow readers and writers. I've been reading the book "Look for Me by Moonlight", and I was fascinated, as well as inspired, by Vincent Morthanos. He seems like a pretty neat character, even though he is a vampire. Here's a little oneshot I thought up while reading the book. R&R, please!

Prompts: Cynda, longing, blood, creature, power, beauty, lust

Disclaimer: Genius Mary Downing Hahn owns Look for Me by Moonlight. I own the oneshots, and my own copy of the book.

A Tender Little Mouse

Vincent's POV

Cynda Bennett. Such a beautiful name. Her dark locks. Her beautiful, chocolate eyes. Her face, such a work of art. And her blood – oh, her blood.

It tempts me so much. I have this longing. To make her mine for all time. To transfigure her from a gawky teenager into a creature of power, seduction, lust and beauty. To make her into my child.


She inspires me so. To instantly think up a poem, write it, and dedicate it to her. And I also have this longing to make her into something that only I will love for all time.

And I believe in one thing.

She will be what I am, see what I see, love what I love. She will know the passion, fury and anger of the night, what it means to have the crimson red life force an immortal such as I needs to survive rolling over her tongue.

And she will fall into the world of the night, and never again will she come into the sunlight, or long to be human again.

But most importantly, she will love me with all her heart, and never betray me.

This I believe to be true.

Cynda is my tender little mouse. She belongs...to me!

Well, I hope you like it. I worked really hard on it! Getting inside Vincent's head is tough, especially when it concerns Cynda, but I hope I pulled it off.