Based on Speed Racer


The Next Day

Trixie was outside playing with Lily while Speed was at the race track. This is your world my, darling. One world, the land and sea. My hope for you for always is that your heart will apart from me Trixie sung to Lily who smiling. She heard clapping coming from behind her. She thought it was Speed, but when she turned around it was him.

"Remember me, Trixie", Royalton said, " I just escaped from prision and who this little one".

" You stay away from her, I mean it" Trixie added while sheilding a whimpering Lily.

" If you don't tell me where Speed is, your daughter will be 6 ft under" he said.

" No, please don't hurt Lily; Kill me instead" Trixie begged.

" Lily is her name, since you begged me to spare her life; I'll come back tommorow" Royalton added," but, if Speed isn't here, Lily dies". He left

Later That Day

" We have to keep Lily away from him" Trixie said, " until he's finally gone, Lily want go to the race track and neither will I"

"But, Trixie" Speed said.

" I'm sorry Speed, but you remember how he was with you" she said, " this is the only way Lily can't know about the racer track or the racing league, and even you,Speed".

" Very well, Trixie" he said. Trixie was leaving and Lily was looking back at her father. Lily reached out for him,but turned and left. She wimpered and layed her head on her mother shoulder. Little did she know that she would be 12 years old when she's her father again.