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Part One



Wherever he seemed to be, the place was masked with the unsettling scent of urine and sweat and he couldn't understand how he'd gotten there in the space of time it took for him to leave the house and walk to school. The thought that he'd been kidnapped ran throughout his mind over and over again until his chest was heaving with the strength of his forced breath.

Sasuke was seated back against something cold; eyes shut tight behind a strictly knotted black cloth with his pale arms bruised the color of lilacs beneath the harsh metal of handcuffs. The teen jerked slightly as his sensitive ears tuned in to a muted scurrying a few feet in front of him. No doubt it was a rodent looking for its nightly fill of crumbs or other little creatures.

The last thing he could remember before he ended up there, was waiting at the 'Stop' sign for a mysterious black Porsche to make that narrow left turn, but instead it had slowed and the window had rolled down. Sasuke could not recall the man's face, but he could recollect the feel of cold, heavy steel slamming unmercifully into the back of his head.

He guessed that did explain the mystery of his throbbing skull and the warmth trickled down his scalp and tingled like an itch that he wanted so badly to rid himself of.

Grimacing, Sasuke leaned his head forward onto his bent knees and waited for something – anything – to happen. He needed to know what he had gotten himself in to this time, but the harder he thought, the more his head began to throb more and more until his cuffed hands squeezed into tight fists and his nails dug harshly into the flesh of his palm.

Sasuke hoped he hadn't done something that would put his life in danger, though when he thought about it, he hadn't strayed away from the routine he'd set for himself. It had been the same for some time now: go to school, go straight home, eat, and then go to sleep.

So who did he manage to piss off this time?



An hour later, the clink of jingling keys and the resounding stomp of rough soled leather boots against linoleum roused Sasuke from a nightmare he couldn't quite remember now that he was fully awake. The blindfold kept him in the dark and the cuffs around his wrist had stressed against his skin and made it sore.

He didn't bother raising his head when the bars of the cell, he'd guessed, slammed open a moment later. What was the point of trying to look at something you knew you wouldn't be able to see?

"Well, well… the little Uchiha don't look so damn proud now, does he?" The manly voice was loud and gravelly like the scraping of sandpaper against concrete, and the sound made Sasuke want to tear the man's throat out just so he wouldn't have to hear something so horrendous yet again.

Keeping his head down, Sasuke frowned and tensed up the tiniest bit, hoping that the other would either tell him why he was here, or leave him as he was. Sasuke, unlucky as he was, got neither choice before the man had grabbed onto his shoulder quite roughly and hauled him onto shaky legs.

He was pushed forward non-too-gently and something cold and tight was immediately clasped around his neck and attached to a chain, by the sound of it. Pulled along like a dog, Sasuke just couldn't stop himself from resisting. He still had his pride and dignity to uphold and no Uchiha would be willingly treated like an undisciplined animal.

Rearing back, Sasuke swung his leg around in the direction he had last heard the man's voice, which happened to be directly behind him. Although by the grunt, he knew he had hit the man, he just didn't know where, but he soon discovered his answer.

"Shit! Little bastard kicked me in the nuts!" The mans lewd language by no means bothered the Uchiha, and the feeling of accomplishment had swelled up and up until even his chest was puffed out in pride and arrogance. That is, until he was hit with an uppercut right to his lifted chin, and he could feel the blood flooding his mouth from the bitten tongue.

"That'll teach you, little bastard." The fact that he'd been called 'little' almost had Sasuke repeating the same action as before. Last time he checked, he was eighteen years old and well on his way to becoming the prodigy of his clan and the heir of his father's business, especially after Itachi's sudden disappearance. More than some guard would ever be, truthfully.

Besides, he still wanted to know why he was where he had been taken in the first place.



Sooner than he'd thought, they'd stopped somewhere, but he couldn't tell. Straining his ears, Sasuke could hear distant voices and the sound of a man ordering people around. The slimy voice talked to people as if they were dogs, even going so far as to say 'sit' or 'kneel', and from what Sasuke was surprised to hear, he swore he heard the man order someone else to do something quite... sexual.

A swift knock on the door alerted the Uchiha that they had indeed stopped at a room, and a muffled 'enter' answered back to them but just a second later, and the door was swung open.

The first thing his senses were attuned to were the smell of sex and sweat, the sound of moaning and the presence of someone quite powerful and with great authority, but menacing. Sasuke suppressed a shiver and refused the urge to whip back and break the guard's hand as he was shoved roughly into the room.

"Careful with the gift for my apprentice!" That powerful voice demanded. His voice was not as rough as the guard's but it was not pleasant at all. It was smooth and rich, but it had that underlying note that could have any other person cowering in a corner somewhere, but not Uchiha Sasuke, nope.

Sasuke snorted and sneered, upset at the thought of being recognized as an object for someone else. How degrading.

The guard seemed to tense behind him for a moment, before his presence had disappeared almost too rapidly. "Yes sir, my apologies my Lord."

What the hell? What was this, the middle ages? No one said things like "my lord" anymore, unless they happened to be praying or something.

Before he could think anymore on it, a finger was skimming across his cheek, just lightly, almost like a feather and Sasuke could not contain the shiver that shook him from his spine to the tips of his fingers and turning his thought into another direction. Forget where he was, but who was this man?

A slight whisper of something quite softer than a touch, brushed against his ear, and Sasuke discovered it to be the hot breath of his captor as soon as words left his lips. "My, my… you've grown into his exact replica."

Whom the man was referring to, Sasuke couldn't help but wonder as he wished he could crawl away from the touch, but his feet had grown roots and he was planted to the spot, lips sewn shut with imaginary thread. Did this man happen to know him already?

Why did he have a feeling that something immensely important was about to take place, and it was no doubt going to change everything he had worked for up until now.



While Sasuke mused over such things, another blindfolded figure entered the room upon his mentor's request, wondering what could be so important.

Surely it wasn't the day that mattered much, his twenty-third birthday. The man hadn't celebrated for that occasion since he'd left his home and his family.

The male slipped forward silently, feet drifting soundlessly over the floorboards; even though his eyes were covered he knew this place like the back of his hands. Long hair let loose, for he had just taken his nightly shower and was not expecting to be called on so urgently.

Uchiha Itachi could not lie and say that he didn't feel the least bit sad, for there was one person he regretted leaving behind, and that was the only one he truly cared about; Sasuke. It had been a tradition of theirs to take off the day and spend it with one another on each of there birthdays, but that had ended just as abruptly as his disappearance. Of course he's left a note explaining that he no longer wanted to stay in that house with that communist of a man, Fugaku, and like he knew that they would, his parents fell for it. Word had gotten to him though, that Sasuke had asked around for him for years, though his location had not been unearthed. The boy didn't want to give up until he had been sure that his brother was safe and not lying in a ditch somewhere in the inner city of Konoha.

"Ah, you've finally decided to join us, my apprentice." Madara shushed the younger male as soon as his mouth was opened to respond. "Now don't talk, you'll ruin the surprise. Remember what they told you when I sent them to fetch you? "

Itachi nodded, not knowing what the meaning of this was, but he decided to go along with it. Mine as well, nothing surprising had happened for him in years, It would be nice to stray away from the normal at some time.

He didn't bother pulling back as a coercing hand grabbed onto his shoulder and led him to the center of the room, the bed Although he did not like to be touched, Madara wouldn't like it so much if he had ordered the older man not to touch him.

"Bring the other here, and put some tape over his mouth so he doesn't speak," Itachi listened as Madara snapped orders and his little sex toys scrambled to do as they were told so as to escape the possibility of any kind of punishment.

"Hey, don't tou-!" Whoever the other male in the room had to be, he did not seem happy at all.

Madara clapped happily as the youngest Uchiha was thrown on the bed, laughing at the entire situation. Itachi, who had been yearning for the companionship of his little brother since he'd left three years ago, was sitting so nonchalantly on the edge of the bed, legs cross pristinely, while Sasuke scrambled to a sitting position as best as he could with the handcuffs.

What a show it would be tonight.

Walking closer to the bed, Madara pushed Itachi back so that he lay on his back in the center of the bed and moved to the other side as Itachi easily complied. He almost didn't understand why the older Uchiha was being so cooperative.

Coming up behind Sasuke, Madara laid one hand on the cuff while the other trailed across the silken, white skin of his youngest nephew's neck. "Now if you want me to remove these handcuffs, you must promise to behave yourself." Sasuke nodded solemnly, just wanting to get the unforgiving steel cuffs away from his wrists.

"Now, I am doing a favor for my apprentice tonight, and I want you to have sex with him. If you do that, I will let you go, and you can go home and act like none of this ever happened. Understood?"

Sasuke was bewildered. What was wrong with the man? Kidnapping him to have sex with his apprentice?!

If that was all it took to go free, though, Sasuke would accept. He would just remember to wash himself twenty times more that night; he didn't know what this person might have.

Itachi , on the other hand thought nothing of this. He'd been with people before, whether it be a one-night stand or a relationship. He didn't care. The prospect of having sex with someone blindfolded was mysterious, and although a bit suspicious, it was also exciting, and excitement was something that his life had been lacking lately.

Itachi had never been afraid to do something a bit risqué, and besides, what was there to lose. He'd already sold his soul to the devil.

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