10 Short Stories

1. Fight for this love

Tia and Rocket stood in the Netherball arena and stared into each other's eyes, Tia knew that she wasn't going to give up. Their love was worth it and she would prove it to him.

2. Don't Trust Me

Sinedd smiled at Mei slyly, eyeing him warily she edged around him, Sinedd grinned and winked at her. "No Mei I wouldn't trust me either" He whispered to himself as he watched her leave.

3. 7 things

"Look you'll just have to deal with it! It's my time off!" Adium hissed before slamming her door closed on the new intern. Sighing to herself she marched over to the desk, slowly she pulled open a draw and retrieved a picture; her smiling with Aarch, bunny ears on her head…her eighteenth party. She stared at the smiling man next to her in the picture: Cheeky smile, towering over her, such soft brown hair, strong and confident, deep blue eyes, a cute little nose, gone…

4. Potential Break Song

D'jok was unwavering as he held the radio up outside her house.

"D'jok turn that crap off!" Mei huffed from the balcony.

D'jok shook his head, she had been unfaithful and now he was here standing at 3am in the morning, making sure she got no sleep.

5. When you're gone

Mei sighed as she watched the Shadow's vs. Cyclops match. Unbeknownst to Tia, a tear slipped from her eyes as she watched the boy who had betrayed her, who had left her, the thing that hurt the most? The fact she still needed him.

6. Halo

Aarch smiled at Simbai as she worked away at the computer, she was his own personal angel.

7. Fighter

Luur couldn't help grinning as he turned away from Rocket…he'd actually tried to punch him.

8. We made you

Keira and Norata smiled proudly as their son made another outstanding tackle.

9. Piece of me

The look was written all over her face: You want a piece of me?

As a matter of fact Sinedd wanted a whole lot more than a piece.

10. Nobody's Perfect

No one was perfect, Micro-Ice knew that, but she was so damn near it he was starting to doubt that saying.