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Chapter 1: Bashful In Boxers

"...Grubitsch... Grubitsch," a sharp voice growls at me. I can't see where it's coming from, I can't see anything. It sounds like it near, inches away. I thrash around with all my strength but my fists just flail helplessly, unable to make contact with my tormentor.

"Grubitsch... Grubitsch" my name is spat out in gasps of fury. I hate my name, only mum and my sister Gret called me it. I can feel the cold breath on the back of my neck. I'm shaking, wet with sweat all over. I wait for the slash of claws or the rip of teeth into my flesh, the shattering of my bones.

"GRUBITSCH!" It shrieks. I tremble with terror; this is it, Grubbs Grady's pathetic slaughter. Teeth wrap around my neck, my waist is grabbed by tentacles, and I feel tiny insects scramble for a bit of me. It bites.

My eyes snap open. I recognise the familiar ceiling above me. My bed sheets are soaked. My breathing is short and rapid. I turn my head slowly and look at the illuminated number on my alarm, 10:16am. Nightmares. I roll my eyes, nightmares are normal for any kid. And after what I've been through, they're to be expected. I unscramble myself from my covers and take a moment for the fear to drain from me and my breath to steady.

I take a deep breath in ... Mmmmm, Saturday morning scrambled eggs, I smile. I can smell the toast that Dervish must be doing. Dervish makes a mean scrambled eggs, best I've ever tasted. I get up hastily and think about changing ... Ha! Grubbs Grady needs no clothes. And so I proudly jog down the stairs in my boxers.

Dervish is in the kitchen, just as I expected, talking to himself. "Morning Dervish," I say as I walk in the room. He turns with a bowl of eggs in one hand and a whisk in the other. I catch his look of amusement.

"What? You've never found it funny when I've come down in my boxers before?" I smile back at him. "This is a routine Saturday morning Derv, or have I missed something?" I laugh.

"Nothing gets past you, ey Grubitsch!" he laughs back. I shudder as the name brings back memories of my previous nightmare. Dervish's laugh is echoed by a much more feminine one behind me. I turn and feel my cheeks burn.

"Well, when you offered me round for breakfast Dervish, I didn't expect to see such a treat as this!" Meera is leant against the wall smiling at me. "Those are nice Grubbs!" she winks. I groan in embarrassment and walk out with a mumbled growl at Dervish, "Thanks for the warning Dervish!"

I walk up to my room to put some clothes on, Dervish's howls of laughter echo behind me. Meera is one of Dervish's closest friends. She is also extremely attractive and is constantly flirting with men, like myself, just to annoy us. I reckon she wants a bit of the Grubster, who doesn't? I sling on some clothes and rejoin Dervish and Meera downstairs. The calling of scrambled eggs overrules any embarrassment.

Dervish has left a plate for me on the table, it appears he has left with Meera to his study. That suits me fine, I would rather enjoy my eggs in peace without their jibes and giggles. After wolfing down my second helping of scrambled eggs, I slouch on the sofa and flick the TV on. Bill-E should pop in soon, when ma and pa spleen let him out of their clutches.

I hear Meera come downstairs with Dervish and pop my head round the corner.

"Off Already?" I call surprised. She turns and smiles at me. I see Dervish rolling his eyes at me, behind her.

"I've got stuff to do Grubbs, however if your offering to strip off again I'll stay a bit longer," she laughs as I feel my cheeks burn for the second time that morning.

"You only get a show as good as that, once in a lifetime" I smile back and walk over.

"I best be off then," she turns to Dervish and hugs him. "I'll pop in again soon," she kisses him on the cheek.

"Yeah, anytime"

"You too Grubbs," she leans over and gives the Grubster a squeeze and smacker on the lips. Cue the blushing. Then turns and walks out the door, her blonde hair following behind her.

"You only get a show like that, once in a lifetime!" Dervish mimics me and laughs.

"Jealous are we?" I laugh. "Yeah anytime" I shoot right back at him in the most pathetic voice I could muster. I follow him into the living room and slump next to him on the sofa.

"Ah, Grubbs. Outa your league mate, outa your league."

" Nah, but she's definitely outa yours."

"That's what you think" Dervish replies then snaps his lips shut but it's too late. I knew it! I knew Derv and Meera had a past. Dervish and Meera sitting in a tree!

"Come on Dervish let's hear all" I slap him on the back, man to man.

"Me and Meera are just friends, always have been"

"You're a crap liar, always have been now spill." That is true. Dervish just can't lie, fullstop. "I knew something had gone on, who can be best friends with Meera Flame and never make a pass," I look at Dervish's receding hairline and guess that whatever went on would have gone on a while ago. How long had the two been friends? And why does Dervish not want to say? If I had been out with a girl like Meera, I would let the whole world know it.

I see Dervish frown as he thinks. Usually this frown means where in some kind of life-threatening demonic situation but I doubt Meera is a demon. I smile at the thought.

"What you smiling at?"

"Just thinking what it would be like if Meera was a demon." I reply simply.

"Strange Boy," Dervish gets up and heads for the kitchen. I follow right on his heels; he won't get past me that easily. When Dervish realises I'm right in tow and am not going to give up on this, he sighs and flicks the kettle on for some coffee. I sit down and cross my arms at the breakfast table, looking up expectantly at my Uncle.

"It was a long time ago, about fifteen years ago, just before you were born, I think. I'm not going into the details but Meera and I was together for about 5 years." I feel my jaw drop but Dervish doesn't register my reaction or pretends he doesn't and carries on regardless. I thought they had a fling perhaps but not a five year heavy thing... who knew. "What happened?" I ask trying to keep the shock out of my voice.

"Meera wanted kids and I refuse to. We tried to get around it but were unable," Dervish paused then muttered more quietly, "I refuse to put a child through that." I think the last bit was more to himself than me.

"I've always said that Grubbs, I vowed never to have children." He turned to pour out his coffee.

Us Grady's are cursed. Anytime when a Grady is going through his/her teenage years, they could turn to a hairy, beastly werewolf. There's no pattern to it, it just happens and when it does the parents face one of two options. Option number one: kill the child/werewolf. If you cannot do this alone then call in the lambs, (they'll do it for you). Option 2: Meet the demon master, Lord Loss, midway between earth and their demonic universe. One person must beat Lord Loss at his favourite game, chess, on three out of five boards and another has to fight his familiars (his favourite, most ghastly, bloodthirsty demons). If one fails then Lord Loss and his familiars get to slaughter all involved. If both win then the werewolf child is cured and let go with one of the people. The other just has to battle Lord Loss on his own turf for their life. (Ah, the odds are never good when dealing with demons).

I remember Gret, Mum and Dad, and change the subject to something a little brighter. "Where is Meera always dashing off to anyway?"

"Dunno, she has stuff to do I guess." Dervish turns and seems happy to enter into lighter topics.

"She got a man now then, kids?"

"Ha, nope," Dervish replies while rolling his eyes at me.

"What? I'm just asking" I reply innocently.

I hear someone knocking at the door, must be Bill-E. I go to answer it and Dervish heads upstairs. I feel that mine and Derv's Uncle/Nephew relationship has just improved, he's not normally so open and willing to discuss personal issues. Then I think back to me following him at his heels demanding to know more... perhaps not.

"You got owt to eat I'm starving." Bill-E first words as he walks right past. I smile, he gets more like me every day. "Sure, help yourself, you usually do. This place is as much mine as yours."

"Nah... More mine, I've been here longer," he smiles as he stuffs a chocolate spread sandwich into his mouth. "Want un?" he says spraying crumbs everywhere and swinging bread in my direction.

"No thanks mate, had double helpings of scrambled eggs this morning."

"Pfft, lucky bugger." I follow him through to the TV. Bill-E switches it on and starts to flick. Just another typical, normal weekend ... my favourite kind.