"So dude," America laughed, "I was at the store with Spain and Canada the other day, and we saw this dress, right? And it was really thin and stuff!"

"Yeah," Spain continued, "And we thought, 'nothing in the world could possibly fit this but a straight pole!'"

Prussia laughed that creepy 'kesesesese' laugh of his, while Poland, who was nearby, stopped suddenly, causing Lithuania to crash into him.

Poland stared at the three, while Lithuania asked him if something was wrong. Poland then grabbed Lithuania's wrist, turning to face him.

"Liet, I know you're not Polish, but you are straight, right? I need your help with something!"


A/N: (I've been thinking about it since I got this review, but...German chocolate chip cookie? Did I misread it? What does that mean?)

(So, like, we were at the store the other day, and so we told our Prussia/Spain/Italy about it, and the way our other Spain worded it, "Straight Pole" haha?)

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Haha. Ha. Ahem.

Sooooooo. Um. Right, about those 'words' that I've been given...and the people you wanted to see more of. Ahaha...I'll get around to it eventually. I have tests next week~ aha...haha...

So, maybe none of you knew this, but actually, I had a youtube account. I mean I do. But I deleted almost everything that was on it. So I'm gonna upload some stuff. Mostly Hetalia dubs with my sisters/cousins. If you're curious, LizaHedervary. (I doubt anything will be uploaded soon, though.)