Death of Moonlight


Draco bent over gasping, hands on his knees as he yelled out breathlessly, "Anthony!"

His five year old son only giggled as he continued to run away from his father.

"Anthony Luke Malfoy! Come here now," Hermione yelled sternly from the porch of their country side home.

"Hey honey, when did you get home?" Draco asked innocently as he trekked toward the house his son running by him and latching around his mother's legs.

"Only five minutes ago, and I see not a second too late," Hermione said raising her eyebrows at her husband.

"Anthony go get washed up for dinner," the brown haired witch said patting her sons head of silky dark brown hair and looking down into his silver eyes. He smiled innocently up at her and said, "Yes mama."

"Why does he always listen to you?" Draco complained.

"I get Anthony and you get Darcy, speaking of she's up from her nap," Hermione said turning as the pitter of little footsteps came running around the hallway as they shut the front door.

"Dada!" a flash of white blonde ringlets and the little three year old girl was launching herself into her father's strong arms.

He lifted her up before pulling her to his chest nuzzling her soft curls.

"Hey princess, how's daddy's girl doing this afternoon?"

"Good dada," she said smiling her little angels smirk and blinking up at him with sleep filled doe brown eyes. He kissed his daughters nose before setting her back on the floor.

"Go wash your hands and face for dinner," he instructed watching as his little angel toddled towards the half bath near the kitchen.

Hermione shook her head, "you spoil that girl rotten."

"You coddle Anthony too much," Draco replied setting a soft hand on his wife's lower back to lead her into the dining room.

The flame that always seemed to spark up when they touched spread through Hermione like a wild fire and she gasped, "will that ever go away?" she asked feeling Draco's breath speed up also.

"Merlin I hope not," he said pressing his wife against the doorway and swooping down to press his lips against hers. She clutched at his cotton t-shirt fisting it in her small hands as he gripped her long curls. They opened up against each other with a sigh, the kiss familiar and yet exciting as Draco pressed her harder against the wall. Every inch of their bodies pressing against one another's desperately. Suddenly a cry from upstairs sounded and they pulled away from each other.

Both of them breathing heavily.

"I'll get her, you get the table ready," Hermione said smoothing down her shirt and she rushed up the stairs.

Draco stared after her for a second with a goofy smirk on his face before getting the table ready for dinner.

Anthony came in first hopping up into his seat with an innocent grin on his face.

"Anthony what did you do?" Draco asked sternly.

"Nothing Dad," he said with a smile.

Seconds later Darcy came in with an equally evil smile on and took her seat next to Anthony, they looked at each other before back at their father with sweet smiles.

He stared them down but they weren't cracking.

Another minute later Hermione came through the doorway, their eighteen month old daughter in her arms.

Hermione sat Ayden in her highchair and the baby grinned, a head of wispy blonde curls and bright grey eyes set in a cherubic face.

"What's for din mamma," Darcy asked with a smile.

"I think Dilly made spaghetti," Hermione replied makings sure Ayden was set in tight in her chair as Hermione spilled some Cheerio's out onto the tray and let Ayden play and eat them.

Draco took a look at his family, and it made his heart swell.

His children were a perfect mixture of his wit and charm and their mother's intelligence. He had no idea where they got their mischievous streak from.

Ayden laughed as she attempted to throw a Cheerio at Anthony who just made a silly face at his baby sister who only giggled more.

The small door leading into the kitchen opened and a small house elf entered carrying food but that's not what made Hermione gasp.

The small house elf's clothes were covered in red marinara sauce. The room was silent but both parents turned their eyes onto the children sitting across from them. Even Ayden was silent.

"What did you two do?" The children took one look at their parents before taking off at a run towards the kitchen.

As the door to the kitchen swung open and Hermione and Draco chased their children all four people began to slide on the floor that was covered in sauce.

All four fell down and slid across the kitchen covering themselves in sauce.

They all were slumped on the opposite side of the kitchen, spaghetti sauce covering every part of their bodies.

Draco took his finger and scooped up some of the sauce on his wife's neck and licked his finger.

"Dilly did well tonight," he said and all four burst into giggles and soon they were all rolling with laughter.

"But you two are still in huge trouble," Hermione said as the two children hung their heads.

A second later Dilly came in with Ayden walking next to him her small hand wrapped around his fingers.

She slipped on the sauce and fell, splat, on her diaper covered bottom and burst into giggles as she began to splash in the sauce.

The entire family began to laugh again and Draco thought that his life couldn't possibly get any better.

And all was well.

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