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Chapter 1: The Life of Gale Engst

I'm about to tell you an extraordinary tale about an extraordinary adventure. It's about legends, spirits, deities, and sorcery. Now I see you rolling your eyes, thinking, no doubt, that I am about to tell you something from a children's fantasy novel. Oh no, that wouldn't make this story interesting and thought provoking – entertaining, perhaps, but not interesting. Because you see, this story I am about to tell you didn't occur in the distant past, but a few years ago. Yes, only a few years ago! In the year 2010 there was a teenaged boy right around sixteen years, and starting his junior year of high school. His name was Gale Engst: a snappy, arrogant teenager who didn't really seem to have a direction in life.

But the story doesn't begin with the Engst boy, oh no. It begins much, much earlier.

It begins with an old legend…


Footsteps scampered across the damp leaves of the woods, accompanied by heavy breathing. A teenaged boy in a worn tunic the color of the forest gasped for breath as he ran frantically after a giggling shadow. Shades of green blurred past him as he ran, but the only thing his cool blue eyes were focused on was the lanky little creature with a straw hat. It looked like an ordinary boy except there was a certain puppet-like quality about him, and it had a broad grin on its face as it whistled a lively tune while running away.

"Skull Kid! Give that back!" the teen cried. The fleeing Skull Kid only turned his head and snickered while he waved an old ocarina in his hand.

"Only if you catch me!"

The two ran deeper into the woods and the specks of light that filtered between the leaves dotted their faces. Finally, Skull Kid scampered up a tree and swung around on one of the branches. His pursuer hunched over just beneath Skull Kid and placed his hands on his knees, catching his breath.

"Awww, tired already?" Skull Kid asked with disappointment. The teen muttered something and leaned against the tree trunk for a quick rest. "But that's no fun." The sprite tossed the stolen ocarina up and down in his hand. After a while, he grinned and jumped down onto one of the lower branches. The teen looked up to see two bright golden orbs watching him curiously. The thief grinned. "Why do you want this so badly?"

"It's a very special ocarina. It's not some toy to fool around with." He eyed the branch Skull Kid was perched on, wondering how to catch him. "Please give it back."

Skull Kid considered the teen for a while, and then sighed and shook his head a little dejectedly. "Oh fine. You're not so fun after all."

The teen relaxed in relief.

"But let me play one song on it before I give it back. I deserve that much."

The teen shot up in alarm. "No! You can't do that!"

"Pffft. You couldn't catch me. I can do whatever I want," Skull Kid huffed. He skipped around on the branch a little and gave him a taunting wave before he began to blow a tune. It was an eerily soothing song, and as soon as the melody began to play something odd began to occur. It looked as though Skull Kid was disappearing.

With surprising speed, the teen jumped for the branch that Skull Kid was on and swung onto it with his hands. Just before he fell from losing his grip, he managed to catch the grinning boy's ankles.

"Hey! Lemme go!"

Those were the last words that were heard in the forest that day before the two vanished without a trace, an eerie tune dimming down to an echo in the background.


Eight thousand years later – 2010, Ariko, NJ


"Class dismissed! The first draft of your persuasive writing assignment will be due next Thursday, and I expect everyone to come prepared to talk about their paper. Don't think you can bring in something mediocre just because it's a first draft. Oh and, I would like to see Opal and Gale please."

A silver haired teen made a face as he heard his name on his way out the classroom door. He smirked at some of the other students who were sniggering at him, no doubt because they had heard interesting stories about his battles with teachers. Hands stuffed in his dark grey sweatshirt and lazily walking over to the teacher's desk with his baggy pants brushing the floor, Gale Engst arched his eyebrows at Mrs. Hemmer, his English teacher. The short-statured woman in her fifties usually smiled amicably and displayed a cheerful personality, but today Gale was amused to see the stumpy woman flustered and upset.

Gale was just one of those students that didn't sit well with Mrs. Hemmer. She labeled him as "the trouble student." She tried to ignore the challenging, mocking gaze from his albino red eyes. "I was wondering what you thought you had accomplished with this," she handed up a sheet of paper with Gale's name, date, and section number on the top right hand corner. Everything else was a blank. "I'm pretty sure you were supposed to write a short essay describing yourself. The whole purpose of the assignment was to practice descriptive writing and to learn more about your classmates at the same time. Did I miss anything, Mr. Engst?"

The girl standing next to him giggled. Her dark black hair was tied in a punkish ponytail and she had streaked some parts of it with navy highlights. Mrs. Hemmer gave her a warning glance before she turned her attention back to Gale. "Well?"

Gale twitched his head to the right so that the bangs that angled over half of his face moved out of his eyes. "Well Mrs. Hemmer, you missed a lot of things. I'm surprised you didn't understand what I was getting at. Do you mind if I explain?"

"Please do," she replied as patiently as possible.

"The blank sheet of paper describes more about me than anything I could have written in words. It describes my physical appearance – as a pure albino, I am the whitest guy on the planet. If I was half-albino, I would have settled with manila paper because that has a slightly yellowish tint."

Mrs. Hemmer began to feel tired.

"As a growing teenager, I am at the most dynamic part of my life. All teens explore who they are and what they want to become, and they are constantly changing. They are versatile. The blank sheet is like me because it is still in the stages where it can become anything, and no one knows what it's going to become. Will it become a part of a tragic novel or will it be poetic? No one knows."

At this point, Gale smiled cheerfully. "Lastly, I think this blank sheet of paper captures my personality perfectly. It showed everyone today what an asshole I am, and that if there is something I don't feel like doing I won't do it. In terms of being descriptive and showing everyone what kind of person I am, I think my homework succeeded beautifully."

Oh yes. Mrs. Hemmer had heard a lot about Gale Engst from other teachers. He was always on the border between failing and passing, and it wasn't because he was stupid. In fact, he was probably incredibly bright considering he was always had one of the highest scores when it came to tests, and she had to admit Gale's little explanation about his blank assignment was clever. That was the thing though – he hardly ever did his assignments because he didn't feel like doing them.

Mrs. Hemmer sighed. "Gale, I'm going to give you a chance this time because it's only the first week of classes, but after this, no more chances! Write down what you just told me now and hand it in by tomorrow morning, is that clear?"

Gale shrugged. "Will do."

"And Opal, I also wanted to speak to you about the assignment. Do you have anything to say about this?" The teacher held up another sheet of paper. This time, there were words on it but the content… "Did you have trouble with the assignment?"

Gale leaned a little closer to the assignment Mrs. Hemmer had held up to see what Opal had written. After reading the first sentence he discovered why she had been called up as well.

"Um… I wrote the best thing I could write descriptively," the girl explained as she gave her best 'I tried' smile. Mrs. Hemmer didn't seem to buy it.

"I couldn't understand a word you wrote."

"It's about quantum tunneling and the possible application of Schrodinger's wave equation on larger objects."

Gale snickered. He'd heard something like this from Opal before when they had been called up to "explain themselves" to teachers. Since middle school, both of them had been consistent in giving trouble to teachers. In Gale's case it was because he didn't feel like doing homework. Opal's case was a little different.

Opal D'Aragon could do physics, period. That was all she knew how to do in school, and every other subject gave her problems. Her average grade in high school was a B- only because her A+ in honors physics canceled out her Cs. It wasn't that she didn't try; she just couldn't do anything that wasn't physics related. She was the only student from Irdon High to ever take electromagnetism as an independent study.

"But does quantum tunneling describe yourself at all?" Mrs. Hemmer asked.

"No," Opal admitted. Mrs. Hemmer gave another tired sigh and handed back the assignments to the two students.

"Opal, I want you to redo this assignment as well. I know you don't like writing, but at least make an effort. If you need any help the people down at the resource center can look at your essay before you hand it in."

Once the two were outside, Opal stretched and yawned. She turned to Gale who had slung his pretty empty backpack across his shoulder. "Just another day, huh?" The pale boy grunted. Opal took another look at the unsatisfactory assignment that she had turned in. "I thought this was pretty good."

"Tell that to the physics teachers."

"They don't know much."

Gale huffed. "Whatever." He began moving through the sea of students that was rippling into different classrooms. Yeah, it was just another boring Monday at Irdon High.


Back home, Gale threw his backpack onto the floor of his room but carefully placed his longboard by his desk. It was his favorite – a Loaded dervish he'd bought last year. He used it for commuting and stress relief.

The smell of newly baked oven pizza wafted up from downstairs, and he tried his best to ignore it. His grandfather had decided to start a pizza business on a whim, and had turned the first floor of their house into a pizza store. He thought grandpa Loze was a nutcase; he'd also been the only family member who'd agreed to take him in after his parents had disowned him.

Gramps was crazy, but Gale wasn't complaining. He gave Gale his space and Gale gave him his. They got along well, meaning they coexisted peacefully. Loze also had a huge fund he had saved up from his successful time working for a chemical plant, and was now just enjoying his time doing odd hobbies. Such as the pizza store.

Gale cringed as the smell of oil and grease hit his nose again. He would have actually liked pizza if he weren't forced to smell it every waking day of his life.

Gale slouched into his chair and lazily pulled out his notebook and pencil. He frowned and looked as though he was going to give up, but then began to write slowly. He was a lazy student, but having a student teacher conference this early in the year for being a smart aleck was more trouble than writing a few paragraphs.


Gale Engst
Assignment 1

Hey, I'm Gale Engst. Oh, don't look so surprised, it's a guy's name all right. Fuck off if you've got a problem with it. Or are you shocked to find out that I'm actually, holy shit, a guy? I heard that one so many times, you better watch your mouth or you'll find yourself without one. Apparently my parents were too lazy to come up with a different name depending on whether I was a girl or guy so they chose 'Gale.' They couldn't even choose something normal like Alex.

I'm not your average sixteen-year-old emo kid from middle class white suburban New Jersey. You know why? I'm one of those weird vampire guys who can't walk around in the light of day without wearing 50 sps sunscreen, an oversized hat, and long sleeves in the middle of god fucking summer. Yeah, that's right. I'm one of those albino guys. Red eyes, white hair, pale skin that's slightly bluish even. And I don't care what you all say, I see you wince when I walk near you and I notice you talk to me like I have a disease. Whatever.

My parents actually disowned me because they're one of those uneducated people who think my albinism is a result of a devil's curse or whatever. Something stupid like that. I'm not upset with them; I'm actually thankful I don't have to live in a house where the grace of Nayru has to be everything in my life.

Ignoring the fact that I'm some frickin' red-eyed freak, I've lived a pretty normal life. Yeah, yeah, let's ignore the fact that I have special permission to skip outdoor PE class and I carry around a bottle of sunscreen for good measure. I go to Irdon Private highschool and tutor students in chemistry for cash. I know, you must be surprised I'm doing something academic instead of going off and drinking booze. Stereotypes. Actually, I don't enjoy tutoring but I need the money and I don't mind chemistry. I'm actually pretty good at it, and I bet I could beat all those snot nosed preps if I wanted to. I simply don't see the point in doing school work and playing puppy dog for those bastards who call themselves teachers. In school I'm a loner. No one bothers me, I don't bother them. I think it works out nicely. Oh, and, when I said 'normal'? I meant normal for an emo albino high school guy in affluent suburban New Jersey.


Gale looked at what he had written and grinned. He probably couldn't turn in this draft because uptight Mrs. Hemmer was just going to send him off to detention for this. She wouldn't be able to handle the crude language.

Still it had felt good to write all of that out. Gale crumpled the assignment into a little ball and threw it into the trash bin. After a few minutes of squeaking his chair, Gale began to write again.

My name is Gale Engst. I have an unexciting life. I love it.

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