What a Joke

By Rosenquist

A/N: My first written Sunset Beach fanfic. I know I probably won't get any reviews for this story. But I hope some will read it and enjoy the story.

Warnings: None

Summary: Dr. Estrada is worried about Ben Evans and wants him as her patient.

Category: Mention of Ben/Meg

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Dr. Estrada looked seriously at Ben Evans. "Mr. Evans, I want to help you in these difficult times. Now that you just found out that your wife that was presumed dead is still alive, after all those years. Now when you had made plans with your fiancé." She looked at her calendar. "I have a free time tomorrow at 9 am for your first session with me."

At first Ben had looked shocked at the doctor, and then he suddenly started to laugh very loudly and just couldn't stop.

Dr. Estrada looked worriedly at Ben. "What is so funny Mr. Evans? Do you need a sedative?"

Ben shook his head. He tried to stop laughing but couldn't help it. "Haha… No..haha… sedative… haha… needed. By… haha… the way… haha… Maria and… I are… not…haha… married…"

Dr. Estrada looked at Ben like she was worried about his sanity. "Maybe you are in denial. I know Maria was declared dead and that was why you thought you could marry Meg Cummings. But since Maria is still alive you are still married to her. I can imagine it must be hard on you. But you have to face the truth and I'm going to help you with that."

Ben was still laughing. "Haha… I am not… haha. In denial. Haha… Maria and I… haha… got divorced before the boating accident… haha."

Dr. Estrada wondered if she should call an orderly and have Ben Evans committed. He for sure was in denial and maybe even delusional. "Maria's family said you are Maria's husband. If you really were divorced they wouldn't have said that."

"Well… haha… We are divorced. We were… haha… planning to tell… haha her family… haha that…haha we were divorced. But then the accident happened. And I hadn't the heart to tell her family afterwards. I have paper to prove it. And my lawyer can confirm it. Haha."

"Okay Mr. Evans. But I am still concerned about you. And your behavior at the moment doesn't help the matter."

"Don't…haha worry about me… haha. I just think… haha it's funny… haha… of being… haha offered therapy… haha. Just because… haha my ex.-wife… haha is back to life. Haha."

"What's so funny about that Mr. Evans?"

"Well let's see… haha… I almost drowned while trying to… haha… to safe my ex-wife… haha. About five years ago… haha… later I was kidnapped by… haha… by my identical twin. I found out he had killed my best friend, while he thought I was the one killing him. I don't remember how many times my brother tried to kill me. Let's see I was almost beaten and poisoned to death more than once. I was almost cremated and balsam mated alive. A crazy woman at the morgue held me hostage thought I was her hero Steele from a romance novel and she kept me drugged and held me in a coffin. She almost cut my wrist to kill me then she decided to poison me instead. No one offered me help afterwards, which by the way was fine with me. And now just because my ex-wife is alive you think I should get help. Haha. What a joke. So thank you Dr. Estrada, but no thank you. Since I was able to get over all of those things. I know I can manage to get over this and especially with the help of my beloved fiancé who'll soon be my wife. Ha ha ha ha." Ben still couldn't help laughing.

Dr. Estrada looked even more worried at Ben. Now she was sure Ben was delusional. She picked up the phone and dialed. When Ben was about to leave her office while still laughing she hurried through the phone to inform an orderly at the exit to stop Mr. Evans from leaving Cedar Oaks. She then hung up and hurried to stop Ben.

At the exit she heard Ben Evans yell instead of laughing. "You have no right to keep me from leaving this damn hospital! Now get the hell out of my way!" Then she saw another orderly restraining him. "I'm no damn patient so let go of me you son of a bitch!"

She was now sure that Ben Evans also suffered from mood swings. Just minutes ago he was laughing and now he was aggressive. That man for sure needs help she thought.

When Ben noticed her he said, "You ordered them to keep me here?!"

"Yes Mr. Evans I did. Please calm down. Let's go to my office and we can discuss it calmly."

"No way in hell I'm staying here! If you don't release me now I swear I'll sue you and the whole hospital and I promise you it won't be pretty."

Dr. Estrada could see he meant business. She knew he had the power to do so. She then nodded and went her attention to the orderlies. "You can release Mr. Evans."

Then she went her attention back to Ben. "Please Mr. Evans let me help you. You need help. I promise it won't get out to the public that you're going to stay here for awhile. I will make sure you'll get a private room. I know I can help you so please let me."


Ben shook his head. "You don't believe me do you? About all the things that I told you that I've been through. Well you can ask Meg and my physician Dr. Tyus Robertson and you can even ask Detective Ricardo Torres. They can all confirm that it is the truth. But to tell you the truth I don't care if you believe me or not. I'm out of here," Ben said and then left. Not caring what Dr. Estrada thought. He promised himself to not set his foot back here at Cedar Oaks.


Dr. Estrada stood speechless for awhile while looking at Mr. Evans leaving. She then went to her office to call Dr. Tyus Robertson. If he couldn't confirm Mr. Evans wild stories about his twin brother than she would go to a judge and have Mr. Evans committed.

"So Mr. Evans was telling the truth? That's unbelievable. I just can't understand why no one made Mr. Evans get some therapy after his traumatic ordeal."

"You're right Dr. Estrada. I feel so guilty that I didn't even think of that myself. I should have."

"Yeah you should have, but sadly we can't change that now. But I would strongly advice Mr. Evans to get help now before it's too late. He's showing signs of post traumatic stress disorder. But sadly he doesn't listen to me. So I ask of you to help me convince him to let me help him."

"I promise I will do my best. But I'm afraid I won't succeed. Ben is very stubborn when he's put his mind on something."

"Well I hope you are wrong. Thank you Dr. Robertson."

When she ended the call she said out loud, "You may be stubborn Mr. Evans, but so am I. I'll get you as my patient one way or the other. So be ready for your long stay at Cedar Oaks. Which will be very soon."

The End

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