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Part Three



Sasuke could have blacked out at that moment, he could never be too sure, though what he was sure about was that the hand brushing back hair on his forehead and ruffling the butterflies in his lower belly was sure to be Itachi's.

Fate could not have fucked him over anymore than it did that night. He'd just had sex with his very own sibling and there was no denying the fact that it had been the most joyous experience in his short life, but why did it have to be his very own blood brother.

There was that tiny bit of hope that welled up inside of him, knowing that now he knew his brother was okay, maybe Sasuke could convince him to return home with him. It had been hard knowing that Itachi did not want to be found, did not even care to contact his little brother and let hm know that at least he was okay. Betrayal, among other things, were beginning to make his chest feel heavy with emotion and grief as he peered into Itachi's sharp eyes, looking for some type of affection.

Itachi was speechless, words failing him as he couldn't take his eyes off of his younger brother, who was still as naked as the day he was born with his blood brother's very own semen splattered against his pale abdomen.

What had he just done? How could he have let Madara trick him into something so shameful. The man was a conniving bastard, a liar skilled in the art of trickery, as was proved by how easily he's gotten through Itachi's steel armor and straight to the heart of things. There was nothing that Itachi could say to right this wrong, nothing could atone for this sin.

For Itachi, Heaven was unattainable.

"S... Sasuke..." Itachi could feel his insides quiver with the stillness and the pain in Sasuke's eyes as the boy tried to sort out his muddled thoughts, hoping to avoid realizing what they had just done with one another. "Blood of my blood," he whispered.

Sasuke swallowed, feeling his lip quiver in resentment at seeing the shame and remorse in Itachi's eyes. Could not Itachi at least be happy that Sasuke was safe and they were together for the first time in years?

He felt his face heat up in rage, emotions unraveling the perfectly placed visage that held them under control. "Why did you bring me here?" Sasuke spat towards Madara, loathing the smirk painted upon the older Uchiha's countenance, as if he had been enjoying the show all along. "Why?!"

Sasuke felt the rumble of his words as they rolled off his tongue like water, too distressed to worry about trivial matters like his nudity or what Itachi thought of him like this, confused and vulnerable; angry like he always seemed to be.

"You sick fuck, I'll kill you!" Sasuke sprang up, hoping to attack him, but Itachi chose that moment to take charge and tackle the boy against the bed he had never quite made it off of. The two went sprawling off the bed, bodies exposed to the leering Uchiha, who watched on in amusement as his charge struggled to control the younger boy.

Itachi had already predicted Sasuke's anger and knew that Madara's careless attitude would somehow set the boy off, though he could hardly care for his uncle's safety. It was his brother that he was worried about. When challenged, Madara could become quite ruthless, and torturing his youngest nephew was in no way above his standards.

Finally, Itachi had had enough of Sasuke's struggling and slammed the boy's hands onto the floor beneath them. With Sasuke pinned beneath him, Itachi breathed out shakily, wishing he had thought to cover himself and his brother.

"Stop this, Sasuke," he rasped quietly, "you are going to hurt yourself. Just please, listen to me." Itachi's voice was placating in an attempt to sooth his younger brother, but Sasuke refused to let the older Uchiha manipulate him like he always tended to do when they were younger. He wasn't a boy anymore, and he damn well wouldn't do a thing for his treacherous brother.

"No, I'm not doing anything for you, lying bastard. Get the fuck off of me!" Sasuke was beside himself with hate and emotions he could not put into words. This brother whom he had once loved and looked up to had turned to their uncle and abandoned him. This man was not who he had grown up with.

"You speak as if I knew who you were as well, little brother," Itachi snarled, feeling like he should clear his name, though what others thought of him never mattered to him before, so why now?

Sasuke scoffed, turning his head sharply to the side so as to avoid any eye contact. He felt so ashamed, like he'd failed once again, only this time he failed himself without a thought to anyone else. "Just let me go, I've served my purpose here."

Madara grinned from the sidelines. "Yes, you did."

Itachi's head snapped up with the sound of Madara's voice, feeling nothing but betrayal for the promise his uncle had broken. Madara had swore on his honor that he would not bother Sasuke or any of his family for that matter, however, he should have known better than to trust a business man.

"Stay out of this," Itachi hissed, glaring eyes turning red as he spoke, "you have already broken your promise. The agreement we made is discontinued from here on out."

Madara threw back his head and huffed a bitter laugh, the action sending shivers down Itachi's spine. "Ha! Really, you are in no position to be calling any shots, though you are hardly of any use to me anymore. You used to be good in bed, but now the sex is monotonous and your company bores me."

Sasuke gasped sharply upon the unearthed information of his brother's relationship with their uncle. It seemed Itachi was used to being incestuous after all, though the word itself made Sasuke feel disgusted with his own thoughts. He had enjoyed the sex, even knowing now that it had been Itachi, his mind kept flashing back to the feel of that heat swallowing him whole and pulling him into that tight paradise.

Itachi didn't do much but narrow his eyes. "You seemed to be enjoying it while it was happening."

"Hm, I guess," Madara sniffed. "However, things have not turned out how I had planned them to, and this... reunion of sorts is becoming tiring very quickly. You are free to leave."

"W-what?" Sasuke stuttered. This was not happening, this could not be for real, he thought. Surely, Madara would take away their memory, beat and lock them up, or something.

Itachi tensed, knowing that his uncle could not possibly be serious in his attempts to make them believe he was going to let them off so easily. "What are your intentions, Madara?"

Madara sighed impatiently, "Fine, suit yourself. Guards," he snapped, followed by a rush of footsteps stomping outside the door, and the entrance of who was obviously the chief guard. "Escort these young men out of my compound." And that was all that was said before Madara turned his nose up in the air and turned his back.

Itachi was hoisted from his brother harshly, but recovered from his stumble by backhanding the guard roughly handling him. "Don't. Touch. Me."

The guard shied away, cheeks flushed a bright red in embarrassment as he gained his bearings. "Right, this way," he growled, throwing a glance in Sasuke's direction, whom had recovered his clothes and was slipping his shirt over his head, other clothing already having been thrown on haphazardly.

Itachi retrieved his robe and followed the guards out, though not suspecting the pain of a heavy object making contact with the rear of his skull.

Sasuke had hit the floor only a second before he did.



Waking up in an alleyway was nothing short of disgracing and utterly disrespectful. A moan from his left brought Itachi to full awareness as he glanced over to see his younger brother with his back against the damp brick walls of whatever building they were behind. Sasuke seemed a little worse for wear as he cradled his forehead within his palms and his knees pulled up to his chest.

"Sasuke, are you hurt?" Itachi inquired, wondering if maybe he should find a phone and call the ambulance. Crawling over, he spotted the blood spilling between Sasuke's thin fingers, feeling rage well up inside of him for the rough, unnecessary treatment of his younger brother.

Sasuke inhaled in quick spurts of breath, hyperventilating, though he tried hard to hide it from Itachi. "No," he panted, "get away from me."

Itachi gently tried to pry away the hand on his brother's head, but was slapped away by an enraged Sasuke. "Would you just stop it! Quit acting like you care, and go crawl back to Madara. I'm sure he'll let you back if you just spread your legs for him!"

The boy was obviously hurting mentally as well as physically, and it was understandable, so Itachi bit his tongue and sat beside his brother, making sure to leave a little distance between the two of them.

"Sasuke..." Itachi started, wondering what he could say to his brother to let him know that he had not gone a day without thinking of him, wondering if Sasuke hated him for leaving. "I don't want you to hate me, though I understand that forgiveness may not be possible. I would like you to try and forgive me, and I will do what it takes to earn your forgiveness."

Itachi's voice was soft, pleading almost, but that was a little too much for his pride to allow.

Sasuke did not say a word, though he felt the sorrow in Itachi's words, could hear it in his voice, but forgiveness was along ways away.

"I-", Sasuke cut himself off, eyes wandering as he searched for words. "I don't know," was all that he could bring himself to say. "I don't know."

Itachi grabbed the younger boy's hand, rejoicing in the fact that he did not pull away. It would be a long road, and he would pay his penitence, but one day he hoped that Sasuke would forgive him, but for now, he was on thin ice.



Madara relaxed in his room, rewinding the tape over and over as his hand moved fluidly along his shaft, pumping all that he could of himself as he watched his nephews time and again.

He knew he had played a shady game, a terrible one indeed, and in the end, he still had not gotten what he wanted. His eyes were locked onto his nephews body, unable to look away as he grunted his fifth release that night, always cumming at the same scene as his nephew threw back his head and groaned.

God, he was beautiful, and by all means, all that beauty would be his to have and to hold. His obsession had gotten away, but now he had to figure out how he would play this one out and get him back. The boy hadn't played into his hand as he had thought would happen, so he would have to try something new.

First, Itachi had to be removed from the picture.

I'm coming for you Sasuke, and I hope you're ready.


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