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Serenity stepped off of the train, watching as the other students pushed each other to see the majestic castle. She watched as Malfoy, and a group following him exited the cart to her right, and Harry, and his group excited on her left. She walked up to the zombie-fied looking Pegasus' and stroked its head. "tut tut. The way they treat you is as if you were dark creatures. Would you like to be back to your full glory little ones?" the creatures nodded. Harry came running up to her yelling her name. "Be careful! They may bite you!"

Serenity glared at her brother. "No wonder! I would too if mankind treated me the same!" She placed her hand on her locket and mentally prayed for the threstrals to become their true form. Every student, plus Hagrid gaped as the dark creatures became visible, and burst into full glory. THeir hair grew white, and their wings became like a doves. "This is what they are meant to look like. It appears that Chaos has had her hand in this dimension long ago. I will do my best to cleanse it."

Serenity walked up to a boat, and climbed in. It took off without waiting on more students. Harry watched entranced at what had happened. Not only was she able to see a death creäture, but transform it into a beautiful creäture. Hurrying, he climbed into a carriage with his friends, and left to the castle.

Dumbldore stood at the head of the staff table. His eyes watching each and every student arrive. He called for the sorting to begin, and watched as the first years each became part of their new homes. Finally, he stood. "My fellow wizards and witches. I would like to introduce Hogwarts school's first transfer student. Her name is Usagi Serenity Tsukino. She will be starting her fifth year. My dear, please come sit for the sorting hat.

"The hat placed on her head started to shiver. "Majesty. Please f..forgive this humble hat, but I can not choose a house. You are much too courageous, powerful, wise, cunning, and loyal for any one house." the hat visibly shake. "She shall be placed in the room since used by Queen Serenity the first!" An older lady took the hat off of Serenity's head, and gaped. "My dear. If you would please go speak to professor Dumbledore."

Serenity watched as the entire school stared at her. She walked gracefully to the Headmaster. "Sir. If you would please explain why this is so odd." The headmaster nodded. "My dear, meet me here after the feast, and I will explain everything. I will escort you to your room. Nodding she took a seat next to her brother. "Bunny, do you realise you just made history," Harry asked? She nodded. "Nothing new to my life."

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