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"Yawn what a day," Julie said walking the steps to her home. Julie had finally finished her Plumbers work for the day and headed home. Julie was wearing her usual attire of a short white skirt, but she decided to day was too hot to wear her usual pink sweater so she was wearing her thin black T-shirt.

When Julie got to her door she reached into her purse and grabbed the key to unlock the door. When she put the key in the slot she was slightly surprised to see that the door was already unlocked.

"Huh? Did I forget to lock the door?" Julie questioned. She was certain that she locked the door, living a life of fighting aggressive aliens had made her a careful person. She cautiously opened the door of her home and looked inside to check for anything dangerous. Her home looked the same way she left it so she didn't think anyone had left in a trap to set for her. Julie softly stepped into the home looking left and right for any signs of intruders.

Though Julie was being cautious in her entrance it wasn't enough to prevent what happened next.

*YANK* "AHH!" Julie cried out in shock as something thin but strong wrapped around her ankles and lifted her up into the air hanging upside-down. Her apartment room wasn't exactly a tall room but she wasn't able to reach for the floor below her head. Julie was in a slight panic as she tried to reach for whatever was holding her by her ankles, but when she tried to reach for her legs something suddenly lassoed around both her hands and pulled them together keeping them stuck.

Julie's arms were pulled down and somehow stuck to the floor below her. Julie was stuck in midair hanging parallel with her arms and legs keeping her body straight, but that didn't stop her from struggling in the air and shaking her body what little she could.

"Ben! Are you in here?" Julie said still swinging her body around trying to get free.

*Splat* "Hu-AH!" Julie suddenly felt something from behind her head wrap around her eyes cutting off her sight, the material Julie felt was slightly like silk but slightly rougher, Julie suddenly knew that it was indeed Ben who did this to her in his SpiderMonkey form, either that or some other Arachnichimp.

"Ben? What are you doing?" Julie asked. "Just wanted to say hi Julie," Spidermonkey said in his happy optimistic voice. Julie felt his tail going around her head and she felt a splat of webbing going over her mouth gagging her. As Julie struggled in her bonds she felt Spidermonkey in his small light form crawling on the back of her body, noting that he didn't avoid grabbing her breast or butt to help lift him onto her hanging form. Julie felt nervous unable to see or speak as Spidermonkey climbed onto her back, she felt his hands and feet both grabbing onto her skirt and shirt.

Lifting her shirt up past her head so it hung downward stuck to her wrist around her silk tied hands. Her skirt was lifted to her feet and stuck up there around her ankles with silk. Julie was stripped down to her underwear and she struggled in the air, she started to feel a bit lightheaded but she wasn't sure if it was because of what Ben was about to do to her or if it was because of her being upside-down.

Spidermonkey who was still on Julie pushed up on Julie's bra moving it out of the way revealing both her breast, with his four arms he used two arms to massage her soft chest causing her nipples to harden, using his other two arms he pinched at her hardened pebbles twisting and pinching them between his fingers. Julie who was still blind and gagged started moaning and twisting her head as she felt herself being felt over, her face flushed a bit as she felt the pleasure from her breast.

"Mph, MPH MMM!" Julie body shuddered and twisted, Spidermonkey hung on to her easily as if she wasn't moving at all. Spidermonky moved around to the front side of her body letting his hand like feet take care of her breast molding and rubbing her hardened nipples. Spidermonkey moved up to her thighs which were stuck together. Sliding his finger around the waistband of her panties he felt Julie shudder slightly out of anticipated embarrassment. Julie's last covering was pulled up to her ankles leaving her sex bare and dripping.

"MMMPH MNM!" Julie began moaning loudly as she felt Spidermonkey's many hands began fondling her wet pussy. Her labia lips were spread out, she felt his tongue lick the inside of her soft pink flesh, and her stiffened clit was stroked under its hood. Julie spasmed out from her fondled sex almost swinging around from the threads that were holding her. The pleasure Julie felt was becoming too much for her and she was close to climaxing, but suddenly Ben stopped rubbing her breast and pleasuring her wet pussy right as she felt herself about to cum.

"MM? MMPH MMM!" Julie began complaining about Ben stopping right as she was about to orgasm, she tried rubbing her legs together trying to get back the pleasurable feeling but it wasn't nearly enough to get back the feeling she wanted. Julie felt Ben move around again higher where she felt herself being lowered from her feet, Spidermonkey carefully began lowering Julie down till she was lying on her back.

Julie rubbed her butt against the carpet again as she was still trying to get back to her near orgasmic state moving her hips left and right. Julie's silk wrappings were moved off of her ankles and Spidermonkey took away her skirt and panties, allowing her to spread out her legs and feel the cool air breeze her wet sex, her feet were planted on the floor and she lifted her hips up like she was presenting herself to Ben hoping he would go back to pleasuring her.

Spidermonkey though grabbed onto Julie's hands and removed her wrist wrappings shirt and bra. The moment she was free the still gagged and blind Julie reached out for her sex as she began rubbing herself, but Ben grabbed onto her hands despite her loud muffled protest.

"MMPh mmmm," Julie sounded like she was whining, which was turning Ben on a lot. Spidermonkey forced both of Julie's writs to cross together as he wrapped them up with spider silk, now Julie was unable to go back to rubbing the lips of her sex as her protest got louder. Spidermonkey left on the blindfold but pulled off the gag allowing Julie to speak.

"Ben? Please stop! I need to cum," she said in an almost pleasing tone, Julie tried weakly standing with her hands still tied behind her back and her vision still impaired, her sex juices slightly dripped onto the floor as her legs buckled on her weight. Julie tried to move to where she heard Ben but moved slowly as she was blind, Julie heard a loud beep and Ben turned back into his normal form.

"Over her Julie," Ben said playfully signaling the blind Julie to move forward. Julie tried walking towards Ben in her dazed state, she tripped and was about to hit the ground but Ben caught her by her shoulders. Julie felt her body against Ben and noticed he wasn't wearing anything himself.

Julie felt Ben pick her up before laying on the ground flat himself with Julies body in the other direction leaving them in a 69 position. Julie didn't know what was going on till she felt Ben's member poking at her cheek, Julie let out a squeak when she felt Ben rub his fingers over her still sensitive lips making her body shake.

"AHH!" Julie shouted when his fingers went over her pussy lips, Ben didn't do anything else for a while and Julie desperately wanted more. She started licking at Ben's stiff member before taking his whole cock into her mouth and began sucking and pumping him. As soon as Ben felt her lips he grabbed onto her hips and brought his face up to her glistening sex and started licking making Julie moan while she was sucking him off causing his penis to vibrate in her mouth. As she lunged her body back it brought her hips closer to Ben's tongue which he stuck into her making both side feel immense amounts of pleasure.

"m-mph MMPH!" Julie suddenly stopped moving her head as her hips and back arched up from her orgasm, her liquids flooded out of her body and Ben open and placed his whole mouth over her sex drinking up her leaking juices. Julie felt limp over Ben's body feeling weak and tired, Ben who still hadn't reached his own peak moved Julie off of her and got up. Julie's was laying on her front still on top of her knees, her hips in the air and her pussy exposed.

Ben had grabbed onto her hips and pressed his member to her sex. Julie who was feeling the effects of her previous orgasm felt Ben start rocking his hips into her. Julie sex was still sensitive from the previous orgasm making her quickly feel the pleasure from Ben, his pace quickened and she heard flesh hitting flesh as Ben reached his own peak of pleasure, she rocked her own hips as she felt herself reaching her own peak a second time.

After a few more minutes of thrusting Ben gave on final thrust into her causing them both to reach their climax. Julie's legs pressed together when she felt her both their juices leaking out of her sex. Ben pick her up and carried her with him to the couch and they both laid down with Ben hugging her. Julie felt herself fall asleep lying down on the still naked Ben allowing him to hold and rub her breast as she drifted to sleep.

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