Chapter 41:

Epilogue - Our Forever

She came out, a garter in her hands.

"We're doing this as normally as possible" she said as she suddenly disappeared under my dress.

I gasped and wobbled dangerously when she grabbed my ankle and slipped the garter on. She popped up seconds later.

"Now, you're perfect" Alice said just as a knock sounded at the door

"Come in!" Alice sang and the door opened.

I turned to see Rosalie, who was wearing the same type of dress as Alice and mom, and Dad, in a tux, walk in.

"Oh my gosh Nessie, you look amazing" Rosalie said as she gave a hug.

"You look beautiful" dad said, taking me into his arms.

He kissed my forehead once before letting go.

"Okay, I'm going to start heading down" Rosalie said as she glanced at the clock.

I looked up and saw that it was 1:55! My knees began to shake slightly.

"Relax" my mom said as she hugged me and kissed my cheek. "I love you" she said softly.

Then she was gone, taking her seat downstairs.

"Nessie, just relax" Dad said and I nodded, trying to take his advice.

"Okay, where are the . . . got them!" Alice said as she came out with a bouquet of roses.

I grabbed them slowly as I tried to stop my hand from shaking. My forever was right here, so close . . . and that gave me serious jitters.

Rosalie began playing downstairs and I concentrated on taking deep breaths so I wouldn't begin hyperventilating.

"Ready honey?" Dad asked.

I smiled as I linked my arm in his.

"Okay, follow after me and try not to trip" Alice said and I blushed.

"Don't let me fall" I whispered to dad and he chuckled.

"I'll catch you, don't worry" he said as he led me over to the top of the starts.

A fanfare suddenly interrupted the music and Alice began to slowly descend. I counted to three in my head before I followed after her. As I descended, I was assaulted by the smell of freesia and roses, each just perfect.

All of downstairs was completely covered with white, pink and purple flowers. My heel caught on the rug and I tripped but dad pulled me up. I blushed as I looked away, turning straight ahead. There, in front of Carlisle, stood my miracle.

I smiled when I saw him. He was dressed in a tux though he had left his hair normally. He looked amazing. I took the last few steps towards him and stretched out his hand.

"Take care of her" dad said as he took my hand and in a symbol as old as time, placed it in Jake's.

The second I touched the warm miracle of his skin, I knew I was home. He grabbed my handing softly, pulling me up in front of him. Since this was a private wedding, Carlisle was acting as the priest. Alice stood behind me and ironically, dad stood behind Jake.

The ceremony was relatively short, we had edited it a bit. It seemed that only seconds had passed when it was time to say our vows. By now, I was close to crying and my throat was closing up. I said mine softly but clearly. Jake's rang through the voice, sweet and full of love. And then it was time.

"I do" I vowed, looking straight into his eyes as I slipped the ring on his finger.

"I do" he vowed, smiling as he slowly slipped the band on my finger.

And that was it.

"By the power vested in me, I know pronounce you Husband and wife" Carlisle said and Jake grinned in exultation.

He grabbed my face as if it were as soft as rose petals and placed his lips on mine. I threw my arms around him, bouquet and all, and deepened the kiss.

"Ehem" Emmett said and Jake pulled away, chuckling.

I glared at Emmett, he ruined my moment.

"Hey, you'll have plenty of time for that later" he said and I blushed as I looked away.

"Congratulations honey" my mom said, enveloping me in a hug.

Alice and Rosalie came next, squealing at how it was perfect. Emmett nearly crushed me as he spun me around but I knew that was his way of showing me he cared.

"Congratulations, both of you" Dad said as he hugged me and patted Jacob on the shoulder.

As Alice said, we tried to did this traditionally, all though there wasn't much we could do. Jake carefully removed the garter with his teeth, much to the amusement of Jasper and Emmett, who laughed at my red face. We took tons of pictures, so many actually, that I thought my smile would be frozen in place.

"Cake time!" Alice said and almost everyone made a face.

On a table stood a 4 tier caked, completely covered and decorated in violet frosting. I laughed as I went to cut a piece for me and Jake. To my surprise, Alice cut 7 more pieces.

"You guys don't have to eat that" I said as Alice handed out the forks.

"Yes they do, it's your wedding so they will eat" Alice said and I began laughing.

I took a bite and moaned. The cake tasted amazing. It was a chocolate cake with a fudge and cookie filling. I watched as everyone else stuffed the cake in their mouths, swallowing in disgust. Once we finished, music was turned on and Jake took me over for the first dance.

"I love you Jacob Black" I said as we danced.

"I would hope so" he said with a laugh, making me laugh. "I love you to Nessie Black" he said and I smiled widely at my new name.

"May I" dad asked as he tapped on Jake's shoulder.

Jake nodded and I was transferred from his warm arms into my dad cool arms.

"You look so beautiful" He said and I blushed. "You grew up so fast! You're not my little girl anymore" my dad said, his eyes sad.

"Yes I am, I'm just a little older, a little taller and I'm married" I said and he laughed.

I was passed off between everybody until I was finally back in Jacob's arms.

"Having gun Mrs. Black?" Jacob whispered in my ear and I smiled.

"It's going to take me a while to get used to that one" I said and he chuckled.

"We've got time" he whispered as he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him.

"Nessie!" Alice called but I ignored her. "It's time! Come on!" she called and I began getting annoyed.

Whatever it was, it could wait.

"It's time" she told Jake, standing in front of us.

Jake kissed me a second longer before pulling away and handing me to Alice. I looked at him incredulously.

"Go be a good little girl for Alice" he said with a mischievous smile and I huffed.

"Traitor" I muttered as we ran up and everyone began laughing

Mom and Rosalie were already there, waiting. Quickly, they helped my slip off my dress. They took off the veil, and thankfully, the heels.

"Here, put this on" Alice ordered, handing me a small, purple cocktail dress. "Careful with the hair!" she called.

Carefully, we slipped on the dress which matched perfectly with my hair. I slipped into some black ballets and I was done.

"Perfect!" Alice said as she looked at me.

I ran down quickly, heading straight for Jake.

"Hi!" I said as he wrapped his arms around me. "Long time no see"

He laughed as he kissed me.

"I'll miss you" my mom said as she hugged me goodbye.

"I'll be back, no worries" I said as I hugged me dad.

"Have fun squirt!" Emmett crowed and I blushed.

Jake kissed me once more at the threshold before we headed over to his car. For some reason, Alice thought it was tradition to throw rice. So, we got rice thrown at us as we got in. But soon, we were in and speeding off towards our destination. Something occurred to me as we drove.

"Jake, where are we going?" I asked.

"The Airport" he answered as I began see signs for London Heathrow Airport.

"Yes but where?" I asked as he parked the car in a storage house.

"That, malady, is a surprise" he said as he unloaded our bags, mine packed by Alice.

"Please?" I begged but he shook his head.

We passed quickly through security and baggage check. Then, we began heading for the gate.

"Jake . . . are you sure we're going to right way?" I asked.

We had left the busy part of the airport and had walked into what seemed like a private sector.

"Yes, I'm positive" Jake said as he made a sharp right and walked up to a counter.

"Tyler?" he asked

"Ah, Mr. Black and Mrs. . . . "

"Black" Jacob finished and the man smiled in recognition.

"Congratulations, you're plane is this way" he said as he lead us down a highly decorated highway.

When we exited, my mouth dropped.

"A private jet?" I said and Jake smiled, wrapping his arm around me.

The pilot was already in the front. When he saw us, he waved, giving us the thumbs up. Tyler extended the stairs, helping me up. I climbed in slowly, looking around. The inside was decorated sort of like you would see in the room of some royal person. Then, there were these huge, comfy looking chairs with tables.

Some faced another chair, some the window, some the middle where there were 4 plasmas sets up in a square to give everyone a view of a TV. If you didn't want them there, they could retract in the ceiling and a miniature plasma could slide out of the wall next to your chair.

"Wow" I said as Jake walked in.

"Have a nice flight" Tyler said as he sealed the doors.

"Come here" Jake said, leading me over to one of the chair.

He sat down, placing me on his lap. I sighed in contentment as I laid my head on his shoulder.

"So . . . what's with this jet?" I asked as it began to take off.

"You don't know, this is the family's jet, they've had it for about 40 he said and my mouth dropped.

"Figures I have to be the only one that doesn't know about it" I mumbled and he laughed. "So, can I know where we're going?" I asked again but he shook his head.

"You'll find out soon" he said.

I rolled my eyes but let it go. The flight was really short, only about 30 minutes. I spent the whole time snuggled up to Jake's chest.

"Hey Ness, look outside" Jake said, pointing to the window.

I peeked out curiously and gasped. As some of the cloud cleared away, the Eiffel tower appeared, standing brightly in Paris.

"Paris?" I said excitedly.

"Yep. They also have a house here, well, 2 really. One is huge and the other one is more like a private getaway" Jake explained as we landed.

"I love you" I whispered against his lips.

"I love you" he said, his lips molding on mine.

"We have arrived Mr. Black" the caption called through the intercom, making me jump.

"Come one" he said, laughing.

He helped me out of the jet, never taking his hold off me. Our bags were already in a taxi that was waiting for us just outside of the private entrance.

"You already planned everything" I said with a smile.

"Of course" he said as we slid into the backseat.

"I assume he already knows where to go?" I asked and Jake nodded, laughing.

I watched in fascination as the city of Paris flashed past us. We had driven for about 20 minutes when the driver stopped. I looked to see a beautiful little house surrounding by breathtaking gardens. It even had its own fountain.

"It's beautiful" I said as I got out.

Jake took our luggage out of the cab easily and ran inside. I walked slowly, taking it all in. It was like a small cottage from fairy tales, just a tad bit more modern. Behind the perfect cottage, the Eiffel tower loomed, beautiful and amazing.

"It's incredible" I told Jake.

"Incredible . . . " he trailed off, picking me up bridal style in his arms and walking into the house. "I wouldn't say incredible, not with you right here" he said softly.

I looked up at his face, his beautiful smile, his dark eyes filled with love, and was suddenly overwhelmed with a need for him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. Without breaking the kiss, he ran us over to one of the bedroom, laying me softly on the bed.

He deepened the kiss as he undid my dress, letting it slip to the floor. His eyes traveled across my body and he groaned in need. I know truly understood what Alice had told me before I put on the dress.

'Thank you Alice!'

I kicked off my shoes as I began undoing his shirt. It wasn't long before all of our clothes were on the ground, our bodies as close as possible, our breathing ragged and uneven.

"I love you" Jake whispered, his hot breath blowing on my face.

"I love you" I whispered back as we continued into our forever.

The End

Temper Trip

By: JMFanficQueen



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