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Masataki Hiki was heading out, today was quite a day. He'd just leave his rookie investigators to lock up for the night.

As he headed out he happened to come across Hal, but just as he was about to call out to him to remind him to make sure to close up the office before he left, he noticed he was with Kai. That in itself wasn't unusual…

…But, it was unusual to see them kissing.

The two men, who only a few hours ago were bickering like children, were locked in a passionate embrace, their lips very much together. The brunette's fingers entwined in the taller man's dirty blonde locks and the blonde's arms wrapped tightly around his younger partner's waist. Their cheeks were flushed pink and their eyes were closed, their facial expressions were ones of pure bliss.

Hiki rubbed his eyes and looked again, vaguely wondering if those overtime hours were finally catching up to him.

This certainly was the last result he expected when he set his plan into motion. All the same, they were getting along better now, so it was a success after all.

The bespectacled man chuckled to himself and headed outside.

"Young people these days…" The divisions chief mused to himself, "Who knows what they're thinking?"


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Hal: ...What?