fleets: Drum roll please! If you are looking at this very last page, I assume you are at least somewhat interested in what I have in store. There are three possible stories that I will pursue, and though I will be the one who will ultimately make the decision on which one to write regardless of public opinions, I will be posting a poll to see which one people will most likely want to read. Here are the following stories with some quick author's notes on them:

Rend will be the complete revamping of the story that started it all, the lengthy beginning of the Vaati saga Beyond Centuries: The Cursed Sorcerer as well as Beyond Centuries: Hero of Time, Hero of Winds. The new story will not be split into two parts like its predecessor, and it will most likely have a different flavor than the original. I don't think I will be able to recreate the same sort of humor since my writing has changed significantly since the last time I wrote Beyond Centuries, but that also means it will (hopefully) be a completely new experience.

The plot will be exactly the same, and you may recognize some of the dialogue (especially the ones with the best feedback from readers), but I'm going to try to change/add some things if possible. The following excerpt is a little preview to demonstrate how different this new version of Beyond Centuries will be; I wonder if any of you who've read the original story will recognize when the following preview takes place ;)

Here's to the new saga: Rend.


Preview: Rend

As night fell, the once bustling streets of Hyrule Castle Town became hushed when people retreated to their homes. Even the late night stragglers who had spent most of their evening at the bars stumbled home to their wives, and the only movements on the cobblestone were the stray dogs that wandered around in search of scraps. It was an hour where people should have been asleep, but in one unpopular corner of Castle Town was a denizen fidgeting restlessly in his bed.

Here was the Greatest Sorcerer in the World, sitting with his legs crossed on top of a dinky little bed in a scanty room above a rather sketchy bar. Here was the Greatest Sorcerer in the World, his brows furrowed in irritation from having been ridiculed ceaselessly since this morning. Here was the Greatest Sorcerer in the World, forced to work together as well as share the Din damned room with the one person he wanted to destroy.

And here was the Greatest Sorcerer in the World with absolutely no sorcery at all.

Vaati scowled as he stared at his hands and willed the curse around his wrists to disappear. He let out a rapid string of spells in his seventy-eighth attempt to get rid of his curse, and for the seventy-eighth time all he got in response was a faintly glowing ring of blue runes that spun in the air around his wrists. He banged his fist into the sheets of his bed and let out a howl of frustration, causing the figure lying uncomfortably on the floor to move groggily.

"Vaati… can you please just shut up and go to sleep? It really sucks having to sleep on the floor, and you're not making the experience any better," Link mumbled unhappily. He was still upset that he had been forced to relinquish the comfort of sleeping in a bed when the sorcerer had called it first. Sharing the only bed in the room hadn't even been considered.

Huffing, Vaati simply growled and went back to glaring at the curse that prevented him from using magic. Like handcuffs for the magically gifted, the curse siphoned all of his magic any time he attempted to cast a spell. If he ever wanted to become the Greatest Sorcerer in the World once again, he needed to get rid of the curse.

And for him to get rid of the curse, he required the help of magic… which brought him full circle to the problem of not being able to use magic since that was the very nature of the curse. It was an outright stupid situation to be in, and he never felt more humiliated in his life.

Vaati plopped backwards onto the bed and glared angrily at the ceiling. He knew that he could probably get rid of the curse if he enlisted the help of another wizard, but he couldn't decide what scenario would hurt his pride more; tagging along with Link to catch the fool of a girl who would solve all of their problems, or begging another magical practitioner to help him out.

At least with tagging along with Link he could pretend he was keeping an eye on him so he could kill him later. If he asked another sorcerer or wizard to help him, how could he possibly keep his title as the Greatest Sorcerer in the World? It was embarrassing.

His eyes drifted over to Link who appeared to have finally fallen asleep with his head propped on top of a rolled up rug. How easy it was to end the green pest's life now…

Vaati smirked and then pulled the covers up over his shoulders. No, he could wait. For now, all of his energies were going to be directed towards finding a way to reach the girl who had caused all of his problems, even if that meant temporarily working together with his eternal enemy.

Once he returned to full power, however, he was determined the first thing he was going to do was to kill Link once and for all.

Once upon a time I received a request on a VaatixOC story that I wasn't sure I would ever tackle. I've never written a romance story before, so this one could be a terrific fail on my part or a surprising success. I don't really know where the plot is going to go, but at least I have a premise for the story.

So, we've heard in the intro of FSA or FS (I forget which one) that Vaati had, at one point, kidnapped a bunch of maidens around Hyrule if they struck his fancy. We never really know what happened to any of those maidens, nor what Vaati did with them (though we can speculate...). This story will be about one such maiden who was kidnapped, and her time in the Palace of Winds with the other maidens. She slowly learns to cope with the strict boundaries Vaati has set to physically and mentally control his captives, but will she be able to break free from his influence? Though I'm going to try my best to stick this to a T rating, it may have to be bumped up due to implied rape which will probably be included in the story with 85% certainty (I don't really know what constitutes M; just know that I won't write smut).

Even though this particular preview sounds like there won't be much romance involved, the story WILL be a romance story with the basis of how one can get screwed over from Stockholm Syndrome.

Well, that's all the info I have for this very vague story. This is The Ornamental Girl.


Preview: The Ornamental Girl

The seventeen-year-old girl had been determined to put up the biggest fight of her life when she had been told she was going to be kept on the West wing of the evil sorcerer's flying palace. She had imagined holding one of the slender candlesticks like a weapon to beat down hordes of monsters as she broke out of the steel barred prison she would no doubt be placed in, and she had briefly wished she had long hair that would billow like a Valkyrie's instead of her brown short cropped ones. She had been set on making Vaati regretting ever kidnapping her.

Therefore, imagine her surprise when Wren found herself not in a steel barred prison, but a lofty rich hall and told she could roam wherever she pleased. The monsters that prowled about were few, and most of them were fire bubbles, floating flaming skulls, that pretty much ignored her. The only "monster" that seemed to be interested in her existence was a floating sentry eye that Vaati had summoned to follow her around, and for Wren it seemed no more dangerous than the rats she had killed back home.

The determined glitter in the girl's grey eyes faded away as she deflated. The sheer beauty of the palace wasn't helping her stay upset about her kidnapping. Scowling, Wren shook her fist, just barely punching the floating sentry out of the air. "Don't think for one moment I'm enjoying your grimy palace, you evil worm!" she shouted, knowing that Vaati could hear her wherever he was.

At that moment, she saw someone standing next to a pillar out of the corner of her eye. Wren whirled around and took a good look at where the person was standing; it was a girl around her age with long blond hair pulled back in braids. She was extremely gorgeous, with her perfectly sculpted nose and her full lips set in an attractive pout. Even her deep green eyes seemed like they could belong to the goddesses themselves. Wren stood frozen for a minute since she hadn't been expecting to meet any other girls in the Palace of Winds. "Um…" she uttered.

As soon as she had said something, the beautiful girl snapped her head away and stood stiffly as though she were trying to ignore her. Wren hesitated when the other girl gave her an unfriendly glance that made her feel unworthy of trying to speak to her. "Don't talk to me," the look stated. "Mind your own business." Her flowing lilac dress whipped behind her as she turned her heel.

At first, Wren had felt she, a plain girl whose appearance wasn't anything extraordinary, was unworthy of speaking to this gorgeous stranger. As time passed, however, her tomboyish upbringing pulled through and she became openly angry about the girl's cold shoulder. Demanding the blond to look at her, Wren stomped over to the other girl. "Hey! Do you have a problem with me?"

The other girl's reaction was not one that Wren expected. She gave a startled jump back and appeared genuinely afraid of Wren. Shielding herself with her arms, she squeezed her eyes shut and frantically tried to wave Wren away. "Stay back! Please, I am not allowed to talk to you!"

"… What?" Wren asked in surprise. The girl continued to back away in fright.

"Please, do not speak to me! If he finds out, then both of us will be in trouble."

"You mean Vaati? He doesn't scare me," Wren said, though truthfully she was worried about what he could potentially do to her. He was an extremely powerful sorcerer after all, and though she'd never been able to get a good look at him she imagined he was frightening.

The other girl backed against the pillar and hid her face behind her arms, flinching away from another sentry that floated around her as well. "You must be new so you don't know, but please," she repeated, "just go away." With that, the girl ran off to a different section of the palace, leaving Wren all alone with her sentry to go over her words.

Vaati, the Sorcerer of Winds, had kidnapped her. At first she had thought the disappearances of the most beautiful maidens of Hyrule to be a false rumor, but it appeared the stories were true after all.

Her tough persona broke as the full extent of her problems finally hit her. How could she hope to win against a terrible demon such as Vaati? She shuddered, imagining the most terrifying forms such an evil being must take.

This beautiful palace housed a vile creature, and she hoped she could avoid him for as long as she could. In her heart, however, she knew that she was going to have to meet him soon; a prey caught was rarely left alone for long.

Last but not least is National Threat. It picks up where AI 2010 left off and it will have a lot of OCs involved. It will also be one of the first stories without Link as one of the main characters (at least... I think for now. Who knows, things can change in strange ways). As mentioned in the final chapter of Avilux, Dugal has taken an interest in finding other treasures such as the Phantom Hourglass, and has been gathering information. Somewhere in the background, there's the problem of the world's higher powers taking an interest in what had happened in Japan - and just how did Talon Three become disbanded? And what the heck happened with Condor?
Well, the most important thing I want you to get out of this is that this story is based on a "what if" scenario on what would happen if Vaati and Dugal ever worked together for the same thing.

Right now the problem is the huge "what if" that is dangling over my face - I honestly don't really know if I can handle imagining the two of them working together. Too many bad things can happen with not enough good things to balance everything out...
Oh well. I really enjoyed writing this preview, to say the least. It's a huge jumbled mess, but then again AI 2010 was a huge jumbled mess when that plot bunny first appeared. Maybe I'll feel like it's appropriate to write this. Maybe I won't. Who knows? Anyways, hope you enjoy what little I have of this story. Here's to National Threat.


National Threat

Two years after that fateful day of running into Link at Burger King, Vaati felt that his life was finally back to normal again. It was easier than before, especially since he was now a senior in high school and he also had the grace of magic to help him. He was inflicted with one of the worst cases of senioritis in school, and he was enjoying every minute of it.

Vaati had gotten used to having Dark around now that he was living with him, and less people were gossiping about how much he and darker Link had changed. Most of his time was spent lazing about as Gale had done, except now he would visit the Palace of Winds during his free time to fix up the place as well as search for ways to keep his memory intact during reincarnation. He still didn't want to think about what he would do if he found out that keeping memories after death was impossible… he'd worry about it when the time came.

Vaati reached into his pocket for his cell phone and checked the time. He still had plenty of time for lunch before his next class. Dark sidled past him with a half-bitten sandwich already in his hand. "Going out for lunch?" he asked. Dark didn't like either cafeteria food or fast food so he packed his own lunch from home. It was a very Japanese thing to do, and Vaati figured he had picked it up from his time there.

"Yeah. You want anything?"

Dark shook his head. "Nah."

"Alright. See ya."

Instead of walking towards the locker area or the cafeteria like most students, Vaati headed straight for the men's room and walked into one of the stalls. He made sure no one noticed him as he shut the door and he muttered a spell under his breath. In the blink of an eye, Vaati had vanished in thin air.


The repugnant smell of garbage hit his nose as Vaati teleported next to the dumpsters behind the local Burger King. Before he had remembered how to use magic, he needed to make his way over on foot. Now he could go anywhere in an instant, and it was up to him whether or not he wanted to be late for class or impeccably on time. He strode around to the front of the building as though nothing was odd about a teen appearing out of the blue next to the dumpsters. If you looked confident enough, people rarely thought there was something odd about you and confidence was something Vaati had in abundance.

Vaati walked up to the register and placed his order.

"I would like to have a Whopper with a medium soda please."

"Is that all?"

"Ye-" Vaati hesitated. The woman at the register waited for him expectantly while wondering what was wrong. The sorcerer frowned, and continued. "Yes please…" he said slowly while his red eyes began to move around the room suspiciously.

"That will be $4.97."

Vaati paid for his food and he moved off to the side to wait for his food. He had a strange, uncomfortable feeling like the one he had experienced when he had first met Link here. It was as though someone was watching him, and it was someone he didn't particularly like.

It was then his eyes met another pair of hazel ones behind a set of black-rimmed glasses. Vaati froze, and he could feel dread looming over him. The other man was none other than the leader of the former Talon Three, and he looked ridiculously out of place in his expensive suit as he sat eating French fries while staring at Vaati with curiosity. Grinning, Halstead Dugal silently pointed at Vaati's order that had arrived.

Snatching his food with more force than necessary, Vaati was about to strut out of the building when a smooth voice stopped him. "Mr. Engst, a surprise to see you here," Dugal said with a laugh, not sounding too surprised at all. "Care to have a quick chat?"

"I need to go back to class," Vaati said curtly.

"Well, this is your lunch break, correct? I thought class didn't start for another forty-five minutes. We have plenty of time."

What the freak, he knows my schedule? Vaati thought. Then, But of course he would know my schedule.

Vaati slowly and resentfully made his way over to the table Dugal was sitting at. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared unpleasantly. "What is it now? What more do you want?"

"Nothing, Mr. Engst. We happened to meet on pure chance alone," the other man shrugged amiably. "I got sick and tired of McDonalds so I came here instead. This place has wonderful fries."

Lies. You were trailing me. Instead, Vaati gave the other man a flat look that clearly stated he didn't appreciate having to talk to him. "I hate their fries."

"Ah, to each his own." Dugal slid his food to the side of the table and cleared the area in front of him, careful not to stain any part of his suit. Then, his eyes took on a fishy glint. "Speaking of fries, do you know any way to avoid being fried by magical fire?"

Vaati stood up abruptly. "That's it, I'm leaving." He glared when he felt a powerful grip close around his wrist. It was Dugal's bionic arm, and it was like being restrained by hand cuffs.

"Sit down, Mr. Engst. Listen for a while before you decide you want to leave." Dugal was smiling cheerfully, but it was anything other than friendly. Eyes narrowed venomously, Vaati complied.

"Just skip the bullshit and get to the point."

An equally dangerous expression appeared on Dugal's face. "Indeed. I will get straight to the point." He adjusted his glasses and straightened his tie. "I found a temple as equally intriguing as your palace. I will relinquish thirty percent of whatever we find should you decide to help me." Dugal watched him carefully over the rim of his glasses. "Intrigued?"

Vaati stared at the other man for a really long time. A complicated debate went on in his head on whether or not to seize the opportunity to gain something out of this temple that no doubt was magical in nature. Would he allow himself to let Dugal or somebody else claim its secrets before him? Vaati scoffed. "You need my help. I take sixty-five."



"Forty and final.

"Fifty-five and final."

"… You don't seem to understand the concept of the word 'final.'"

"Neither do you, if you don't agree to my offer. You need my help more than I need yours."

Dugal glowered for a moment before he resumed his cheerful façade. "Deal."

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