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(Kakashi POV)

Have you ever stared into the face of death and sneered or looked over the edge of a cliff and realized the enemies are upon you and there is no escape?

I stand upon that very cliff and look out over the destruction of the once beautiful Konoha. The buildings are in ruins and the once mighty trees are nothing but hollow logs. The prestigious Hokage Mountain is now nothing but rubble, the faces of the Hokages destroyed by the flick of a tail from one of Sasuke's snake summons. The village that I had been born and raised in and fought for was gone forever, because of my ex-student. I would cry if I had tears to shed or the energy to shed them.

The enemies are upon us and the flames are licking our faces, yet I do not fear death. I know tonight I will die defending what is left of my home because of the symbol upon my forehead and the tattoo on my arm.

I looked towards my partner and only remaining student, Naru. I have never been more proud of her as I was at this moment. She was no longer the naive little girl that first came onto Team 7 screaming she was going to be Hokage. She had grown into a capable ninja who was respected throughout the shinobi nations. I look at her now and see the exhaustion, the betrayal and the acceptance.

She knows that she will never bear the title of Hokage, but she's going to go down fighting like a true Konoha warrior. The signs of battle are upon both of our bodies. Her skin is littered with kunai scratches and blood pours from the wounds. Her once golden hair is now stained a nasty coppery brown by the amount of bloodshed we've endured tonight. Her face does not bear the gentle smile it usually does; instead her pale lips are stretched into a feral grin. I can hear her snarling as the sounds of the enemy's approach gets louder. Her once blue eyes are now blood red and she's backed against the wall like a caged animal. I smell her thirst.

I'm not surprised that it matches mine; we both need retribution for what's happened to our village.

I look once more over the side of the cliff and see deep into the battlefield that I used to call home. We had no warning of the attack and many civilians were cut down in the streets before anyone knew what was happening. The battle has been hard and long. We lost so many friends and comrades in such a short amount of time.

Sakura had been the first to fall; she died taking Karin with her. Asuma followed her after he died trying to protect Kurenai and their unborn child. Once they fell the others were not too far behind. I closed my eye as I thought about them and their sacrifice. I vowed their sacrifice would not be in vain.

I looked down at my shaking hands and tried to still them. I had one more shot at Chidori and I was saving that for Sasuke. The tremble in my hands got worse as a cough racked through my body. I spit out the blood that filled my mouth. Either that kick to the ribs had punctured my lung or something else was wrong. I had been a ninja too long not to know the signs of internal bleeding.

I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand. My mask had been lost in the beginning of the battle; I found it comical that the thing that used to identify me was now lying shredded on the battlefield somewhere. All I had now was Obito's eye, which ached dully in my eye socket. I could feel the wetness leaking from it, Obito was crying. Only crybaby Obito could find the energy to cry in the midst of my last minutes. Was Obito mourning for the village that his relative was destroying? Was this the future you wanted to see old friend? I decided it didn't matter anymore, I would see them all in just a few minutes. I just wished it could have been on better terms.

I took off my ANBU chest plate and motioned for Naru to do the same. They would only be a hindrance when we attacked. We stood side-by-side on the cliff in our tattered, bloodstained clothes and faced away from the oncoming enemy.

I ran a hand through the stiff mess that was my hair and tied the forehead protector tightly to my head. Naru mirrored my actions. We would face him as Konoha warriors with our symbol proudly blazing through the darkness.

Everything is still as I listen for the footsteps signaling his approach and I can hear Naru's heartbeat as it slows with every breath. I can hear my own, beating loudly and irregularly in my ear. I didn't have to be a medic-nin to know I was dying.

I listen to Naru's labored breath and go rigid as I hear the light footfalls of our target. Naru's eyes burn brighter and the marks upon her cheeks stand out against the tan skin. I raise a hand to signal her and I take one last look over the edge of the cliff.

Sasuke has turned a once beautiful place into a virtual wasteland and death valley.

I hear Naru growl as Sasuke comes forward with his Chidori blazing and I turn around to stare at my ex-student. The battle had been easy for him; he had waited till his army had destroyed most of the village before he took to the battlefield. I looked in his eyes and saw his Sharingan blazing and blood running down his face like tears, a coward to the end. I looked towards Naru and saw her desire for his blood.

Sasuke had killed her dreams and with her dreams her precious people. I gathered the last bits of chakra I had and watched as the electricity ignited around my hand, I could feel my limbs growing numb. Naru never took her eyes off of Sasuke as she and a clone spun her remaining chakra around to make the Rasengan. Naru and I raced forward, my Chidori and her Rasengan burning bright in the darkness. We are closing in and Sasuke's laughing at us. He doesn't believe we will hit him and maybe he's right.

I feel Naru's chakra waver and flicker like a candle in the wind and watch as the red chakra battles to stay. I let myself get distracted and never felt Sasuke slice through the air with his sword. I watch in slow motion as it comes down on me.

I curse and try to move, but all I see is darkness and all I hear is Naru's raspy voice calling out an ancient and powerful jutsu.

"Hitotoki Dasshutsu no jutsu!"

(Naru POV)

Sasuke was so close I could smell him.

I watch Kakashi-sensei cough up blood and knew he was in bad shape. His silver hair was now stained pink and standing stiff on top of his head. His muscles bulged from stress and over working. He had fought so hard today. I watched him as he battled shinobi after shinobi in the hopes of protecting what was left of the village. His clothes had seen better days and his skin stank of dried blood and sweat. I wanted to look at his face and see the mystery that had plagued team seven since our first introductions, but I didn't. It was a hollow victory now, because team seven was dead. Our memories, victories, defeats, laughter, and tears would disappear in just a few minutes. I knew I was going to die, but I'll be damned before letting Sasuke win.

I blink back tears as I look over my once proud village. How could he have done this to our home? I felt trapped and tried to ignore the voice of Kyuubi from the inside of my head.

"Kit, release me and I'll give you the revenge you want."

His offer was tempting, but I was not going to release the Fox Demon into the world because I knew he wouldn't stop at just Sasuke.

"Kit, you are dying, can't you feel it? Your heart is beating harder and slower with every passing minute."

I shook my head and answered him. "Then I'll die protecting my Village."

Kyuubi was furious. "What village? The other brat has killed your Hokage and your friends. What are you trying to protect?"

I tried to stop the tears; Tsunade had died saving me. "I have to save what's left. As long as there are leaves, the will of fire will catch and burn brightly once more." Kyuubi was quiet and I was thankful.

I ignored the shaking in my legs as sensei told me to remove my armor. The final battle was beginning. I sniffed the air and froze, I smelled snake. I turned around and snarled at the traitor. I gather all the chakra Kyuubi will let me have and fire up a Rasengan as sensei makes a Chidori.

Side by side we attack, our villages last defense and last hope. I feel my chakra recede and yell at the fox, "What are you doing? We will die!"

Kyuubi glowed a golden red inside his cage and my mind was flooded with light. "What am I doing? I'm saving you and your sensei. You'll thank me for this later."

I could barely make out Kakashi-sensei getting sliced by Sasuke, but I could hear my voice calling out a jutsu I had never heard before.

"Hitotoki Dasshutsu no jutsu!"

(Kakashi POV)

I blink my eyes and look up into blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Where had all the darkness gone? I looked around and saw tall trees and green grass. There was not a single hint of destruction anywhere. Had it all been a dream?

I sit up and groan, cradling my head in my hands and look at Naru. If she was here then it couldn't be a dream. She's curled beside me on the grass, but she looks so much smaller.

I stand up and realize quickly that my body doesn't feel right. I didn't feel the same labored breathing and internal bleeding I had earlier. Just what was that jutsu that she used? I stumble to the small lake beside us and look into the water.

I had the same silver hair and my mask was back, but something was missing. Then I realized my forehead protector was gone and it seemed like a bolt of lightning went through my body as I realized I did not possess a Sharingan. It took another instant to realize I was not covered in wounds from the battle nor was my mask gone. I was clean and healed, but something was still off about my appearance.

My eyes widen as I looked closely at my reflection and at my height.

I was six years old again.

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