Hey. Here's a new story idea that just all of a sudden came to me. I hopefully will be starting the real story soon, but who knows, it could be a month before the first chapter actually comes out. So stay posted and if your reading this, please leave comments for suggestions for me to add to this story. Thanks!

Broken Hearts

I was in love. With him.

He was in love. With my best friend.

She was in love. With her teacher.

The teacher was in love. With his wife.

His wife was in love. With a school boy.

The school boy was in love. With his girlfriend.

His girlfriend was in love. With the school jock.

The school jock was in love. With me.

And you thought your love life was complicated.

Welcome to Summerland.

;) How was it? I was thinking these names:

Lila Rose, Matt Tomilson, Kendra (Kenny) Stepp, Mr. Rick Louis, Camilla Louis, Tommy Frilson, Naomi Willager, Joey Hanson.

What do you think of those names?