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oooooooooo The Suicide of Love: Chapter 4 oooooooooooo

"Now that you're awake, it's time we talk." Kakashi smirked.

"What's there to talk about? Nothing's wrong." Sasuke muttered over his shoulder as he faced away from the inquiring man.

He turned towards the window and tried to focus on the withering tree. The leaves were ripped away by the uncontrollable winter wind. One by one, the tree would be deserted and bare. It would be left alone to wait for spring to restore the beauty and rich foliage. But languorous time seemed to leisure, never arriving to the vivacious season. The one thing Sasuke could depend on was the shift of seasons. No matter how cold the winter, summer was bound to begin with sweltering heat. No matter how dark the night expanded, light bounced through the streets in mere hours. No matter how bad the situation, there was good lingering to happen.

Does the same theory apply to me?

"Sasuke, you just had a panic attack in the middle of class at the sight of blood!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"Hmm." Sasuke refused to meet Kakashi's eyes. He lifted his wall of indifference so that he didn't have to withstand reality.

"I've allowed you too much freedom and slackened my supervision over you. I see now that was a mistake. Starting now, you will be placed in counseling." His voice adapted to a stern tone.

"I don't need counseling." Sasuke persisted.

"Also I have signed you up for some service projects for character building." the inflection of authority become louder.

"Whatever. I don't have to listen to you." He scoffed.

"I'm you're legal guardian and the paperwork's dotted and signed." Kakashi stood and continued, "You will do as I say or else I'll cut down your freedom so that you won't shit without me knowing. Got it?" he walked closer to Sasuke until he was looming over him.

"Che…" Sasuke burbled.

Kakashi took the lack of an argument as a signal of submission. His smirk transformed into a lop sided grin as he patted Sasuke head like a father awkwardly comforting a son.


I remember collapsing and crumbling like a used, disregarded paper cup. The rush of my escaping blood left me light-headed and frigid. Then suddenly tight, warm fingers grabbed my tender wrists and steady cool, drops of water fell on my ghastly cheeks. Aching cries pleaded my ears as my breathing slowed deeper and deeper until my thoughts ceased. I connected my remaining consciousness to my pulse. The beat returned later and later, my lungs began to fail. Confusing nothingness held me for a minute and then a burst of color, light, sound and motion.

Vibrant green leaves glowed in the bright perfect sky. Trees extended and climbed almost higher than clouds. Laughter of children flowed with the mild wind that cared a scent of wild magnolias, and sunflowers. Everything, the plants, earth, and creatures, was alive.

Am I alive?

Snap! A branch crackled in the long velvet strands of tall grass. A small face peeped through, giggled, and ran off. I felt compelled to follow the small elfin child in hope of answers.

It appeared as if the child was running blindly but at the end of my chase, the child hid behind a sitting woman. The woman nestled amongst the bending, flowing nature. With a waterfall of dark blue tresses, a round face, and wide iridescent violet eyes, she was an eerie image of my mother. The woman wore a simple gown of gossamer creamy silk that shone with the reflection of the greenery around her. A soft smile curled and her arms stretched out to embrace me.

"Wake up, Hina-chan. You are still needed. There is much for you to achieve."

"But…What has happen?"

"You're dead, but only for a short while. You need to go back."

"I don't understand. Why should I return to a place of suffering when I can be here with you Mother?"

"Things are not lost. Suffering is temporary, and neccasery. Breathe in the pain and allow it to shape you and strengthen you."

"Did you watch over me as I cried? Did you see the way people treat me? Did you see how unloved I am?."

"Sadly yes, but there is so much more for you to achieve. And high school is not your life. There is so much more a head of you and good waiting to happen. So many lives that you need to touch."

The sound of children's laughter stirred around me and the wind tugged against my skin. The dewy grassy shook and cracked open. Suddenly I plummeted through the seams of the universe and back into the world of the living.

Beep! My eyes jolted open. Blurred figures drew closer to me. I felt around. A scratchy cheap cotton sheet lay over my legs. Everything was illuminated with harsh fluorescent light which continued to irritate my recovering eyes. Sound gradually filled in and I began to distinguish the individual voices.

"Doctor! Come here. She's awakened!"

"Do you know what you're name is?"

"…Hinata. Hyuga Hinata."

"Do you remember what happened to you?"

"I died."

"Yes, but luckily we were able to resuscitate you. You were medically announced dead for thirteen minutes."

The cords and tubes twisted and coiled around my arms like serpents, pumping their venomous poison into my veins. Groaning I sat up and absorbed the situation. Then stepping from the shadows was my father.

"What is wrong with you? Are you so bent on being a disgrace that you pull a stunt like this?",

I tried to answer but father's livid anger prevented me from interrupting. "Did you hope that the news would cover this and my business would crumple. Well, I suppose you're more like your bitch of a mother than I thought. No backbone, no intelligence, no worth!"

"Shut the fuck up you little pussy. You think you're so high and mighty but all you do is abuse a child! You are a sick fucked up bastard and I hope that when your rotting carcass blisters in the whipping flames of hell you understand the pain and torment you inflicted upon others. If I wanted to destroy you I would have shot you with a pistol at our family dinners and sold the business. So sit down, and shut up. Go back to pretending that everything in your artificial world is alright so that I can suffer alone."

Silence. I died and officially became anew.