Mojo slumped in his seat, his heart still beating fifty miles a minute, even though he had been sitting there for well over twelve hours. He looked up, seeing that the Professor was pacing back and forth in front of the door that held the source of their worries; the Boomer, Butch, and Buttercup were sitting in either side of him, looking about as nervous as he felt. God, he could use a cigarette right now...

It had been five years since Mojo's daughter had been married to the Devil known as Him (or, as they all recently discovered, whose given name was His Infernal Majesty). Five years of happiness for Bubbles, and five years of somewhat loneliness from Mojo. Sure, he had tried the dating scene, but none of them had ever worked out. None of them had that thing he was looking for; hell, even Mojo didnt know what that thing was! But he was far from a recluse; he had his job, which he loved, and he had his children, who visited him frequently.

Speaking of which, he thought back to how much every one of them had changed.

Blossom was currently working on her Doctorate in human science, and despite going on a few dates with Brick, had settled with a boy at her med school named Dexter. He was an odd boy, but the perfect match for Blossom, in Mojo's humble opinion.

Buttercup had also attempted more dates with Butch, but broke it off for good after four missed dates and fifteen late ones. She had gotten her business degree, and had gone into business with Ace, who had also gotten a business degree and they currently had a chain of clubs called Ace of Spades. After two years working together, Ace had asked Buttercup to marry him. Ignoring everyone's frantic and weirded-out comments about Ace being a decade older than her, Buttercup had said yes. They too seemed like a good match, since they were both shrewd businessmen and had no qualms about breaking balls when needed.

As for Mojo's boys, all three of them were still in Hell; they had gotten permission from Him's father to go into demon trades to become demons themselves. So far, Butch was doing the best as Apprentice Guardian of the Ocularis Infernum. Brick decided to take on the occupation of Soul Collector. Boomer so far hadnt shown any sign of talent in any demonic field. All three boys had girlfriends now, and seemed very happy.

Mojo sighed, adjusting his glasses on his nose; he was kind of peeved when he found out a year ago that he needed them because of near-sightedness. They made him feel old, even though he was only technically biologically 25 (he had only been four when the Girls were born and when he became Mojo Jojo; plus, the Girls were born at the physical age of 5 to begin with). He hadnt had any sleep for almost two days since Bubbles had gone into labor, and he was about ready to doze off when Brick ran out of the room, startling them all.

"It's a girl!" he cried, grinning like a maniac. "Blossom says one guest at a time--Dad, you're first!"

Mojo felt his heart swell up; his first grandchild...a girl. He shot up from his seat and bolted into the room, where Him was sitting on the bed next to Bubbles and was cuddling her as she held a pink bundle in her arms, her red and sweaty face looking fresh and glowing as she looked down into the little bundle. She looked up and saw Mojo, and smiled. "Hey," she said, her voice hoarse from--no doubt--all the screaming she did to have this child.

Mojo walked over to the bed and sat down on her other side. "How was it?" he asked softly, brushing her golden hair out of her face. Bubbles heaved a tired sigh, giving him a half-smile.

"Harrowing," she replied. "But so worth it." She held out the small pink bundle. "You want to see her?"

His heart racing faster than ever, Mojo took the bundle and folded open the pink blanket to reveal the face of his granddaughter.

She looked so much like Bubbles; she had inherited Bubbles' skin tone, but he could see that she was going to have her father's facial structure. Her eyes were open, and Mojo saw that she also had Him's eyes, but instead of black irises, they were blue. She had a tuft of black hair on her head that felt very soft, like Bubbles'. She also had slightly pointed ears like Him. She opened her mouth and yawned, making a soft, echo-like sigh as her eyes closed, then opened back up to look at him again.

"She's beautiful," Mojo told Bubbles and Him. "Perfect." Bubbles smiled and leaned against Him, who had His arm tightly around her.

"That she is," Him replied, giving Bubbles a kiss on her head. Bubbles giggled, and Mojo was shocked when the little girl in her arms did the same, sounding just like Bubbles, except her voice echoed a little.

"What are you going to name her?" Mojo asked. Bubbles and Him looked at each other, and Bubbles smiled.

"...Jojo," she said, laughing. Him gaped at her, not knowing if she was serious or not, but one look from Him, who gave him a 'It was her idea, not mine' look told him that he was holding his new namesake. He looked back down at his granddaughter, who was giggling as though she had something to do with her own name, and hugged her very gently. He looked back up at Him and Bubbles, who were kissing; at Blossom and Brick, who were cleaning up after the birth; at the door, where everyone else was trying to get a peek at little Jojo...and he smiled as he cradled the baby to his chest.

Now, he knew....now he had everything he could ever want.