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It's In The Cards


"I can't believe we're hiking on my birthday to go to a picnic," Willow Larae snickered as she accepted the hand of her boyfriend of two months, Donovan Martin. He heaved her up with one arm, helping her up a tall ridge that she couldn't quite step up the way he had. "You know most guys would just shoot for dinner and sex."

Donovan rolled his eyes, unwilling to let go of her hand as he led her down a path that had been created by many hikers before them. "I'm sorry my efforts are unappreciated. I'll keep the cliché of food and sex in mind next time," he snorted.

"Babe," Willow whined, coming to a standstill, causing Donovan to stop as well. He turned to face her. "You know I didn't mean it like that. It's very romantic. Just… unconventional I guess." She really did appreciate it. It was his unique-ness that attracted her to him from the beginning when they'd met on the campus of BU, where they'd both be attending after high school graduation in two weeks.

"Would you have me any other way?" he joked, waggling his eyebrows as she stifled a light giggle. He surely was an unconventional guy, with bleached dreadlocks, intertwined with random threads of any and every color, along with a few feathers and beads. His facial hair was shaved to resemble the stripes of a tiger, decorated by a silver stud in his labret, and he wore yellow cat eye contacts on a near daily basis. His clothes seemed impossible for anyone to pull off, but he managed to make anything and everything look as though his style was completely effortless. Which, if you knew him, it basically was.

Donovan dumped his backpack to the ground, combing his fingers through his girlfriend's blonde hair. "Will…" He drew her eyes to meet his by cupping her jaw. In the distance, the low buzzing of a chainsaw could be heard, probably being used to cut down the trees of the forest in order to build more unnecessarily large houses.

He looked like he wanted to say something, and he did, but his nerves got the better of him and instead he just leaned in to steal a kiss.

But Willow couldn't let her curiosity and suspicions go like that. While she enjoyed the small kiss, she made herself pull back. "What?" she questioned.

"Hmm?" he replied, looking utterly confused.

"What were you going to say?" Willow's teeth pressed into her lower lip in anticipation.

"Uhh…" Donovan rubbed the back of his neck, sighing and taking both her hands in his. "Look, I know we haven't known each other that long and stuff…" His larger hands squeezed hers, and she returned the gesture. "I love you."

Willow's heart fluttered. No one had ever said that to her aside from family members. She'd dated other guys in the past, but none of those relationships were like this one. The ones from the past had been mere convenience. Donovan was actually someone she cared about in return. Someone she would go out of her way to please.

Willow shook her hands free from her boyfriend's and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, having to stand on her tiptoes to get close to his ear. "I love you too," she breathed into his neck.

With a light chuckle of relief and happiness, Donovan wound his arms around her waist, turning his head to the side to initiate another kiss. As the two found the steady yet hungry rhythm of each other's lips, their hands roamed over the thin material of their spring clothes.

An interesting tingling sensation began to run through Willows fingers as she played with one of Donovan's dreads. The same dull pulse emerged in her toes. It was almost like the beginnings of lost circulation. Only this tingling increased. It increased until it became a burning pain, shooting up through her limbs.

With a gasp, she pulled her mouth away from his. "Stop…" she barely choked out as a ripping pain shot through her side. Donovan pulled back, steadying her with his hands on her shoulders, wondering where the sudden pain in her green eyes had come from. Collapsing forward into Donovan's arms, she let out an earth-shattering shriek as another paralyzing tremor shocked her nervous system.

Donovan was forced to lay her down on the ground as her weight became virtually dead. He knelt beside her, unable to think as she began convulsing before his eyes, her back arching almost impossibly as she rivaled a banshee with her screams of discomfort.

Donovan flinched as another shriek rang through the forest. "Make it stop!" she screamed, agony clear in her voice.

"I-I— what do I do?" He knew it was a question he would have to answer himself as he watched Willow writhe in pain. Finally, the young man began fumbling for his cell phone, all intentions of calling in an emergency.

That was until the ground beneath him began to tremble.

Donovan stood slowly, backing a few feet away form his girlfriend, but the rumbling followed him. Snake-like bumps in the soil began to pulse beneath him, and he followed the path to where Willow was lying, her hands flat on the ground; palm to dirt. And the trails were coming from each of her fingertips.

Suddenly, the earth exploded around him, roots shooting up from the ground. Donovan let out a panicked shout, but was soon silenced as those roots wound underneath him, raising him in the air as bud covered branches reached into the sky. The rough bark scraped his skin and once the high-rising tree had reached no less than twenty feet in the air, Donovan was unable to hold his balance in the branches, the still rumbling earth causing his body to crash to the ground painfully, bones breaking with the impact, consciousness slipping away from the young man immediately.

Another loud, feminine scream ripped through the normally serene area.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the small forest, landscapers were cutting down the last tree of the day.

A bearded, goggled man released the trigger on the chainsaw he'd been using and lifted the safety glasses, looking around the nearby area. "Hey, you hear somethin' Larry?" he asked a burly, bald man who was standing by a resting wood-chipper.

"Prolly some stupid kids fuckin' around. C'mon man. Cut that thing down so I can get home 'n eat." Shaking his head, Carl replaced his goggles and looked back at the nearly finished tree, only to find the trunk was once again in perfect tact as opposed to having a deep slice running through it as he had left it.

"What the…" the middle-aged man muttered, eyes seeing that the tall pine had completely repaired itself, the traces of sap that had dripped down the bark seeming to have been cleaned up. Even the low branches that he had trimmed were now back on the tree, as if they'd never been detached.

"Holy shit!" Carl hadn't even noticed the low rumbling of the dirt covered ground, nor the increasing vibrations of the scattered pebbles. He turned to face his partner, no time to even panic as an avalanche of rock and dirt buried him, his partner and the entire work site.

As the pain suddenly eased, Willow allowed her body to relax, the convulsions and chaos that had been running though her veins draining her completely as the world blackened.