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"Ugh… what… happened?" Julie opened her eye's her head feeling groggy she didn't remember what happened, she looked around to get a look at her situation.

She didn't know how she got here. Julie was in Ben's apartment in his bedroom, there was nothing strange about that.

What was strange was that her hands had been tied together and were hanging over her head.

She was attached to the ceiling by some kind of white tape looking thing, she was being hung high enough so that she could only touch the floor by the tips of her bare feet.

She tried to pull herself free but she couldn't get free.

She looked down at herself and was surprised to see that her sweater and shirt was gone, all that was on her was her bra and skirt she blushed a bit at this fact.

Suddenly she saw someone open the door to Ben's room, it was Ben in his Benmummy form which explained where the tape around her hands came from.

"Ben?! What's going on? And what happened to my shirt?" Julie said.

Ben said nothing, he just took a few steps forward towards her.

Julie then remembered what had happened.

She was walking to here home from college when Ben had approached her in his Swampfire form and sprayed her with some kind of green mist.

She didn't know what it was but whatever it was must have knocked her out.

"Ben why are you doing this?!" Julie said, Ben still said nothing.

"Ben, why won't you say anything?" Julie said.

Ben raised one of his tape like tendrils at Julie's chin, his tape wrapped around the top of her head so that she couldn't move her head, Benmummy then looked straight at her and she could have sworn that he gave her an evil look.

"Ben?" Julie said with a bit of fear in her voice.

Ben took another one of his many tape like tendrils as he brushed what Julie thought was his finger in the area between her breast.

"Ah, Ben…w-what are yo-OHHH!" Ben let go of Julie's head and started to brush the uncovered areas of Julie's breast.

"Ah Ben s-AH!" Julie tried to say something but Ben's brushing had kept her from saying anything. Both of Ben tape fingers then wiggled their way under the fabric of Julie's bra.

"W-Wait, d-do-AH, Do-AHHH!" Julie began to feel a wave of pleasure as Ben began to rub the tape like fingers over her nipples and she was shaking from Ben fondling.

Julie bit the bottom of her lip as she tried to resist what Ben was doing to her, but it felt so good to her.

Suddenly Julie felt something messing with the clip of her bra. "NO STOP!" Julie yelled as she realized what was happening.

The clip holding her bra was undone and her bra was pulled off by Ben revealing two hardened pink nipples.

"STOP DON'T!" Julie's cheeks grew red from embarrassment she tried to cover her breast but the tape holding her arms had prevented her from doing so.

Ben began playing with her nipples again brushing the area with his fingers.

Julie didn't want to admit it but it felt really good having Ben fondle her breast.

"ah ah AHH!" Julie couldn't help moaning as Ben was fondling her, she tried to stop but it was too good to her.

Her breast wiggled every time she tried to get away but she couldn't, so she just stood there closing her eyes as she let Ben play with her breast and nipples.

Suddenly without reason Ben stopped touching her, Julie was trying to catch her breath from the pleasure as Ben stopped.

"W-why did you stop?" Julie asked realizing what she said.

She didn't know why she said that all of a sudden, it was a mistake.

Ben's tape finger extended and placed itself on Julie's butt.

Julie let out a tiny squeak as she felt Ben's tendril move around on her butt.

"Be-EEK, Ben what are you doing?" Julie said.

Ben stopped moving and Julie felt his finger reach around the waistband of her skirt.

Julie opened her eyes in shock as she felt the zipper of her skirt go down.

"NO NO STOP! DON'T DO THAT!" Julie yelled but it was in vain as Ben started to slowly move her skirt down an inch at a time.

Julie tried to wiggle her hips left and right trying to stop Ben, but all it did was make her look more alluring as Ben moved the skirt down as it fell to the floor.

Julie tried to bend her legs up as she hung by her hands trying in vain to get her skirt back up, but Ben took this opportunity to pull her skirt from her feet and toss it to the other side of the room.

Julie was now left in nothing but a pair of lacy looking panties, there was a wet spot on her from getting aroused from Ben fondling her so much. Ben didn't leave her like that for long.

Ben sent two of his tendrils to the sides of her underwear and wrap around the waistband. Ben began to pull down slowly.

"Don't, please stop!" Julie said as she felt her underwear being pulled down.

Soon Julie was completely naked and she felt a breeze of cold air on her pussy.

Ben moved his mummy looking head down to get a look at Julie, her wet pussy.

She was a shiny looking pink and she had a small shaved mound of pubic hair.

Julie tried to close her legs trying to hide her wet sex but it was no use.

Ben began to brush the area of her wet sex as Julie began to moan from it.

"ah ah ahhh don't- ah stop pl- AAHH, ohhh!" Julie tried to resist again but it was an even bigger vain than when her breast were being fondled, because this felt even better than before.

Ben stuck his finger horizontally between the lips of her slit and started wiggling around, Julie arched her head back when she felt a large wave of pleasure, she could feel herself getting even more wet.

"ah AAAHHHH BEEENNN!" Julie moaned out his name as she lost her focus.

She didn't care that Ben was doing this to her anymore, it felt so good to her.

Ben brought his finger up and she felt Ben's tendril brush the tip of her clit, which made her moan loudly. Ben then brought his hand up and placed it on Julie's mouth.

Julie wondered what he was doing till she felt one of Ben's fingers wrap around her mouth, he was gagging her.

"BEN STOP, I DON'T-MM MPH MMM!" Julie tried to speak but Ben had left a wrapping of his finger around her mouth preventing her from speaking.

Ben then extended four of his fingers around making it look like some kind of rope, Ben then stuck his long rope like arm in through the space between her knees.

Julie was wondering what he was doing then, she then noticed that the rope was coming up getting closer to her pussy.

"Mmm MPH!" Julie then felt Ben lift her upwards a bit from his rope like finger.

"MMMMMPPPHHHH!" Julie could feel herself being lifted up as she was now hanging from the area between her legs.

"MMMMMM!!!" Julie tried to reach the ground but she could barely touch the floor with the tips of her feet.

"mmmmmmMMMMMPH!" Julie then felt Ben pull back his tendril, she felt Ben's rope finger rubbing against her pussy and clit.

She looked down to see a trail of her wetness on Ben's finger as he was pulling his finger up.

Julie slumped back down as Ben finally got to the end of his finger, she touched the floor and tried to catch her breath.

"Mph?" Julie then felt Ben's hand wrap around her ankles and he started pulling up, his hands then touched to areas of the ceiling.

Julie was now hanging horizontally in the air by her hands and feet, with her legs spread open.

Julie felt embaressed hanging sidways in the air like she was, Ben now had a full view of her most private areas and she could do nothing to stop him.

Julie was completly helpless.

"Mmmm mph mmmm!" Julie made a few attempts to get down from where she was hanging but all it did was cause her to wiggle her breast and butt which Ben found very sexy.

Ben touched the area symbol of his Omnitrix and he turned back to normal.

Julie looked up to see Ben was naked as he approached her between her legs.

Julie felt something poking her slit and felt Ben's hands pushing up on her butt.

Julie moved her head up to see Ben's member was positioned at her entrance.

"Mph mmmph MMMMMPPH!" Julie felt Ben penetrating her as he began to move back and forth.

Julie felt a well of pleasure as Ben was trusting inside of her.

Julie felt one of Ben's hands leave her butt and onto one of her breast and he began to rub her breast and nipple adding to the pleasure Julie was feeling.

Julie felt something welling up inside her, she was close to cuming and from the way Ben was picking up speed she thought he was as well.

Ben began to speed up even more and Julie could hear the sound of their bodies hitting each other.

"JULIE!" Ben yelled out. "MMMMPHHHH!" Julie yelled as she felt them both reaching their climax.

Julie felt her insides being filled up by Ben as the two stopped. Ben pulled himself out of Julie and untied her legs.

Julie fell back to the ground and was facing Ben, tired from all that had happened. Ben removed the gag on her mouth and began to kiss Julie and she began to kiss her back.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Ben asked as he was hugging her.

"Are you kidding, it was great," Julie said. "But next time at least tell me when you're going to surprise me like that," Julie said.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind next time," Ben said said with a smirk as the two started to make out.

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