A/N: Sorry to add this after, I couldn't figure out a way to add it to the beginning because I'm being dumb. I just wanted to say thank you to all my supportive reviewers over my time in the NCIS fandom.

I hope this fic hasn't gone too far away from my usual MO to disappoint those people who have been so kind in the past. I'm aware that it's fairly sad, and may leave some people wanting, but I wanted to give the reader a chance to decide what would happen next pretty much on their own.

There's a chance I may dabble in this future universe again, either casting a glance further into the future or filling in some of the past. I haven't decided yet.

This fic, as always, is dedicated to G, who listens to me prattle on, even when she has a great many other things to think about. My thanks are always, to her.