CHAPTER 11_ _ _|

HUMAN WORLD_ _ _| SHINJUKU, JAPAN_ _ _| 8:42 P.M._ _ _| AUGUST 1ST_ _ _|

A car honked as it rushes across the street. Daisuke Motomiya looked up with mild surprise. How long had it been since he'd heard a car horn? Not too long, only a few days. The boy shrugged his jacket together a bit, then continued down the street. The events of the last few days had been hard on him, that was for sure, but, little did he know, things were about to get a lot worse.

A boy, only three or four years older than him, suddenly rushed past, his flame patterned blue fighter pilot's jacket swaying in the motion, revealing a strangely shaped device, Blockish with a curved part on the bottom, and a card slot on the side. "Sorry kid!" The elder boy apologized as he ran off into the distance.

Daisuke blinked as he stared off after the boy. "Huh." Just as the eight year old turned to continue down the street, a red scaled dragon wearing- for some reason- a dark blue dress, came charging down the street past him so fast that all he saw was a red and blue blur before he realized what had happened.

"DAVIS! WAIT UP!" the dragon called in a female voice as it- she- followed the older boy.

"No Time!" he called back to the dragon. "We've got to get to Odaiba!"

In the time it took Daisuke to blink at the exchange, another dragon, carrying three small forms on it's body, came rushing past. "Shana! Daisuke!" he roared. "STOP! You don't know what you're doing!"

Daisuke blinked. Had the second dragon just called out his name? What in the world was going on here? Once more, the boy turned around and continued down the street. Only to meet the toothy grin of a certain flying and lieing bowling ball as he rounded the corner of another intersection.

"'Ello there!" DemiDevimon smirked.

No, Daisuke Motomiya of Human World Instance #003 had no clue that the car crash in the mountains that forever changed his life was nothing but a cake walk compared to what was about to happen to him.

Something rather horrible indeed.

KAMIYA RESIDENCE_ _ _| ODAIBA, JAPAN_ _ _| 10:55 P.M._ _ _|

Tai groaned as his Digivice beeped rather loudly, waking him and his partner Koromon up from their peaceful slumber. He picked up the device from the nearby desk, slipped it over his left hand, and tapped the top lightly. "Izzy... This had better be good..."

"Sorry, Tai." came the boy's voice. "And Sorry everyone. But this is majorly important!"

"Can't we have one good night's sleep before we go into battle tomorrow?" Mimi's voice came in next over the private radio channel, with a long yawn at the end as well.

"I know, I know." Izzy sighed, exasperated. "But the thing is, those strange warps we detected in the Digital world before we came back are here as well."

"What? Where? When?" Matt's voice came up, wide awake. "How?"

"The where is Shinjuku- or rather, just exiting Shinjuku on the Odaiba bound train. The When is just now, My digivice just picked up their signal. As for the How, I think they used the portal differently. Maybe a wrong card? But anyways, they landed somewhere completely different compared to us!"

Tai frowned. "Okay, Izzy, thanks."

"Just be careful, guys. We have no clue what they are or why they're here." Izzy continued. "Sorry to have woken you all, but I figured if I waited until morning then you'd all be angry at me for waiting so long!"

"Yeah, Thanks for that." Joe yawned. "Personally, I don't think I'll be able to get back to sleep now."

"Don't be such a stick in the mud, Joe!" Gommamon's voice came next, only slightly muffled by distance. "You know you weren't sleeping anyways!"

Tai sighed. Tomorrow was going to be pure Chaos.

4:32 P.M._ _ _| AUGUST 1ST_ _ _| SINJUKU PARK_ _ _|

The time travelers came out of the portal intact, albeit in a slightly stacked pile, inside a very familiar stone hut.

"Hey... It's Guilmon's shed!" Takato remarked cheerfully.

"Thank you Captain Obvious." Rika grumbled. "So why'd we end up here?"

"What's even odder." Henry started as he stood up. "Is why it's exactly the same as when we left." Indeed, the back wall of the "cave" was dug out exactly the same as it was when the Tamers had left for the Digital World.

"Maybe we weren't changing our world history with the digital world's history?" Takato offered.

Guilmon huffed. "Don't be so naive, Takato."

This comment made the tamer blink. "Uh... What?"

"The world's are connected, even if by a thread." The Hazard dragon continued. "Think about this, what would happen to the real world if that D-Reaper thing had decided to go on a rampage across both worlds before we destroyed it?"

The thought made everyone shudder.

Terriermon groaned. "Don't tell me, if that program wasn't destroyed, then things would have ended up worse then they were back home, right?"

"Or better." Shana started as she sniffed the air. "I don't smell any other digimon besides us."

Guilmon nodded. "Manga girl's got a point."

"What! 'Manga Girl'?" Shana glared at her non-X Virus corrupted counterpart. "Who are you calling 'manga girl'?"

"Shana happens to be the name of a character in a very popular Manga and Anime series." Guilmon shrugged. "I was only pointing it out."

Takato blinked. "Uh... I didn't think you even knew what manga were..."

"I pay more attention to things then you think." Guilmon grumbled. "I'm not a complete idiot, you know."

While this conversation continued on, Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya was getting his barrings. For some odd reason, they'd landed in Shinjuku park, and not the summer camp where the original chosen had departed from. What was going on here?

AUGUST 2ND_ _ _| 9:01 A.M._ _ _|

The Seven chosen children and their digimon partners had met in the park near Tai's apartment, and were preparing their strategy of attack.

"Myotismon's definitely here now, despite our taking the cards." Izzy started as he turned his computer monitor around to face the group. "All these identical Digivice signals appeared just shortly after we did." The screen indeed did show a map of the city, with several cloned Digivice signals all about. "Now, most of them are showing themselves as active, like when we use our special abilities, but there are several more that were here already before we arrived, and they're all showing as offline." he pointed towards a group of pulsing Digivice signals that were clustered next to the spiral warps. "Apparently, these unidentified signals took as many cloned digivices as they could, why? Maybe to cause trouble." he shrugged.

"Hey, aren't there less of them?" Sora the pointed to the spirals, indeed- three were missing from the previous sighting.

"That's what I thought too." Izzy then moved the map over to a small island, showing two de-activated digivices circling two of missing spirals. "It seems that Myotismon isn't happy with their interference."

"What about the other one?" Matt asked. "There's three missing."

"Ah, well..." Izzy shrugged. "I assume it's still where ever they landed, maybe guarding their entry point?" Then, a thought hit him. "Or maybe it was that gas leak explosion yesterday evening?"

AUGUST 1ST_ _ _| 7:09 P.M._ _ _|

There was a spontaneous explosion as a Mamothmon literally appeared in the middle of the street, surrounded by a few of it's comrades.

"I Say!" the Soulmon commented. "This doesn't look like Odaiba!"

"How would you know?" the DemiDevimon rolled his eyes. "You've never been here before!"

"VEEERRR!" Mammothmon stated simply.

"Yeah, my thoughts exactly." DemiDevimon nodded.

At this point, the crowd that had been rather suddenly exploded upon had dispersed from fright, leaving the trio alone in the city.

"Veeeerrrr?" Mammothmon asked.

"I dunno... Where IS everyone?" The Soulmon frowned.

"RIGHT HERE, GHOSTY!" came a familiar, chirpy voice. "RAPID FIRE!"

Suddenly, a missile exploded on Mammothmon's thick hide. "VAAAARRRR!" he shouted several random expletives as his singed fur struggled not to go alight from all the oxygen in the air.

The Soulmon and DemiDevimon turned rather slowly to face their opponent- Rapidmon.

"'Ello, Boys!" The green armored Cyborg replied with a smirk (hidden by his helmet). "I'm BA-AAAACK!"

DemiDevimon fainted!

Soulmon, Mammothmon, and Rapidmon alike just stared at the unconscious bowling ball with wings as he fell to the ground.

"Uh..Dude... Did I just scare him that badly?" Rapidmon blinked.

Mammothmon just muttered something about Pok`emon and how they never should have recruited the bat while Soulmon just shrugged.

"Wow, I SO did not mean to do that." Rapidmon bowed mid air. "Sorry!"

"Meh, it's okay." Soulmon replied with a sigh. "But maybe you should leave the spontaneous entrance lines to someone a little more... Saner?"

Rapidmon crossed his arms with a "Hmph!" "Well I never! Just because Guilmon gets to break down doors and smash through subway rooftops yelling classical Television catchphrases and I don't because I come off as 'insane' just doesn't sit right with me! What? Really?"

Mammothmon simply replied with a "Vweerrr..."

Rapidmon sighed. "Yeah, yeah, you're right. Okay. Fight resuming In Three." He started counting. "Two." Soulmon tensed up, immediately blaming his imminent deletion on Mammothmon's big mouth. "O-"

Just then, WarGrowlmon exploded from the ground below Mammothmon with a gigantic roar. "BOOK 'IM, RAPIDMON!"

Soulmon and Rapidmon shared a glance as WarGrowlmon took Mammothmon into the sky.

"Now, See, THAT is what I mean!" Rapdimon held out his arm cannons in a "This is what I have to put up with" Way. "He can come barging in with some random, obscure T.V. reference that only half the viewing audience will probably get AND gets away with it. But what do I get? Second Best!"

Soulmon shrugged. "Sorry, dude, I don't know."

"Fine, whatever." Rapidmon sighed, then held out a missile arm. "Ready to do this, then?"

"Sure." Soulmon prepared his "Dark Claw" attack.

But, before either could attack, Mammothmon came crashing down from the sky.

"VBWEEEER!" Mammothmon cursed as he hit the ground, not a second before WarGrowlmon came falling down after him, only in a more controlled, professional manner, and elbowed him deep into the ground.

Rapidmon and Soulmon blinked. Rapidly. "Uh..."

"right... Um..."

"Let's just..."

Before Rapidmon could finish, Mammothmon was thrown out of his hole once more, up into the air, flipping head over heals, before crashing down into the next street over. WarGrowlmon wasted no time in climbing out of the crater, and plowing through a building just to continue the fight.

"..." Soulmon sighed.

"..." Rapidmon replied.

Silence. For a good thirty seconds.

Rapdimon then started counting. "Three."

"Two." Soulmon continued.

"On-" Before either finished saying "One", Mammothmon came soaring through the gap where that one building had been, then crashed through the one directly across from it. Not even fourty-two fractions of a second passed before WarGrowlmon came following.

"Ride 'em, Cowboy! YeeeHaw!" The mecha dino cried in a- rather sudden- south-western accent as he passed.

"Okay, dude. Seriously?" Rapidmon blinked.

"Okay, even I have to agree this is getting out of hand." Soulmon nodded.


"Haha. Sure."

"Yeah, let's just..." Rapidmon paused as Mammothmon came cartwheeling through the two gaps again, followed by WarGrowlmon. "Let's just sit back and watch the fun, okay?"

"Sounds like a plan." Soulmon grinned. "Got any popcorn?"

AUGUST 2ND_ _ _| THE PARK_ _ _| 9:10 A.M._ _ _|

"Nah. Probably not." Izzy shrugged the thought off. "Anyways... What's our plan of action?"

Tai grinned. "We take the fight to Myotismon!"

AUGUST 1ST_ _ _| 7:10 P.M._ _ _|

Meanwhile, as all of the above fight was occurring, DemiDevimon, the little sneak, was escaping off of the battle field. As he came near a small gaggle of humans, he spotted a girl with red hair standing next to a boy with brown hair and goggles, the latter currently funneling energy into a strangely shaped Digivice- And watching the battle with Mammothmon through WarGrowlmon's eyes via the holographic display.

"Perfect! The master will be pleased!" With that he quickly summoned two hypodermic needles, and threw them at the boy and girl. "DEMI DART!"

The girl looked up, but- too late- she and the boy were hit, and sent crashing down into the ground.

"Heheh... Now then... To take them to Myotismon!" He quickly reached out mentally, and- upon locating the Vampire- ordered a portal opened for him.

Within seconds, the unconscious boy and girl were teleported away to reaches unknown, leaving the Bat to kidnap MORE children with Digivices, OR to capture those with the possibility of being the Eighth Digi-chosen.

AUGUST 2ND_ _ _| 10:10 A.M._ _ _|

The Odaiba bound train from Shinjuku pulled to a stop, and, as the passengers inside disembarked, a human boy and two dragons (one carrying two identical bunny creatures, the other carrying a child sized Imp) hopped off the top of the train into the crowd, startling many.

The Time Traveler was here for his friends, and NOTHING would stand in his way.

AUGUST 1ST_ _ _| 7:11 P.M._ _ _|

Suddenly, WarGrowlmon's connection to his tamer was cut off, causing the Ultimate to spontaneously shrink down to Rookie. "Oh.. You've got to be kidding me." It didn't matter, Mammothmon was too dazed and beaten to do much about this, so, with one simple "Fire Ball!", Mammothmon was converted back to data, and transmitted back to the Digital World.

Rapdimon paled. "Well, that was anticlimactic."

"Yeah." Soulmon nodded.

Silence fell between the two, then...

"Yeah, Sorry to do this, but..."

"No, no, I understand. Go ahead. Send me back."

"Rapid Fire."

And Soulmon was sent back to the digital world with one well aimed missile.

Rapidmon glanced down to Guilmon. "So what happened to you?"

"Takato." Guilmon growled, his eyes going feral. "That sneaky little bat got Takato and Rika!"

SHINJUKU PARK_ _ _| 7:47 P.M._ _ _|

No amount of pressuring Daisuke into making a plan held firm, and the time Traveler was plowing through the streets, searching for a train, any train, that would take him to Odaiba.

Henry sighed as he told Terriermon his plan over the digivice. "You guy's will go on ahead and save them, I'm going to see what I can research here about the time anomaly's."

"Always a geek at heart, Henry." Terriermon tried to make it come out as a joke, but, the effort just wasn't there. "So, while we're doing all the hard work, you're going to see if we can reset things back to normal?"

"That's the plan."

"Well, Good luck with that."

"Momentai, okay?"

"HEY! That's MY line!"


AUGUST 2ND_ _ _| 9:14 A.M._ _ _|

"Okay, that's a great plan everyone!" Tai's grin then faded. "So, where's that vampire hiding? I mean, surely he's not keeping those two signal guys in his base, right?"

"It's probably the case that they're there." Izzy shrugged. "But we won't know for sure until we go there, will we?"

"Nope." Tai sighed. "Well, is everyone with me?"

"YEAH!" The others cried in unison.

"Great!" He smiled.

Oh, if only he knew how spectacularly their unspoken plan would fail.

And How devastating on the time line it would be.

Too bad that's a mystery for next time on, DIGIMON! Digital Monst-