To make this clear... I do not own Harry Potter or Sailor moon. I just like writting about them!

A lone figure wafted in space. No sound around her, as she seemingly floated about. Her Long golden hair, with silver streaks flowed around her as if in a pool of water. The ivory skin seemed translucent against the darkness of the space.

"Ah yes. The constant reminder of being alone is the silence heard through space. I guess no one would understand unless they ever were trapt in this void as I have. My name is Usagi Tsukino, Or nor Usagi Potter. I am ready, finally, to tell who I am." The figure disappeared from the the darkness, leaving only a small tear in her wake.


"Hurry up Ron! We are going to miss everyone! They most likely already found seats" yelled a boy with wind blown black hair! "Sorry mate, I had to get me a bit of food! I was starved" the red headed boy said back. They raced up stairs dogding people as they ran. Finally, reaching the top of the stadium, they found a group of many read heads, and one messy brunnette. "were were you" asked the brunnette? "Someone thought about eating again. I swear he is pregnant." said the boy with wind blown hair.

"Well, you almost missed the opener of the match, Harry" said the brunnette. "Sorry Hermiony" said Harry. Looking at the center of the stadium, they saw a team of player's flying out of the doors on broomsticks. The crowds were either chearing, or booing.

Later during the match, The score was dead even. The game was fixing to be called quits, and be restarted in the morning, seeing as how it was already 11 at night. As they called yet another break, A light pierced everyone's eyes. Harry tried to see what was happening. His natural voldemort sences were not alerting him, but that did not mean he was not behind an attack.

The light finally cleared as everyone saw a small girl fall from the sky. Watching in horror, the crowd started to pull out wands saying many different spells. All of their attempts were futile, as it seemed to be absorbed by some type of barrier. One of the players on the team flew up to get her, and brought her close to him. Flying down to the ground, many people surrounded them.

An elderly looking man nelt down and looked at her. He looked at her arm, seeing no mark and finally spoke. "We will take her to St. Mungus hospital and wait for her to awaken. This girl's energy level is almost non excistant. Can a medi-witch please help her?" The man looked around as a short woman walked up to him. "I will proffesor Dumbledore" The woman easily pcked up the girl and disappeared