Chapter 1: A Reunion of Joy

Twenty Years Have Passed since Spyro and Cynder Have leaved to the Twilight Realm,Ignitus and the Others Elders have aged too much and are now Old and Weak,they have passed the Torch for their Sons and Daughters who became Adults to became Master Elders,all of them were missing soo much Spyro and Cynder,the Master Elders were Training to Help Fellow Friends

In the Meantime,in the Twilight Realm,Spyro and Cynder Now Adult Dragons have passed the Crowning Ceremony and now are King and Queen of the Twilight Realm,Spyro and Cynder received a King and Queen Crowns and Golden Armors,King Spyro and Queen Cynder were Very Happy since this was their resolve but the two were Missing so Much Ignitus and the Others,Spyro and Cynder decided to Travel to the Dragon Realm for Some Time to rejoin with them.

In the Night inside of the Dragon Grotto,Ignitus and the Oldest Elders were Sleeping while Raven and Lumina train in combat,but the Training of Raven and Lumina were cut short when a Bright Portal Opened in Front of them,Spyro and Cynder walked outside of the Portal somewhat different with Crowns and Golden Armors,the Noise have Waked Up Ignitus and the Others,they walk outside of the Dragon Grotto,all of them weren´t capable of recognizing Spyro and Cynder,but Ignitus somewhat have recognized them.

Ignitus/New Chronicler: Spyro and Cynder,both of you are somewhat different.

Spyro and Cynder smirked up a Little and spoke.

Spyro and Cynder: Yes Ignitus,we both have grown up much in the Twilight Realm.

Elva and Falzar walked around Spyro and Cynder,noticing the Difference in them,they are now Adults and Much More Powerful,Elva have recognized that Spyro is now very similar to their Real Dragon Father,Spyro and Cynder have saw the Dragon Elders and Dragon Masters and resolved to bring them to the Twilight Realm,so they asked:

Spyro and Cynder: Can All of you come along with us to Live in the Twilight Realm.

Ignitus and the Others were Caught in Surprise with this Invitation and Answered.

Dragon Elders and Dragon Masters: Sure we will come along with you Spyro and Cynder

Spyro and Cynder summoned a Bright Portal to the Twilight Realm,Spyro and the Others walked to the Portal and entered the Portal,instantly they were warped to the Twilight Realm,Ignitus and the Others were Amazed by the Friendly and Shining Twilight Kingdom,King Spyro and Queen Cynder arranged rooms for all of the Dragon Elders and Dragon Masters.

In the Morning,Lumina leaved her room of the Palace and Collided with a White Male Dragon that was always shining and always have a very Pleasant Mood that causes the Others to Like him,the White Male Shining Dragon got up and see Lumina and were quited shocked and asked.

Luminous: Can you be Lumina,the Light Female Dragoness

Lumina stared to Luminous and Answered.

Lumina: Yes,I am Lumina

Luminous felt very much joy in encountering again Lumina that he decided to reveal his Secret

Luminous: Lumina,you´re my Daughter and i am very pleased to see you again in front of me

Lumina walked around Luminous and felt that Luminous was telling the very Truth

Lumina: Yeah,you´re right,Father

Luminous have let a Cry of Joy before hugging Lumina and walking with her to her Room