Part 4 what a Joke

By Rosenquist

Dr. Estrada looked worriedly at Ben and went in doctor mode, "What happened Ben? Let me take a look at it. I'll go get my medical bag from my car. Just wait here."

"It's Mr. Evans to you. And don't bother. I was on my way to see Tyus."

"Mr. Evans please. Your wrist is bleeding a lot. You need medical attention now, a cut like that is not to be fooled around with. As I am a doctor it is my duty to help you," she said firmly and went to her car.

Knowing he didn't want her help Ben quickly closed and locked the door then went to the windows pulled the curtains closed and locked the back door to keep her out.

A short while afterwards he heard Dr. Estrada banging on his front door while yelling. "Mr. Evans, please open the door! Let me in! Do you want to bleed to death?"

Ben just let her carry on as he was on the phone to Tyus saying "Hey, Tyus. I need your help. I've had a little accident and cut my wrist on some glass there is none in the wound."

"Is Meg there with you?"

"No. I'm alone."

"Okay. Make sure that you have a towel or something to compress the wound so as not to lose more blood than necessary. Just keep calm and sit quietly. I'll get to you as fast as I can."

"Already am. Thank you Tyus," and hung up.

He carried on ignoring Dr Estrada who was now banging on his back door and yelling. "Mr Evans you're not being rational!"


After yelling and banging on the doors for a few minutes Dr. Estrada had enough of Ben Evans' childish behaviour. So she took out her cell phone and dialled the emergency number.

"Dr. Estrada here. I need an ambulance at 1303 Ocean Drive. A possible suicide attempt." She hung up and then called the police station.

"Dr. Estrada here. I need your help at Ben Evans' house Ocean Drive. I believe he may be attempting to commit suicide. He's hurt and is refusing any kind of medical help from me by locking himself in the house." then she hung up so they would have to come to find out what was happening.


Spence hung up the phone and looked bewildered at it not believing what he'd heard.

Walking into the bullpen at the SB police station Ricardo saw the officer's worried expression and immediately asked. "What's wrong Spence?"

"Dr. Estrada just called…"

"Is there something wrong with my sister?" Ricardo asked with concern.

"No. It was about Ben Evans. She wants our help. It looks like he's had a break down and tried or trying to commit suicide. He refuses any kind of help."

"Are you talking about the Ben Evans that I think you are?"

"Yes I'm afraid so."

Ricardo raised his eyebrows in surprise. "That doesn't sound like Ben. I met him earlier today and he didn't look or sound suicidal at all. But still we better hurry and see what is going on."

"You're right. I saw him a few days ago with Meg Cummings and he looked very happy and in love… sorry I know he's married to your sister."

"It's okay Spence. I just found out today that they are divorced. And to be honest I think it is a good thing. Now enough of this, we better get going," Ricardo said they left the station together.


It was hard for Ben to focus. The wound was still bleeding in spite of his attempts to stop it. With his vision blurring he hoped Tyus would show up soon, because if he didn't then he would lose consciousness and that would mean he couldn't compress the wound any longer. He was happy Dr Estrada's yelling finally stopped and hoped she'd given up and gone away.

He was disappointed though as he heard Dr. Estrada yelling again. "Mr. Evans open up now! The paramedics are here… Please… at least let us know that you are still conscious."

And then a stranger's voice added immediately afterwards. "Come on Mr. Evans. We're just here to help you and so is Dr. Estrada. Please unlock the door. You've probably lost a lot of blood already, you need medical attention now!"

Ben wanted to call out to them so they knew he was alive and then they would leave him alone. But he was feeling too weak. He had to use all his energy to keep conscious and to compress the wound plus have some in reserve so he could open the door to Tyus when he came.

He used some of that strength up later when he heard Ricardo trying to break in.


Arriving on the scene Spence and Ricardo saw Dr. Estrada and the paramedics trying to get Ben to unlock the door to his house.

When they were within talking distance Ricardo asked. "Dr. Estrada. Is it true that Ben Evans is having a breakdown? And attempted suicide?"

"I'm afraid so Detective Torres. He doesn't want any kind of help from us and that concerns me a lot."

"Call me Ricardo. Okay let me try," He said and went to the front door while Dr. Estrada and the paramedics made room for him.

He then yelled. "Hey Ben. It's me Ricardo. What's going on here? Dr. Estrada said that you hurt yourself. Come on open up. So we can help you."

When Ben didn't answer Ricardo tried to break in.

Angry Ricardo had been called and his attempts to break in Ben used up some of his precious strength to yell out. "Stay out Ricardo! Since when do you care about my welfare?!"

"You may not be on my favorite list Ben, but I do care about you. We were friends once. Come on kid open up."

"Yes we were friends Ricardo. And by the way I'm not a kid!"

"You're sure acting like one at the moment. Come on unlock this door or I promise Spence and I are going to break in and you won't like the consequences!"

"What is going on here?" Ricardo looked behind him at the sharp call and saw a very unhappy Tyus walking towards them.

"Ben Evans cut his wrist and refuses any kind of help," Dr. Estrada said loudly.

"And we're going to break in so that Ben can get the help he needs whether he wants it or not." Ricardo immediately added.

Tyus nodded then explained. "Well for your information; Ben hasn't refused help. He was the one who contacted me. He said he had an accident and cut his wrist."

"Accident?" Ricardo asked confused.

"Yes why does that sound unreasonable to you?" Tyus asked as he joined the group at the door.

"Because I told Detec… Ricardo that Ben Evans attempted suicide."

Tyus looked shocked at Dr. Estrada. "What?! Why on earth do you think that? Well don't answer that now. I need to get to my patient before he dies on me."

"Well good luck in getting Ben to unlock the door, Tyus." Ricardo said as he moved out the way.

Tyus knocked on the door calling out. "Ben! Tyus here. Please open up."

"If you promise that only you are coming in!"

"Ben at least let the paramedics come in with me."

"Tyus since Dr. Estrada called the station and filed a suicide attempt we have to go with you." Ricardo said out loud so that Ben was able to hear it too.

Ben heard and shouted back as best he could. "Okay Tyus. But only you, the paramedics and Spence. Promise?!"

Tyus looked at Ricardo and Spence and they both nodded.

"I promise Ben."

"I must object! I need to go in there too! Mr. Evans not only needs medical attention but also psychiatric help and since I am a psychiatrist I have to go in there!" Dr Estrada insisted loudly.

Tyus turned on her angrily. "Foremost Ben needs medical help, Doctor! You demand to go in and Ben will refuse our help and that is unacceptable. So stay here!"

"Come on Ben. I promise Dr. Estrada and Ricardo won't come in!" Tyus called out to reassure the man.

A moment later he heard the door lock clicking. The door slowly opened and Tyus could see a very pale Ben with bloody clothes so stepped forward. Ben's legs couldn't bear him any longer and he collapsed in Tyus' arms. The paramedics helped him to get Ben back inside.

Dr. Estrada was about to go in there too but Spence and Ricardo stopped her.

"I need to go in there!" She angrily insisted.

"No you do not! Ben said he didn't want either of us in there and we have to respect that so Tyus will be able to help him. He is a good Doctor so Ben is in good hands."

"Mr. Evans isn't in the right mind to decide who can come inside his house."

Spence left Ricardo and Dr. Estrada to their discussion and went inside and closed the door.

Being left outside and nothing to do Ricardo asked. "I know why Ben doesn't want me inside, but why does he object to you?"

"Because I've tried to get him to see reason and seek therapy. He just can't see that I'm trying to help him."

Ricardo looked speechless at her at first thought about it and then added. "Now I understand him. Good luck with that, he's very stubborn. If anyone needs help it is Ben. But I'm afraid he'll seek help over his dead body."

"Not if I can help it. But now he's got no say in the matter. After a suicide attempt he has to get therapy even against his will."

"Yeah, but only if it really was a suicide attempt. I'm not so sure about it. I saw him today and he didn't seem suicidal at all. He was happy and was planning his future with Meg."

"Well he could suffer from mood swings and if he does then he probably got depressed over something, maybe a fight with his fiancée."


Tyus lay the half conscious Ben on the couch. Then he put a breathing mask on Ben explaining as he did so "Since you lost a lot of blood Ben you need some oxygen."

Quickly inspecting the wound Tyus took some things out of his medical bag saying. "Ben. I'm going to give you two injections; one for the pain and the other is a local anaesthetic so that I can stitch the cut on your wrist. Okay?"

Ben nodded feeling too weak to answer with words. After the medication started to take affect Tyus with the help of the paramedics stitched the wound.

As they didn't need Spence's help he started to process Ben's living room making notes for his report as he went. He noticed the broken glass on the floor that was covered in blood and the spots left where Ben had walked around the room so worked out what the man might have done earlier.

When Tyus finished patching Ben up he said, "Ben I need to get you to the hospital. You've lost a lot of blood so you may need a transfusion and supervised rest while you get over the shock of it all."

"No please Tyus. No more hospital. You know what happened last time. I'm okay."

"No Ben you are not. I promise we'll take better care of you this time. Since Derek is dead he won't hurt you. Please Ben. Do you trust me?"

Ben nodded. "Okay Tyus, but only if you are going to be my only doctor there."

"I promise." Tyus reassured him and gave a sign to the paramedics they were ready to move.

They got Ben on a gurney, wrapped him up and rolled him to the ambulance.

Just as they got there Ben called out. "Spence!"

Spence had stayed with him to prevent Dr Estrada getting too close and answered immediately "Yes Ben."

"Please call Meg she's at her parents' house. Tell her that I had a little accident and that I'm on the way to the hospital. Let her know I'm okay."

Spence laid a hand on Ben's shoulder. "I promise and I'll tell her that you will be okay, as you're not quite okay yet. Now rest, behave and listen to Dr. Robinson so you can get better soon."

Ben nodded weakly and lost consciousness.

Tyus went with Ben in the ambulance. Dr. Estrada followed in her own car.

As Ricardo and Spence locked up the house so no strangers could get in Spence explained his thoughts.

"It looks like Ben told the truth that it was just an accident. The broken glass on the floor can confirm that. It looks like it slipped to the floor and broke. Ben may have cut his wrist by accident when he went down to pick it up."

"I think you're right Spence. And the mood he was in the last time I saw him today confirms it too."


Instead of phoning Meg, Spence decided it would be better for him to go and see her. It was Hank Cummings who opened the door of the house. His smile faded when he saw Spence realizing it was an official call as the man was in his uniform.

"Mr. Cummings I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need to talk to your oldest daughter Meg Cummings. Is she here?"

Hank nodded. "What do you want with my daughter?"

"There has been an accident…"

"No! Please don't say it's about Ben! Please Spence!" Meg cried out as she came into view having heard her name.

Hank went over to her and hugged her fearing the worst

"I'm sorry Meg. It is Ben, but he's going to be okay, I promise." Spence said quickly seeing Meg's distress.

"Oh dear. Can that boy never get a break," Joan said as she joined them.

"W-what h-happened?" Meg asked

"Looks like he dropped his glass and when he was about to pick it up he cut his wrist. He's on the way to the hospital as we speak. Tyus is with him and he'll make sure that he'll be okay."

Meg let out a sigh of relief that it was not worse and added. "I need to go. I have to be there for him," and got out of her father's hug.

"I'll drive you Meggie," Hank said.

"Thank you Daddy."

"We'll go with you," Sara said knowing her sister would need their support after the last time.


At the hospital they went to the admitting desk.

"I'm Meg Cummings. Ben Evans' fiancée. He should've been admitted a few minutes ago."

"Sorry Ms. Cummings. Mr. Evans isn't allowed any visitors. He's on suicide watch." The receptionist said firmly.

"What?! I can't believe Dr. Robinson ordered that. He knows Ben wouldn't try to commit suicide. " Meg exclaimed.

"It wasn't Dr. Robinson. It was Dr. Estrada."