This is the threequel to "Sugar" and "Sweet", except this one's going to be a chapter story. Have at it.

Bittersweet Sugar

After Bubbles had left his home to see her sisters, Mojo half-hoped that things would be patched up with them. He really didnt want to see Bubbles the way that he had seen her that night. On the other hand, he really did want to see her leave the Powerpuff Girls for good...but he could hold onto that know, the one between becoming a hibachi master and ruling planet Earth? Yeah, that one.

But now, two days later, he was somewhere between livid and--for lack of a better phrase--pissed off. Things had been quiet with no real word from Bubbles, but he'd thought nothing of it until Buttercup had practically broken down his door, 'asking' if he knew where Bubbles was. He didnt even need his telekenisis to tell him that things between Bubbles and her sisters had gone from bad to worse, and instead of saying that he didnt know where she was and why should he even care, he had nearly torn Buttercup's head off, demanding to know what had happened.

So he had gotten smacked halfway across his observatory and into his bookshelf with nothing more than a 'why the hell do you even care anyway!?'. He had gotten right back up and decided to find out himself. He didnt find much, other than that there had been a fight. A big one. The holes in the Utonium residence was more than proof of that. He found a few more details by interrogating one of thier neighbors, who had heard a few things along the lines of 'traitor', 'no longer a Powerpuff', and 'Antidote X'. That, and a lot of 'blue fire'.

Upon further examination of the Utonium house, he noticed that most of the damage was from what looked like fire. He hadnt a doubt in his mind that Bubbles had decided to show off what she really had. Mojo deducted that she had gone a little too far, and someone had dumped Antidote X on her to stop it. But if that was the case, how could she have gotten away without her sisters finding her? Where was she now? What had really happened?

These and many other questions ran through Mojo's brain.

And he didnt have a clue as to how to answer them.