Unnecessary disclaimer: seriously – do I look like I had anything to do with House MD – especially nowadays? Come on – I'm just playing.

Pure fluff – House/Cameron cause this is how it supposed to be. Please let me know what you think.

You knew from the start that there was something between the two of you. You knew it just as well as you knew that it was never going to be an easy relationship – more like pulling a tooth or a journey on a really bumpy road with your buffers not in tact. But you also knew from the beginning that it would be worth it, and it so was. Despite his jerkiness, his abrasive nature, his buzz and his drugs, you knew that being with him would be the most important experience of your life.

One night, after really difficult case he just came with you to your apartment and that is how it started. Your relationship was everything but conventional. He wasn't big on romantic gestures or sweet words whispered but he did so much more than that. He made you feel alive like no one ever did. Everything about him was extreme – his jerkiness, his rude comments, his irresponsibility, but also his will to fight for what he believed was right, his passion for medicine and not only medicine. All this you expected. What surprised you though was his tenderness, his desire to protect you and to make you laugh. These were things you would have never believed if not for the fact that you witnessed them.

Right here on your own couch, Greg House, misanthrope and an asshole extraordinaire, dozed off snuggled with you. This was your version of the perfect evening. Looking at him right in this moment you knew that probably this was it, that you could never expect much more from him. It was more than obvious that he wouldn't want to get married, you were quite sure that children are also not in the store for the two of you. But you couldn't care less. In times like this you just wanted to be there, next to him in your little bubble of happiness. Because that's what it was – pure bliss.