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Guys we need to fine a way to get matt and jeff together adam sighed in frustration

Looking at everyone in the locker room who was wearing there wresleing gear

Randy, Hunter, Shawn, Adam, Christian, Mark, Glen and for some reason James was there all nodded there head in agrement everyone one knew Matt and Jeff had crushes on each othere but just passed it off as "brotherly affection"

"Maybe we could tell matt jeff is in troubel and get them to tell each other there feelings" shawn suggested

Can i suggest somthing james asked ? NO the whole locker room yelled james we dont need your fucked up ideas right now mark growled at james

Fine james yelled and stormed out of the room and walked around seeing matt in his silky button up top and jeans his brown hair hung losely at his shoulders and jeff in his black fishnet top that molded to him like a second skin and black baggy pants his hair an mixture of red and purple leaning against the door to the janitors closet laugthing about somthing

james seeing his golden opationaty snuck up and pused them both in the small room

What the hell matt yelled feeling jeff land on him makeing his cock twitch

You two aint comeing out of the closet tell each other your feelings

James this aint funny man let us out jeff whined "nope" james laughed

In the closet matt and jeff sitting next to each other think about what james said your not getting out of here tell you to talk.

Matt looked at his younger brother who was biteing his lip matt didnt know what came over him as he kissed his brother hard on the lips matt pulled away and looked at jeff who had a pretty blush on hit face

Matt why did you do that jeff asked

breathing fast matt responded beacause i love you jeff more that a brother should im sorry

matty its ok i love you too more than i should jeff took matts face in his hands and lightly kissed his lips befor pulling away

Jeff well you let me make love to you matt husked pushing his baby brother against the wall

Jeff biting his lip nodded lightly

Matt quickly took of his and jeffs shirts and pants tell the were both naked

Jeff moaned, feeling Matt grip his waist. He sucked in a deep breath when Matt pulled him closer sinking him self into jeff slowly

Jeff whined in pain while matt rubbed his back

"its ok now matty you can move" jaff gasped

Matt grunted, gripping tightly onto Jeff's hips. "so tight baby brother so tight

Jeff moaned loudly, "M-Matty,"

Matt thrusted upwards, making sure to hit Jeff's prostate. He smiled, hearing Jeff wail loudly, the pleasure sounding in his voice.

"Oh, god, yes," Jeff whined. He moved himself up and down, bouncing on his brother's hard cock, "Oh, Matt, sooo big !"

"dose it feel good, Jeff," Matt purred. He gave a harsh thrust, pinching Jeff's nipple at the same time.

"so good Matty!" Jeff cried out.

Matt hissed. He pulled out only to force himself back in, he could feel Jeff's walls stretch around him.

"Matt!!" Jeff screamed again.

Matt groaned, "come for me, Jeff" he slammed repeatedly into Jeff's prostate.

Jeff couldn't take it, "Matt!" he came hard, his voice carrying itself to a higher pitch.

Matt gasped as he came immediately after, Jeff's hot walls getting too tight to bear.

Jeff collapsed on his brother's chest. "Mmm, I love you."

Matt slowly slid his cock out of his brother's ass, "I love you too, Jeff."

We should get dressed matty

Are you too done in there they both heard james yell Yeah we are james no let us out matt yelled .James opened the door and saw matt and jeff putting on there shirts he smirked "looks like you two had fun"

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