There was a shining light before him. It wasn't natural. Or was it?

If there was one thing Daisuke Motomiya knew, and knew well, it was that he wasn't the sharpest knife on the cutting board. But even he could see that this... This... shining event horizon of spinning...broken pieces of a window...to another world?...Whatever it was, it wasn't safe. At least not to anyone without a digimon or a digivice.

Despite the disticnt "stay away" vibe that came off of the portal, Daisuke pushed his feet towards it. Despite the fact that Vmon was pleading for him to stop, Daisuke reached his hand out towards the shimmering light...


...And immediately lost his watch to the strange...strangeness.

Magnetic. It was magnetic! Daisuke smiles. He just learned something about it. That meant it was dangerous for digimon to cross.

"Come on, Daisuke! Leave it alone!" The goggle wearing boy barely hears Miyako's voice as he goes to touch it.

"Daisuke-san!" Iori's starteled shout doesn't even cross Daisuke's ears as the...anomaly pulls him through by his belt.

Daisuke stares around the barren wasteland that he landed in in awe. "Woah..." He glances up, and there's the Earth, all digi-fy-ed above him. It's suddenly blocked out, however, by a...


...Giant, thirteen mile tall, dark Green, Greymon right infront of him.

The Greymon looks down at him.

Daisuke looks up at it...


...and runs through the shimmering portal of light, un-noticing of the fact that his foot smashes a small flower that had been by his feet as the Greymon chases him through the portal.

Daisuke's perspective doesn't change at all. From Barren wasteland to an even...barren-er?...one.

And worst of all?

The Earth globe above him was still there, only: It was shooting out pink bands of energy now. All-over the place.


Daisuke jumps. He looks back towards the shimmering portal, only to see a severed claw of the Greymon, and no portal at all.

He gulps. This...This was not good...

*cue PRIMEVAL (from the BBC) theme*

It had been days since Daisuke had stepped through the portal, and now he was tired.

Dog tired.

The desert seemed endless, and he had been walking day in and day out across it.

What had happened was simple, Daisuke figured. The portal was a gateway through time.

No other way around it.

He had entered the strange world in his Digital World, and exited in a new one. And guessing by the remains of a digital flower on his shoe, Daisuke assumed the Butterfly effect was in full force.

"Miyako's gonna kill me..." he groans.

This was bad. Very bad. Considering the gate had closed upon passing through it again, there was no way to undo this.

"Hikari-Chan's gonna bring me back..." Daisuke pauses. "...Then kill me again."

Day to night was interesting. No twilight, just...


Like someone threw a switch. Or, pressed a button.

It got COLD.

Daisuke wished he had brought a jacket, considering that his clothes had reverted to his normal earth clothes when he came back through the portal, this digital world was different.

All because of one little, tiny flower.

"Taichi-san's gonna kill me, bring me back, then kill me again..." he sighs.

Why couldn't he just find a TV set and get out of here...

...Then again, His D3'd vanished with his clothes, so...

Daisuke sighs again. "Iori-Kun's gonna whack me with his stick..."

He absolutely hated this new world. It was nothing like home.


It was probably different from before. Knowing his luck, Daisuke figured that it was filled with Dinosaurs and Digimon, and this endless desert was void of life, just because of the tiny little flower.

"Miyako-san's gonna kill me..."

Maybe Miyako wouldn't kill him. After all, in this new world, they might not even know each other.

He could just imagine it.

"So....You're saying you went through a portal, stepped on something you shouldn't have, and changed history?"



Oh, she'd kill him in any universe.

Any time.

Any place.


Daisuke blinks.

It was a red spot in the distance. Maybe a dragon? Who knows...

But he could tell it was important.

Daisuke picks up his pace, it wasn't red, it was pink. Tall and cylindrical.

One of those...Data Streams from the Earth!

They'd avoided him so far-or maybe he avoided them?-but regardless, it was heading right for him! Or maybe he was heading for it?

A way home! Maybe! Possibly!

He never noticed the hand drawn flag waving at him from the far left, reading "Digimon tamers."


Daisuke grins. This was great! Perfect! Human voices!

He spotted two groups, one being chased by the pink pillar of light, and the other running away from it.

Fate was against him, seemingly, as he chose to run towards the group being chased by the pillar.

Or was it them running towards him?

Yeah. That was it.

Daisuke had stopped running, and yet he was still getting closer to that pink beam and the humans and Digimon being chased by it.


Humans AND Digimon?!

Daisuke didn't have any more time to think about it when the beam swallowed up the three boys, the red dragon, the girl, and the yellow fox, before having him for desert.


"Wake up!"

It was a female voice, Daisuke instantly deduced, that belonged to the person kicking him in the side.

"Come on you stupid...GOGGLE HEAD!"

And a loud one too, reminding him of Miyako. And he said as much.

"Ngh...Miyako-san...That hurts..."


Daisuke's comment caught her off guard. Obviously, as the kicking stopped.

"Ah...Rika...Do you think that maybe he...?"

A boy's voice, reminding him of Takeru, somewhat.

"No way, Goggles, No way in...!"

"hey! I think he's waking up!"

The two voices drifted off as Daisuke opened his eyes.

The girl, about his age, was standing above him, her red hair was tied up into a spiked ponytail, with her violet eyes glaring right into his soul.

The boy had light brown hair, and had crimson eyes, with a pair of goggles- reminding him of the ones that had remained securely on his forehead even after the time skip- keeping his hair out of his eyes.

"Ah...." Daisuke started. "Hi?"

"Woah....I think I'm right on this one, Rika." the boy says quietly.

"Oh, be quiet, Takato!" The girl now known as Rika huffs. "There is no way in the Digital world that this guy's from the TV Show!"

TV show? Daisuke blinks. What were they talking about?

"Rika." A tall, yellow fox walks up. Obviously a digimon. "We can worry about our...friend here later. Right now we have bigger problems." She-as it's voice has a distinct female tone to it- points towards a small grove of trees, branches all pointing towards one direction, and all leave-less.

"What do you mean?" The boy identified as Takato looks over at them. "I Don't get it..."

Daisuke frowns as a light breeze brushes past his face, same direction as the bent branches. "I think I do..."

"This is a bad place to be out in the open." The fox glances to the sky.

"Go find Guilmon, Takato. He can make us a cave or something..." Rika looks to the boy. "I'll get the Idiot twins."

"Got it!" Takato rushes off.

"C'mon Renamon." Rika bounds over towards two small mounds nearby.

Daisuke blinks as the fox digimon follows. So her name's Renamon. Another name he didn't recognise.


Daisuke winces as Rika kicks the one mound- actually a person!- onto the other person/mound, then she starts laughing.

Renamon, who Daisuke would figure to be one NOT to laugh, actually chuckles.

Figuring that finding out what was so funny would be more progressive towards figuring a way to undo this time mess than just sitting around on the ground, he gets to his feet and walks over to the Female Chosen and her partner.

The sight of two boys shouting at Rika about 'mean, dirty, and gross tricks that serve no purpose in real life' confused him to no end.

Daisuke then realized that when Rika had kicked the one boy onto the other, waking both of them from where they had landed, she had accidentally put them into this...situation. (what it was, he couldn't guess) And THAT was what was so funny to her.

It was still a mean trick, he could only guess.

"Who's the new guy?" the blue haired boy asks.

Daisuke blinks, snapped out of his trance. "Huh?"

The visor wearing boy was glaring holes at Daisuke's goggles. "Who are you and why do you look like Daisuke Motomiya from the Digimon Show?"

Oh. OH! OH Quab in a hat! That's what Takato and Rika had ment!

Rika shrugs. "Dunno, he just woke up a few minutes ago."

"I'm Da..." he paused for a second. If they knew he was the Real Daisuke from the show they knew and loved (clearly, as the visor wearing boy had the Crest of Reliability on his shirt), then he would be in SERIOUS trouble. Even the DIGIMON knew better than to confirm someones suspicions. "...Vis... Davis Motomiya!" He finally finished. "And I have no clue how I got here or where I am!"

The boys look at him like he had just confirmed it anyways.

"Dude..." Visor Boy starts. "Do you realize what he just said?!"

"Yup." Blue boy nods.

"What? He's not the guy from the show, his name confirms it!" Rika starts.

"DAVIS IS DAISUKE'S ENGLISH DUB NAME!" the two boys shout in unison.

Daisuke winces. How could he be so dumb!? Miyako was gonna kill him!

Rika blinks. "I never watched ANY of the dubs. Too many crammed in jokes."

Visor boy's jaw hits the ground. "Are...You...Serious?!"

"Kazu, I don't think she's joking..." Blue boy says.

"BUT DO you realize what THIS means, Kenta?!" The Dubbed "Kazu" shouts angerly as a dramatic "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" fills the air.

Wait. What the...?

Everyone glances to the West, to see Takato running away from a cloud of smoke towards them.

Then Takato dives behind a boulder as a Kitchen Sink lands right where he was standing a second before.

"Uh...I think we should..." "Kenta", formerly blue boy, starts.

"Forget the universal implications of there being alternate dimensions!" Kazu shouts. "WE'VE GOT A GARAGE SALE ATTACK!"

Even Daisuke knew what that meant.