Chapter 12: Sacrifice
King Spyro spat ou a glob of blood and Slowly rose to his feet to face Shadow Reaper,despite the ache in his muscles and the wounds to his body,he quickly striked back by unleashing a Torrent of Fire at Shadow Reaper,Shadow Reaper dodged quickly the Fire Breath and shot another Darkness Breath,Surprisingly Spyro rolled to the Side to evade the Mist and Charged Forward while Shadow Reaper was attacking with his horns Lowered.

Shadow Reaper: Foolish King,your efforts are useless and your demise is at my hand

King Spyro ignored him and continued his Mighty Charge and Rammed his Horns into Shadow Reaper´s Torso,putting all of his fury and strength into his blow,Shadow Reaper merely laughed and brought a hard bit to King Spyro´s Neck,he lifted him up and tossed him into the cloudy wall once again,hurting King Spyro once more.

Shadow Reaper: Still you continue to fight me when you cannot hope to beat my ?

King Spyro: Because...I Value my Family,my wife and my Kingdom with every breath I draw,I will Vanquish you while Saving Reaper from you,even if it means the Cost of my Life.

Shadow Reaper: Pity,Once you have Perished by My Hand,I will destroy all that you once loved and cherished.

King Spyro: NO!

Channeling all the Fury that his body would allow,King Spyro rose to his feet once more,unwilling to give in or give up,despite his limitations,he charged forward again with his Horns lowered,thinking that he was attempting the same feat,Shadow Reaper opened his Jaws once more to bite and attack,but when King Spyro got in range,he leapt into the air and opened his maw,a torrent of black and white flames appeared and launched into Shadow Reaper´s Face,causing him to step back and shield his face,but King Spyro wasn´t finished with his assault,no,he was just getting warmed up,King Spyro use this diversion to lash out with his tail in the direction of Shadow Reaper´s feet and make Shadow Reaper trip.

But Shadow Reaper expected this and countered his tail with his own tail,Shadow Reaper swung King Spyro into the air with difficulty,but King Spyro wriggled in the air and when he touched the ground,he clutched the surface in his claws and swung Shadow Reaper into the Cloudy Wall,Shadow Reaper crashed with the wall and slid onto his back,before he could recover,King Spyro lunged and pounced on the top of him,holding him to the Ground with sharp Golden Talons and a snarl on his face,King Spyro opened his maw once more and the Twilight Flames began to gather in a death blast of epic proportions defeating Shadow Reaper.

Shadow Reaper: Finish Me!Deliver the Final Blow and Victory will be yours,But know this...I will never rest easy once I leave this world into the Spirit Realm.

King Spyro ignored his words but halted his attack,staring into his sinister eyes,unaware of the Dark Cloud of Death behind him,King Spyro remembered that his destiny is to Save Reaper from the Darkness,King Spyro opened his Jaw once more,he began to concentrate Holy Energy into his Mouth,once enough Light Energy was gathered into his mouth and spit the Holy Energy into a Massive White Blast towards Shadow Reaper,Shadow Reaper was hit by the Holy Energy,Shadow Reaper couldn´t fight back the Holy Energy and Vanished Leaving Reaper Safe,once Reaper was back to his senses,King Spyro falled back dead,Reaper sees the Dead Body of King Spyro and was struck with sadness.

Reaper Grabbed the Dead Body of King Spyro and carried the Body to the Twilight Palace,inside of the Palace everyone was heartstruck with the Death of King Spyro,everyone except Ignitus,Cynder tearly eyed saw the Calm expression of Spyro,since he managed to balance Light and Darkness into one Powerful Element,the Twilight Element,Apollonir and Ignitus buried the Dead Body of Spyro in some ceremonial space in front of the Twilight Palace with some Roses alongside the Tomb of King Spyro