Chapter Twenty:

Under Your Skin

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Rough fingers trailed across the smooth milky skin, Harry traced lines up and down Draco's inner thighs he had come to map over the months. His nails brushed along the refined area just under his left thigh, causing the boy underneath the touch to hiss and jolt slightly with pleasure. Their depature from each other for a mere two days had driven them further than either wanted to go, unaware of how dependent they were now on each other.

Draco watched with scurtinizing fascination as his fiance softly kissed his lower abdomen, flicking out his tongue on the goosebumped flesh that was almost trembling with excitement. The air had thickened, becoming dense and hot as both the boys breathing was irregular.

Taking his time to work his way up the body, Harry allowed a satisfied sigh to escape his lungs once he reached his lovers panting face. "You look beautiful," Harry whispered close to his ear, his naked body crouching over Draco's as he slightly grazed their bodies together.

"Mmm...." was Draco's simple response, he was enjoying this far too much to want to stop for formalities.

Harry was looking down at him intently with emerald eyes and a smirk plastered against his face, "Make love to me, Dray," he breathed and got his request almost immediately.

Draco flipped his mate onto his back and was soon in between his legs, his groin hot and aching. Harry gasped and then let out a stifled moan at the contact of hands now exploring his own body. It only lasted a few minutes before Draco prepared himself and his partner for him to enter.

He was leaning up on his elbow, one hand massaging Harry's own member as he pushed into him gently. Their eyes never left each others, bearing in and reaping all the motion they could. Time passed and stopped existing as Harry relished in all that was the love of his life, everything he was going to fight Voldemort for.

Understanding, arousal and perfection radiated between them as their power and magic pulsated and endured for a beautiful exchange. Draco began to push harder and pump faster, Harry bucked up in response as he angled himself closer wanting more of Draco inside of him.

"Oh fuck, Dracoo..." Harry groaned and finally broke eye contact as he shut them hard, throwing back his head and arching upwards as his cock throbbed out a streamy liquid that fell hot down his shaft and Draco's hand.

Draco was moaning Harry's name as he finished inside of his partner, gasping and sweating he fell down ontop of him. They didn't move for a long time, eventually they had fallen asleep within the warm embrace of each other's arms and stayed undisturbed until morning.


When they emerged shortly after breakfast, showered and ready for the day, it seemed as though the house was emptied. Draco and Harry were glad for that fact, eating leftover pancakes from earlier that morning and sipping on coffee and tea, silent as they read The Daily Prophet and it's new host of rubbish.

"Oi, there you are," Ginny breathed as she entered the kitchen suddenly, startling them both as she plopped down on a seat across from Harry.

"Er, hey Ginny, where is everybody?" Harry asked as he yawned and took another drink from his coffee, Draco's attention barely wavered from the paper at her entrance.

"Dad's at work, Mom and Lupin are at an Order meeting at Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione are visiting Fred and George for the day in Diagon Alley. It looks like it's just us for the day!" She grinned as Draco raised his eyebrow and put down the paper now, slightly amused.

"What are you suggesting we do, Weaselette?" Draco sneered, Harry gave him a knowing look.

"I was gonna say we could start working on that wedding of yours, you've got less than a month and nothing done!" Ginny was smirking broadly, apparantly the whole idea of the two of them marrying each other was splendid in her head which made it all the easier for Harry to feel comfortable about it.

"Er, I'm not that great with..." Harry began as he nervously thought about making decisions for the actual ceremony, it was not his strong suit.

"Do not fret, Potter," Draco was now sporting a smirk that matched Ginny's, "I think we can manage without your assistance," he was grinning still as the redhead giggled into her hand, Harry groaned inwardly.

The entire day had gone by rather slowly for him, between playing with Hedwig and Osirith, practicing wandless magic, and organizing his belongings Harry was surely bored by the time supper came about and everybody else returned. Draco had been locked up with Ginny all day only making a few visits to Harry, for a short snogging session and snacks before returning. Harry was more than greatful when Ron returned to distract him from boredom, Hermione flocked to the other 'girls' in their planning.

"You know, I'm not entirely comfortable with this, Harry," Ron began as the two peered in on the three sitting on Ginny's bed with pieces of parchment as they talked. "Malfoy's befrieind our women too easily, it's strange and unusual. So is this whole wedding business, but whatever makes you happy, mate," Ron was looking onward in disgust still.

Harry was just as amazed and weirded out as his best friend, Draco looked genuinly to be enjoying himself as they whispered on about invitations, entertainment, etc. Harry had wondered whatever he had gotten himself into, but if it gave himself to Draco and Draco to himself completely he was willing to go through it. Recalling his fabulous night before was more than enough incentive to get used to the idea of having the blonde talk girl with Hermione and Ginny.

Many days passed where Ron and Harry got to know each other a lot better, even Remus seemed to be like a more frequent face than Draco, Hermione or Ginny's. They spent most of their time locked up in the girls room together, talking on about things the other two knew they didn't want to listen to. Days turned into weeks and summer seemed to be escaping them. Harry was slightly excited to return to school in two week's time as just practicing wandless magic and defence was not as enjoyable as learning it.

Harry woke one morning with a pounding headache and a strange pull in his upper stomach, a choking supression began to build itself in his throat and he bolted from his and Draco's private bathroom in Grimmauld Place, emptying the contents of last nights dinner into the toilet bowl. Draco was already gone from the bedroom, as perusual he was with Hermione and Ginny still going over wedding plans.

It was getting to an irritable place, Harry would sit whilst fidgeting pretending to be paying any attention to Ron and their Wizard's Chess game. "Harry...are you even listening to me?" Ron squeezed out, looking at his slightly green friend.

It wasn't just that morning he was sick, it was a couple of mornings and a few times when he thought about eating certain foods. "Bad batch of food last night, that's all," Harry pushed it off with a shrug and moved one of his pawns.

Ron looked at his friend curiously, "This has nothing to do with Malfoy being absent always, right? I mean, he's the Veela here, not you - doesn't that mean that only he should be swooning for you?" he grinned brightly.

Harry snapped up his eyes at that, the mention of his mate prickled his senses to all ends and he sighed heavily despite himself. When had he become so dependent, when had he become so attached? "I don't even think it has anything to do with being his mate," Harry admitted, scolding himself inwardly.

"What do you mean?" Ron urged onward. He still wasn't fully comfortable with the knowledge his friend was marrying a boy, no less the boy who used to make their lives living hell at school, but he understood how to surpress his old feelings and replace them with genuine happiness for his friend.

"You know how we used to hate each other and bicker constantly at school?"

"Mate, I was listening and involved in that for six bloody years," Ron reminded him, anything but gently.

Harry blushed before folding his hands nervously in his lap, taking a look around the Noble House of Black's dark drawing room once more, its dusty furniture seemed familiar to him now. "Well, I think we only acted like that because we were both naturally attracted to each other," he was flushing.

"Urgh, Harry..."

But he was interrupted. "I think I've always been secretly in love with him, it just took me awhile to come to terms with it and admit it. He's always been...under my skin, like some kind of disease that plagues my body and mind, something I don't mind him doing one little bit. I know how that may sound, like I'm completely bonkers," Harry was looking downwards, afraid of what Ron's reaction would be.

"It sounds like love to me," Ron shrugged simply and then moved his knight and looked up with a gleam in his eyes, "Checkmate,"

Days passed and Harry's sickness came and went as it pleased, he also had the task of writing his vows hanging over his head. Draco was spending more time with him, nine days before their wedding, feeling the intense pull on their bond for the want of more contact. Harry, however, was becoming very testy and housed mood swings almost five times a day, sometimes it was a bit much for Draco to handle.

Hermione and Ginny were wrapping up the wedding planning with Mrs Weasley and Remus, surprisingly, helping out the girls whenever they could. Draco became calmer and more relaxed as the day approached, he put his attention towards trying to deal with his slightly irrational fiance. Perhaps it was nerves for the big day that approached?

It was dinner, which was always an awkward affair. A lot of the times random Order members would join them and Mrs Weasley would make up extra dishes. Tonight, however, it was just the usual crowd of Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Mrs Weasley, Mr Weasley, Harry and Draco. "How is the training coming, Harry?" Arthur chimed in halfway through his meatloaf.

They all waited a moment for his response but it never came, they looked at the brunette who was staring at his plate and poking his fork about his dinner. "He has not been training," Draco silkily responded with a blank voice.

"What? Why not, Harry?" Mrs Weasley gaped, looking worryingly at her.

"Harry," Hermione whispered softly, still the raven haired boy didn't look up from his plate or awknowledge all of the conversation going on around him. "You should be training everyday, what happens when..." she trailed off the obvious of what she was going to say, several concerned faces cornered the brunette boy still looking detatched and glum.

"Granger, he has not been feeling well. Bugger off," Draco snarled protectively and placed his hand on Harry's thigh, that didn't even snap him out of his own head. This worried the blonde but he kept it to himself, they didn't need a bunch of people worrying after them.

After dinner and dessert, there seemed to be a meeting amongst Hermione, Ron, Ginny and they pulled Draco aside as well. Harry didn't notice, nor did he mind. Walking alone up the narrow, dark staircase Harry ignored the strange heaviness in the pit of his abdomen, the same feeling he had been having for days. Passing one of the doors, he noticed light seeping out from it and knocked softly on the door.

Remus answered it and looked surprised before inviting him into his room, sitting down on the chair as Harry sat numbly across from him on the bed. "Harry, how are you feeling?" Remus asked slowly, unsure of how to take the boys strange detatched behaviour.

"I think somethings wrong with me," Harry choked out, and then looked up with his sorrowful emerald eyes, tears shone unshed behind them.

"What do you mean?" Remus pushed him softly.

Harry slouched slowly, his shoulders hunched. "I think I'm sick Remus and I don't even know where to start," his voice was strained and quiet.

"Shh, Harry, it'll be okay," Remus promised softly. Worry and weariness was itched across the old werewolves face. "Take your time, I'll wait for you to tell me," and eventually Remus' head was filled with possibilities he thought were never going to occur, and his arms were filled with a teary eyed brunette, shaking.


After speaking with the Weasel's and Muggle-born, Draco was thoroughly convinced that he should confront Harry. It was difficult when he was locked inside of the werewolves room the entire night, it also didn't help that by the time he laid down to rest he was too tired to talk to him about much of anything when another body joined him in the bed.

Automatically pulling his mate to him, Draco suffocated himself in the smell of Harry and sighed against his embrace as Harry laid his head on his chest. Harry's skin was freezing cold, but beneath the sheets and with the help of Draco's hot body temperature, he eventually became warmer. Draco let his worries drift away along with his consciousness, all that mattered was that he knew Harry was okay for the moment and he was with him.

Waking up to an empty bed made Draco flush with concern immediately. He heard yacking coming from the bathroom and he rushed in immediately, still only in his boxers from sleeping. Standing on the cold tile, he looked at the sick sight of Harry before him as he threw up into the toilet.

Without saying a word Draco fell onto his knees and pulled his mate up from behind him, holding him tight around the chest whilst his other hand rubbed Harry's stomach. "Are you alright, love?" Draco asked worriedly.

Harry mutely nodded his head and leaned against the touch of bare skin against his sweating back, "I'm fine," he croaked out eventually and then yawned drastically.

"You're not, why were you sick? Why are you sick?" Draco growled protectively, holding the shorter but thicker boy as close to him as possible. The thought that Harry was more than just commonly sick made him churn, if he was hurt when they were together he wouldn't know what to do. He had become too familiar, too dependent over the months of knowing his lover."I-" Harry paled and turned back towards the bowl, lurching over its edge and throwing up mostly water and everything else that was left in him. When he fell back into the others arms, he was sweating even more and his temperature had risen but not ridiculously and he sighed. "I think that's it," he joked with a small chuckle that Draco didn't like at all.

"C'mon, you are coming with me, Potter," Draco spoke with a strong tone as he easily swiped Harry up in his arms and to little protest.

"I can walk you know," Harry mumbled into Draco's bare shoulder as he was carried from their room and into the hall. It was still slightly early in the morning and it didn't seem like anybody else was up, until they heard voices coming from the drawing room downstairs. Draco walked immediately there and they found Lupin speaking with...Severus Snape? That even shocked Draco to some point.

"Mr Malfoy, Potter," Snape greeted them both slowly and then handed a few vials in his hand over to Remus who was smiling up at him gently. "Do keep the Wonder Boy in check," Snape sneered towards Draco before stepping into the fireplace and throwing Floo Powder on the ground, disappearing in a gulp of geren flame.

Draco was about to ask what that was all about but he remembered a boy in his arms, he blushed and gently placed Harry on the couch before the fire and turned on Lupin who was looking over at the brunette. "Is he okay?" Remus asked slowly, coming around to face Harry who sat up on the couch now.

"You can ask me that question, you know," Harry accused and then brought a hand to his forehead and wiped the little pespiration left on it away.

"He is not okay, he is continuously sick and we need to figure out what is wrong!" Draco growled, sitting down on the couch beside his mate and putting an arm around him, rubbing his back gently as he did.

"I got those Potions from Snape I told you I would get, Harry," Remus explained and as Draco shot Harry a questioning look, the brunette immediately took the vials and looked at them. "You can take all four of those now and I have backups for later," he went on.

Harry downed the four all in a row, and then made a large grimace afterwards. There were no visible effects but almost immediately Harry's posture relaxed and he leaned back into the comfort of Draco's touch and the cushions of the couch.

"Thanks so much, Remus," Harry whispered and was trying very hard to avoid the questioning gaze of his fiance.

"No problem, Harry, now if you don't mind I'd better be getting ready for the day. Molly will have breakfast ready in an hour or so, you two should be ready by then," Remus, without another word but a sympathetic smile, swept from the room at that point.

"Dray," Harry immediately said before the questions started to roll in. He knew exactly what was about to happen, he was going to be berated and asked what was wrong since it was obvious him and Lupin were hiding things, and Draco wanted to know what the Potions were that he just took whether or not if they had helped him feel better. "Please, not now," he begged and then stood up suddenly. "I'm going to go shower, then you can have a go. I promise we'll talk later, just not now," and Draco let him slip out of the room without another word of protest. Because of his testiness, he allowed Harry to do as he pleased now.

Instead of showering that morning, Draco just got dressed into a pair of tight jeans and a white polo shirt, pulling his now shoulder length blonde hair into a loose ponytail. Waltzing into the kitchen, Mrs Weasley had already left breakfast on the table and a couple of place settings as Hermione and Ginny sat together.

"Where is the Weasel?" Draco sneered as he sat down across from the two girls and threw a few flapjacks onto his plate with hunger in his eyes.

"Sleeping, as always," Hermione answered quickly and unphased by Draco's attitude.

"Is Harry doing alright?" Ginny asked with concern and Draco rolled his eyes and leaned forward to look at them.

"Is it any of your business, Weaselette?" Draco snapped and began to eat his meal briskly.

Once Harry finally joined them nobody spoke at all, he shoveled a bunch of food into his mouth and Ron soon joined them doing the samething as well. The two ate many more helpings than the others, this went unnoticed by the three onlookers who ate politely and slowly, only a few flapjacks to themselves.

Mrs Weasley suddenly bustled into the kitchen, startling all of them as she turned their attention towards her as she stood with her arms on her hips. "There's a very important Order meeting here tonight and a large dinner afterwards, I need all of your help setting up for it," Molly spoke with pace. Apparantly seven hours or so wasn't enough to set up for a simple Order meeting, but apparantly they were going to have more than a full house. "Hermione, Ginny, you will help me with the cooking," they girls immediately groaned but were quieted by her quick glance, "Boys, you three need to rearrange the basement to accomdate the guests. Remus will be back by five and everybody will arrive around six," Molly quickly gave out orders.

The rest of the day was spent doing their tasks and somehow, it did take up most of the day. Once Remus had arrived that evening, the teenagers had to get changed into their dress robes. The Order meeting went on for little over an hour, the kids knew not to try and eavesdrop as that would just waste their time and get them into trouble in the end of it all.

Harry was sitting in the kitchen at the table, sipping a cup of tea to himself as he stared into the scratched wood table before him, tracing lines with his finger. He had been so detatched he didn't even notice Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Draco talking specifically about him in the next room.

"! He is my mate and if any of you so dare as much try to step in one more time, I will hex you into next week!" Draco's voice venemously spat and then pushed himself angrily into the kitchen. He flung himself down in the seat opposite of Harry and was given a confusing, blank expression.

"Draco...are you okay?"

"Potter, you are going to tell me what is wrong with you right now. Why have you been sick? I am going mad with worry and you cannot push me away any longer, you simply cannot!" Draco growled, leaning forward manacingly as he did so. He had enough by now of the other teenagers hassling him about Harry's condition, and he definitely did not enjoy his fiance's unwellness either.


"No, do not 'Draco' me! You are telling me what is wrong and you are telling me this minute! Is it cold feet, do you not want to marry me anymore? Just tell me Potter, just tell me!" Draco was getting more aggravated by the moment, he saw shock resonating in Harry's emerald eyes as his grey ones fiercly pierced onwards, probing for the answers he wanted, he needed.

"Please, just..."

"Just what? Just let off? I cannot just let off, Harry. You are my mate, I need to protect you in everyway possible and you are making it damned near impossible, I need to make sure you are okay and I need to be apart of your pain. Stop pushing me away, tell me what is wrong!" Draco ordered, it was obvious that he wasn't leaving his seat at the table until he got his answers.

Harry suddenly looked up straight into his eyes and neither broke their gaze for a few minutes. Harry's hand shot up to his amulet around his neck and he grasped it tightly, his breath sucked in and then heaved out as magic pulsated from him to the blonde who was waiting in anticipation. Emerald orbs swam with so many emotions that it was almost overwhelming for Draco, but he would never regret needing to know what was wrong with Harry, he needed to know so he could help fix it.

"Draco, I'm pregnant," Harry choked out.

Draco's expression remained blank and he suddenly found himself on his feet, he ran the words over and over in his head and tried to reap understanding. And then, blackness.


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