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Full Summary: A day before her wedding Bella disappears. A few days later, evidence that she's dead are found. Eighty years later the Cullens decide to go back to Forks and surprise some vampires between who is someone they know very well. What really happened to Bella? Will Edward believe her story? Will Bella and Edward be able to get back their relationship or will the obstacles be too much for them to overcome? Will Edward accept Bella's new life? Bella is a vampire.

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Bella's POV

"I lost a piece of me and you, I think I left it in your arms, I forgot the reasons I got scared but remember that I care quite a lot..."

"That again, Bells? How many times have you played that song over the last years? It's so old." I was in the loft, playing the piano when Scott came in.

"I tried. I swear I tried. You know I did. I tried to forget him, to forget them, but I can't. They were... they are so important to me." I rose and walked to the window, seating in the window bench and looking outside. Wide green gardens stretched in front of me until the border of the forest. And faraway you could see high mountains with some snow on the top. I could spend days watching this view.

"Bella, you've been suffering for so long! Eighty years Bella! I can't understand why you don't go after him. You know he loves you, and you still love him." My brother Scott is always trying to convince me to go and find Edward. And he's not the only one. Almost my whole family, or coven as some would like to call, wants that. They want me to be happy, and they know that Edward is the only one that can make me happy.

Besides Scott I have three more brothers: David, Luke and Kurt. Scott came with me when, ten years after I was changed, I left the Volturi. David and Luke had been traveling together and joined us a few months later. Kurt was the last addition to our family; I found him a year after I left Italy. We have been together since then. There is also a family of humans that lives with us, the Jones. They've been with us since we moved, when I left Italy. They are the only human family that knows about vampires, and they used to take care of this house before Scott and I moved in. In the beginning we kept our distance because we didn't want to hurt them, but now they are a part of our family. My brothers fought their thirst above all, but to me the human blood is not very appealing. Maybe it's because I was so averse to it when I was human. I fought mainly with my strength. I wasn't used to be around humans, and I didn't want to accidentally kill them.

We live in Canada, in the middle of a huge forest. It is a great place to live. The landscape is very relaxing and inspiring, and it's far enough from cities which means that we never have to move. Of course we interact with other humans, besides the Jones, but we don't have to be always moving.

Sometimes we enroll ourselves in high school or college but not recently. We had created a company, and I was more than busy with that and all my free time activities. I did it on purpose though. I don't like to have free time.

"We've been over this already, Scott. Too many times. I don't have the right to throw myself into his life again. Besides, what do you think he'll do when he finds out I'm 'alive'? He will never forgive me the fact that I'm 'alive'."

"If you don't try, you'll never know!" He stated.

"I know him! I know him better than anyone. Especially now." Now I could get inside his head. As I developed my gift, it allowed me to get inside other's heads: read their thoughts, see through their eyes and smell what they smell. If I knew someone well enough, I could even see their memories. All this knowledge allowed me to use my gift easily.

"You can't predict his reactions." He argued. I already knew all his arguments by heart and he knew mine, but we kept having this discussion every time he caught me playing that music or doing something he considered depressive.

"He's fine now, Scott! He's healing. Slowly, but he is. I'll just let him live his life."

"It's not fair to you, Bella! You are giving up your happiness for them."

"You know what wouldn't be fair? If I showed up now. That wouldn't be fair to them."

"I respect your decision. I just can't see you suffering like that. It's so hard for me. For all of us." I knew how it hurt them to see me so down...

I was still staring at the window when David entered the room.

"Bells? Jacob is on the phone, I thought you might want to talk to him."

"Of course." I responded enthusiastically. Despite the fact that I was a vampire, Jake and I were still friends. He appeared to be thirty, since he had only stopped phasing when he imprinted a few years ago. He got married and has a ten- year-old girl named Elizabeth and a six-year-old boy, named Matt. Jake and his pack are the only ones who know that I'm alive. I speak to him regularly, especially since I'm Elizabeth's godmother, and I also visit them often. My brothers and I are the only vampires allowed in the reservation. The pack trusts us.

"Bella?" Jacob's voice sounded on the other side of the line.

"Hi Jake! How are you?" I asked with as much excitement as I could muster. I was really glad to talk to him, but the conversation I had just had with Scott was still very present in my mind.

"Great! What about you?"

"Fine, I guess."

"You don't sound very well... We miss you. When can you come over? It's been a while since your last visit. The kids have been begging me to call you. Though I'm not sure what they miss the most: you or the loads of presents you usually bring with you." He joked.

"Well, I miss you too. What if I visited you this weekend? Today is Thursday, so I can go tomorrow and spend the weekend there..."

"You're on! Are your brothers coming?"

"I'm sure that Scott and Kurt can go, but I don't know about Luke and David. They may have to work." Luke and Davis both worked in a hospital, as far as possible from the blood. They hoped to achieve the level of restraint that Carlisle has, but while that didn't happen, they avoided to handle blood as much as they could.

"Okay. Maybe you should consider moving back to Forks."

"Too many memories, Jake. It's hard dealing with this as it is. I wouldn't be able to handle it if I moved back."

"I understand. We'll talk better when you arrive. See you tomorrow?"

"Yes. We'll be there tomorrow."

"Bye Bells."

"Bye." I ended the cal and called my brothers. "Guys? Family meeting!" A second later they were all in my bedroom. I sat on the bed, Kurt and Scott took a window bench, and Luke sat at my desk.

"So… What's cooking Bells?" Kurt asked happily.

"I'm going to La Push this weekend, and I wanted to know who's coming with me." There was always one, at least, that would come with me. They felt the need to protect me though I was able to defend myself very well, better than them. But they always said I was like their little sister, and they had to take care of me, which brought a lot of memories from my other vampire family…

"I want." Kurt and Scott said in unison, excitement dripping off their voices. I already knew I could count on them. They were always up to a visit to La Push. They just loved to hang out with the wolves.

"I can't. I have to work the whole weekend." Davis said.

"I still have to work tomorrow afternoon, but I can meet you there." Luke suggested.

"Perfect! Though I don't feel very well leaving you here alone, David…" I started.

"Don't even think about that, Bella. I'll be the whole weekend at the hospital anyway. Besides, have you forgotten that we live with a big family of humans? I would never be alone. Go and have fun. Say hello to everybody for me."


"When are we leaving?" Kurt asked.

"Tomorrow morning." I answered promptly.

"Maybe we should get ready then. What about a small hunting trip before we leave?" Luke proposed. I don't hunt very frequently, once a month is enough, and if I wanted, I could handle more time, but I don't like taking chances, especially when I live with humans.

"I'm on!" I said. We would all go, even David.

I loved hunting with my brothers. It's one of the few things I can really appreciate. Sometimes we take huge hunting trips to other continents. Once we went to Africa. It was amazing. Everybody changed, and soon we were heading to the huge garage behind the house.

"So are we taking my jeep, or do you prefer to run?" Kurt asked.

"Let's take the jeep." I decided. Everybody agreed, so we got in, and Kurt took off.

A few hours later we were all by the jeep, waiting for Kurt, so that we could go home. I was seriously considering leaving him here. He could run…

Don't you dare Bella! Kurt's voice sounded in my head.

If you hurry up, I won't have to. I replied. Thanks to David's power we could all talk to each other mentally, and it had no space limitations; Kurt could be on the other side of the world, and I could still hear him perfectly. David could create webs that connected several people, allowing them to share thoughts. Since he never undid the web, we learned how to block our thoughts from each other when we wanted some privacy.

Five minutes later he arrived. As usual, he was a mess. His clothes were torn, and he was full of dirt. He even had a few leaves stuck in his hair. I almost laughed. Almost! I don't feel like running home today.

"I caught a grizzly!" He said excited. I smiled sadly but hid it from the others. Kurt reminded me of Emmett in so many ways. He too was huge and could be extremely scary if he wanted, but I could always bring out the playful side of him. In fact, when he was with me, he was always a big teddy bear. And he obviously had a passion for grizzlies.

All of my brothers reminded me of the Cullens in several ways. David was like Carlisle, avid for information and sometimes acting more like our father rather than our brother, though physically he wasn't older than twenty two. The only difference was that David wasn't always as calm as Carlisle. While Carlisle could hide his worry and control his anger very well, David couldn't; but most of the times he adopted a very calm and quiet posture.

Luke resembled Jasper with his sensitivity, though he did not have Jasper's gift; it just came naturally, and Scott was very much like Edward with his overprotective tendencies and gentleman ways. But they didn't replace my other vampire family. The Cullens were constantly on my mind, and I often listened to their thoughts making sure they were okay and finding what they were up to. It helped to ease the longing; I felt closer to them when I did that.

"Bella! BELLA!" Kurt was screaming in my ears.

"WHAT? Why are you yelling?" I asked.

"Because I've been calling you for five minutes, and you're just staring at nothing! We're leaving!" He replied.

"Oh! Sorry!" I mumbled.

"Are you okay, Bella? You seem a bit off." Luke asked, concerned.

"I'm fine. Let's go!" I said opening the passenger door and getting in. We quickly headed home.

When we got home, everybody left to their rooms to pack a few things for the weekend.

I had a shower and changed my clothes, dressing black jeans, a white plain T-shirt and green converse. While I was packing, Scott knocked at my door.

"You ready, Bells?"

"Pretty much, yeah. Could you take my laptop to the car, please?"

"Which car are you going to take?"

"The Audi." I answered curtly. I quickly picked up my bag and headed downstairs to wait for my brothers.

"I'm here! I'm here!" Kurt said coming down the stairs. We had already said our goodbyes to the Jones the day before, so we were ready to go.

"Bella, can you take my bag in your car? I want to take the Harley." Luke's passion is motorbikes. He has at least five: two Harleys, two Ducatis and a Honda.

"Sure." I agreed.

"So… if everyone's ready, let's get going!" Scott said.

"Behave!" David warned.

"Sure daddy!" Scott, Kurt and I said playfully in unison.

We left the house and headed to the garage once more. Luke was going to take his Jeep and Scott would ride with me in my midnight blue Audi R8 Coupe.

It was midday and we were almost there, we just entered Forks.

"I miss Jacob so much! And Elizabeth must be huge! Did you bring the presents?" I asked.

"Yes. They're in the Jeep. There are so many that I couldn't fit them in the Audi's trunk!" he chuckled. "This visit is going to be very good for you. You were getting a bit depressed." He commented remembering our talk the day before.

"Not depressed, just sad. They are always on my mind! It's so hard!" he knew I was talking about the Cullens.

"I know, but we are here to have fun so, please, enjoy this visit!"

"I'll do my best!"

Where do we go first? La Push or home? Kurt thought. It is very useful to be able to communicate by thoughts, when we are around humans or hunting, for example.

La Push of course. I'm dying to see everybody! I answered. Scott was already heading to La Push.

I don't know why, but I had a feeling this visit was going to be different from all the others. I had a feeling that something was going to happen. I don't know what, nor if it's good or bad. I just know it, and I was a bit worried. I think this visit is going to change my life, I just don't know how.

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