The glowing power source that Kara had been hunting was no longer in her sights. All she could see through the glass of the sphere shaped craft was what appeared to be deep green water, surrounding her, and the craft was heading up, diagonally toward the distant surface.

Kara shifted in her cushioned seat with excitement, wondering what kind of world or dimension she would find at the end of her journey. She even wondered if she would possibly meet her cousin Kal- El. Maybe he could even help her to locate the Omegahedron and return it to Argo City. But Kal-EL was on Earth, and Kara was not certain if Earth was exactly where the small ship was transporting her. Faster and faster, it continued to lift Kara up and up.

Kara knew very little about Earth, but it had always been her dream to venture there. She had once heard her father speaking about her cousin and the special powers he possessed there. If she also went to Earth, would she have those same abilities? Kara felt the hair on her neck stand up as the water turned to a much lighter green and eventually a medium blue. She stared up through the glass, her nose almost brushing against it. A warm sensation around Kara's body shifted her attention down to the cushioned seat beneath her. The red, yellow and blue blanket material was glowing!

Mesmerized, Kara reached down to touch the Kryptonian material, feeling a powerful energy rush through her fingers and up her arm. The feeling was unlike any she had ever experienced in her young life. She felt strong, energetic, and full of confidence as she pulled the entire blanket around her body. Kara was enveloped by a sudden bright flash as the ship sped further toward the light.

In place of Kara's Kryptonian gown was a special uniform complete with a long red cape, a red skirt and boots with yellow piping, and a snug, blue top. What appeared to be a stylized red S with a yellow background was designed in the middle portion over Kara's chest. On the back of the cape, another "S" was designed, but entirely yellow. Kara's new clothes represented her heritage and background,. Only another fellow Kryptonian would understand this, as no human would. As far as humans would be concerned, if they had seen Kara, more than likely they would associate her with her cousin, known on Earth as Superman, after witnessing a full demonstration of her super powers.

The top of the craft began to open, as if it were a blooming flower. Kara braced herself, lifting her arms toward the light above her. She was immersed in energy as the red and blue suit rested on her now indestructible body. Kara had a feeling that the power source was not going to be very easy to locate, but she had to find it. She must find it. With that, Kara stood up in the opening ship and shot up toward the sunlit surface.

The lakefront appeared to be deserted, with the exception of a few squirrels and birds, but even they would not have understood what was about to take place. If anyone had been present, he or she would have witnessed a beautiful blonde girl splash upward out of the middle of the lake. But more fascinating would have been the fact that the young woman could defy gravity and wore what looked like a Superman suit for a female. Kara emerged from the lake, landing a bit clumsily on the nearby shore. She took in her surroundings as if she were a small child.

"Such a beautiful world this is," she thought to herself. "Very different from home." A large rock rested on brown soil near her. She reached down to pick it up and it was then that she noticed her new clothing. Kara realized that she must indeed possess identical powers as her cousin, so she decided to put it to the test. With the stone in her palm, Kara applied little pressure and it crumbled to dust. Her strength was like that of no other being on Earth, besides her cousin. Kara felt that she was going to enjoy this place very much.

All around her were trees and flowers. Back on Argo, Zaltar had created artificial trees and flowers that could have passed as being real. Kara knelt down and picked a sunflower to examine it more closely. As she gazed at the flower, two narrow red beams shot from her eyes to the flower, causing it to bloom! Kara smiled and sniffed the sunflower, enveloped in its scent. When she looked down toward the ground, she discovered that her feet no longer touched the soil. She was floating! "Oh!" she gasped.

Kara danced around in the air above the forest preserve, doing flips, gliding and soaring. The feeling of not being restrained by Earth's gravitational forces was one that Kara wanted to experience for the rest of her life. To fly as free as a bird. Nothing could top that feeling.

Kara landed back on the shore of the lake, gazing into the orange setting sun. She glanced at her Argonian bracelet. It had stopped glowing, which could only mean that the Omegahedron was a good distance away. She began to understand her one purpose here on Earth. Her vital mission to save her world. Argo would not survive long without the power source, and Kara understood the severity. The Omegahedron must be found.

A red and blue streak lined the air and Kara's eyes shot up toward the darkening sky. "Could it be?" she thought. Her question was answered when the red and blue streak landed a few feet on the ground in front of her. Superman stood before Kara, not speaking, but only staring at her. From what Kara could see, the red and blue clad man appeared to be in a state of disbelief, even shock. Kara extended her right hand toward him. "Hello," she said calmly. Kal-El accepted her hand, suddenly very close to tears. As he stared at the red and yellow symbol on her chest, it occurred to him immediately that this young blonde girl was kin to him. Not only a fellow Kryptonian, but his cousin.

The arctic sky appeared to glow a reddish orange , as two super beings wearing identical colored clothing sped toward a large crystal looking structure, with pillars pointing in almost every direction. Kara and Kal-El flew through a secret opening of the Fortress of Solitude, landing in an immense ice chamber. Kara was mesmerized by the beauty of her cousin's fortress. It reminded her of Argo, but in a different way.

Kal-El stood close to Kara. "This is a very special place to me. The only reminder that I have of my real home. Our home. Krypton." He turned to his cousin. "I'm not alone after all . There are other survivors. In inner space. I will do anything that I can to help you, Kara." Supergirl gave a grim smile. "We don't have much time, maybe less than three days, Kal-El." She continued speaking. I've come here to Earth to find a power source known as the Omegahedron. Without it, Argo City will slowly perish."

Superman motioned Supergirl to a separate chamber with walls of pure crystal. A large flat screen monitor was displayed on a far wall inside of the chamber. It flicked to life as Superman approached it. A clear view of the planet Earth was shown. Superman touched a single button beneath the screen, and the Earth made a complete rotation, then halted. "Zoom," said Superman. The picture zoomed in, revealing more detail of lands and cities. A red dot was blinking on and off over an area in the state of Illinois, near the city of Chicago.

"The power source is somewhere in a town called Midvale, not very far from Lake Michigan, where you first emerged to Earth, Kara." Superman produced a small hand held device from a tiny compartment in the chamber. "This is a high energy detector from Krypton. It can detect any source of power not from this Earth. We can track down the Omegahedron with it." Superman placed a hand on Supergirl's shoulder. "Don't worry,Kara. We will find it. Together."