I'd grown up knowing that my dad was the Ghost Rider. Old news. He

worked with evil every night. Big whoop. The only thing I didn't know was

that I would inherit the curse…


He came to me one night, the Devil. Dad was out and mom was

Downstairs. I was sitting at my desk when the room went cold… I turned

around and saw him standing by my bed.

"You." I said, perfect imitation of my dad.

He held out a paper, a contract.

"Your father's curse has been passed onto you." He said.

I gave him my best skeptical look, it probably came off more as a grimace.

"My dad is out there now. How can we both be Ghost Riders?" I asked.

"There can be two. You will work alongside your father and when the time comes you can get your soul back. Or, like him, you can keep the curse and pass it on to your child." he replied.

"I don't want to." I said.

"You will." the Devil hissed. He pulled a tiny vial out of his pocket, it was filled with a shiny silver light.

"Dad's soul.." I said, awed.

"I'll destroy it." he growled.

"No…" I pleaded "you can't."

He put the vial back in his pocket and pushed the contract at me.

"Sign it." he said.

I took a deep breath. "he dies and I quit." I said.

"Sign it." the Devil repeated.

I stood up and crossed the room to him. I took the feathered pen and signed my name;

Baylie Roxanne Blaze

He snatched the pen from me and yanked my hand towards him. He jabbed the tip of it into my finger.

"OW!" I said, and tried to pull my hand back. He held onto my wrist and held my hand over the paper. A ruby drop of my blood plopped onto the paper next to my signature. The contract vanished. My finger felt like it was on fire! I looked down at it. A tiny tattoo of a skull remained where he had stabbed my finger. Creepy Cool!

I looked up but he was gone.