"Dude, stop staring! You're like her freaky stalker or something!"

Leonard was dragged out of his internal reverie by Raj whispering furiously in his ear. He threw one last glance at the pair bickering in the kitchen and hauled himself back to reality. Howard was looking at him expectantly.

"Sooo? Did Penny finally let you…y'know… batter dip the corn dog?" he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Leonard scowled, and caught himself as his gaze tried to wander back over to her and Sheldon. He had calmed down a lot since Penny had metaphorically kicked his ass; he had tried to defend himself but deep inside he could kinda see her point. He just would never admit it. Seeing her and Sheldon together he could see something; they had a chemistry he and her had never quite managed. It irritated him, but the more he thought about it, the more he could see that that was more due to the dents in his ever shrinking ego than any deep feelings for Penny.

He sighed. He knew they had spent a couple of nights together, but the only way he could handle it was by adopting a strict 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. The news would have to come out sooner or later though, he guessed.

"Actually, it kinda didn't work out like that…" he trailed off.

Howard winced. "Ouch. But it's no big deal…hell, the pressure gets to us all like that sometimes. I mean, you guys had a hell of a build up, it's no surprise the little fella got stage fright…" He stopped when he noticed Leonard's glare.

"I did not get 'stage fright', Howard! In fact, if you must know…" with impeccable timing the volume on the TV suddenly dropped, and then he was speaking into silence…

"Penny is sleeping with Sheldon now instead!"

He snapped his mouth shut as the words echoed loudly around the apartment.

The pair in the kitchen whirled round as one to look at him. He stared at them defiantly. "Well, you are…"

Howard stared slack-jawed for a second, his mind obviously working overtime. "Let me get this straight; you didn't sleep with her, but Sheldon did?"

"Dude, you got cockblocked by Sheldon?!" Raj exclaimed, then clamped his hands over his mouth as he saw Penny throw him a glare.

There was silence for a second. Sheldon stole a quick glance at Penny then focussed on the worktop as he fidgeted with his glass of milk. "Would you care to handle this situation Penny? Because frankly I think anything I could say would just make things more uncomfortable for you."

"Uncomfortable for me?! Sweetie, you're the one who looks like you've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar." She gave him a big grin and he scowled at her.

She turned back to the guys on the couch, who were watching in fascination. "Yes, Sheldon and I are in a relationship. And no, neither of us will be answering any questions about sex, so don't even ask." She looked at Howard pointedly. "Everyone understand?" They all nodded, including Sheldon. She batted him lightly with her hand. "Honey, it's ok, you're not included in that."

"Oh good…because I have a question…" She silenced him by sliding her arms around his waist and pressing a kiss against his lips, enjoying the astonished looks she got off the guys and the slight red tinge that crept across Sheldon's face.

"Save them for the bedroom, sweetie" she smiled.

"Oh. Alright" he replied lightly. After appearing to think for a second, he dipped his head and kissed her gently.

He heard the thump, and wondered briefly which of the guys had fallen off the couch. But then Penny did something with her tongue, and nothing else really seemed important anymore.