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To Macy, Stella was perfect. She was pretty, fun, got all the guys, popular, and skinny. Macy thought she was just the opposite. She thought she wasn't pretty, fun, able to get all the guys, popular, and most of all she thought she wasn't even close to skinny. She glanced in the mirror with disappointment. She thought her thighs were huge and her hips were too wide. Why couldn't she be skinny like Stella?

"Macy! Time for school! Are you ready!" her mom yelled from downstairs.

"I'm coming!" Macy exclaimed and put on her clothes and ran downstairs.

"Honey, I made you breakfast. Eat."

"It's okay Mom. I'm going to be late. I'll eat on the way," Macy said grabbing a slice of toast.

"Okay. I'll see you in a little bit," her mom said and Macy ran out the door. She ran toward the big green trash cans her mom put out and threw away the toast. She was officially on a diet. No more breakfast in the morning.

"Hey Mace!" Stella said when she spotted the petite brunette near the lockers.

"Hey! Stella!" Macy said in return.

"Guess what!!!"


"Me and Joe are going on our first date tonight! I'm so excited!"

"That great!" Macy exclaimed with a fake smile. Of course Stella had dates. Macy wished desperately that she had one instead of just staying at home, heartbroken.

"Thanks Macy! Come on let's go to class!"

At Algebra, Macy struggled to pay attention to Mrs. Nobles. Her stomach was growling and it seemed like it was begging for food. She couldn't concentrate even one bit.

"What's the answer for number 32, Macy?" Mrs. Nobles asked.

"What?" Macy asked.

"Number 32 Ms. Misa."

"Um. Um. Is it 35?" Macy guessed. She heard a couple people laugh.

"If I were you Ms. Misa, I would learn to stop staring out in space and listen. Number 32 is x," Mrs. Nobles said.

"Are you okay?" Nick whispered with concern.

"I'm fine. Just tired," Macy replied and Nick nodded and looked back towards Mrs. Nobles. Macy tried to pay attention, but she was in no mood to here about math. She was so hungry. How did people diet and lose that much weight?

At lunch, Macy sat at the table waiting for Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Stella who were in line getting their food.

"Hey Macy!" Kevin exclaimed as he sat down and began to eat the pepperoni pizza. Nick, Joe, and Stella sat shortly after.

"Hey Kevin," Macy said as she stared at the pizza and her mouth began to water.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Nick asked.

"No. I'm not that hungry. My mom gave me this huge breakfast and I'm too full to eat now," Macy lied. She felt horrible for lying, but she didn't want anyone to know she was on a diet.

"You need to eat, Macy! Your so skinny!" Stella said as she dug into her pizza.

"I- I- I don't have any money," Macy said. Technically, that was the truth.

"Here! This should be enough," Nick said as he handed here a five dollar bill.

"No. I can't. It's okay Nick. I'll be fine," Macy said as she handed back Nick the five dollar bill.

"No! It's fine. Here!" Nick said as he handed back the money and pointed to the lunch line. Macy sighed and walked off to get food.

A couple minutes later, Macy returned with a plate with pizza on it. She took little nibbles, but after three tiny bites, she took bigger bites and gobbled it up.

"And you said you weren't hungry," Nick teased and patted Macy's shoulder.

"Thanks for the money," Macy said.

"Your welcome. I guess I'll see you later."


Macy stared at the empty plate and then at her stomach. 'Why did you have to eat so much food! Now your going to be even fatter!' she thought to herself. She suddenly looked at the bathroom and her eyes popped wide open. Macy ran into the girl's bathroom and ran into one of the stalls."Just do this once Macy. It's easy, just stick your finger down your throat. After this, you'll never do it again," she told herself quietly. She softly and slowly counted to three and stuck her finger down her throat. Afterwards, she washed her hands and ate a breath mint and walked out of the bathroom quickly. She thought that no one heard her, but she was wrong. A couple seconds later, a young girl walked out of one of the stalls and she was horrified. She was thinking only thought: Why was Macy hurting herself?

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