+Kissing Coffins+

Summary: Romy Anne Vanderbilt is spending the summer in Santa Carla with her uncle and his family. She's tired of the Beverly Hills lifestyle and all the fake people along with it. She's not your typical socialite; then again her new friends are anything but typical.

Okay, Lost Boys is possibly one of the greatest movies ever made. I just got it on my itunes so I've been watching it like crazy so I could get it just right when I wrote a fanfic. I hope my story does them justice. I created a playlist for this story; selections are featured at the beginning of each chapter. I encourage you to listen and read at the time. The O/C will be played by the beautiful Megan Goode. Look her up when you get the chance.

Chapter One: Platitudinous

"Santa Carla hasn't changed a bit, Romy." Rev. George Vanderbilt said, picking up his nieces heavy suitcases.

Romy tried to smile, "Yeah, it sounds great uncle George."

He threw her suitcases into the trunk of his beat up Chevy Tahoe, "Only two?"

She shrugged and slid into the passenger's seat of the vehicle. George turned the key in the ignition and the truck rumbled to life. As he tried to find a station in the radio that would appease his niece, George decided to make conversation with the girl.

"So, how're things in Beverly Hills."

"As superficial as ever." She said, "You're not missing much."

The rest of the ride was in silence, save for the slight hum of the radio playing soft jazz. Romy kept her hand out the window, liking the feeling of the breeze of the sea air. Santa Carla was a small beach town, the perfect place to spend summer vacation. It was full of interesting people and Romy remembered all the summers she'd spent with her uncle. Of course she didn't get to do most of the things she wanted, her uncle being a pastor and all. She wasn't allowed on the boardwalk after dark and had to go to church every Sunday; but maybe things would be different this time around. Her parents usually gave her plenty of leash to do whatever she pleased in the Hills. She ran a hand through her thick hair,

"Uncle George, would it be okay if I explored tonight?"

George gave her a look, "Explore? Romy, when we get home your aunt's got dinner ready and then we're taking the boys to the movies. Maybe tomorrow."

The boys, her cousins Kellan and Hayden, were fourteen but still babied by their parents. They didn't want them to be exposed to the obscene parts of Santa Carla, which apparently included the boardwalk. When they pulled up to the family house, a small two story with blue shutters, her Aunt Laurel was waving at them from the window.

George lugged the suitcases up the stairs, "I'll give you a second to freshen up. Dinner's in a few."

Romy nodded, "Sure thing."

The guest room was small and baby blue, perfect for a girl. It was like a mini beach retreat, with sand dollars hanging from the windows and landscape paintings of lighthouses. Romy opened her suitcase and changed from her sweatpants into a jean skirt, leaving her loose tank top on.

Dinner was uneventful, as usual. Romy stirred her spaghetti around her plate trying not to look as bored as she felt. She loved her family, she really did, but sometimes they could be the most monotonous people on the planet.

"So Romy, college soon?" Aunt Laurel asked.

Romy pushed some salad away from the red sauce, "Well you know, Harvard-"

"Hayden use a napkin!" Laurel scolded, interrupting her niece.

Hayden only sighed, "Mom! I don't need one."

Romy was thoroughly disgusted when her aunt began to wipe the upper lip of her son as he babbled about how he was capable of taking care of himself. After dinner was the usual family tradition of going to see a movie but Aunt Laurel decided against it because there wasn't anything 'family oriented' out. So everyone was demoted to watching reruns of Remington Steel while Aunt Laurel made sundaes. Romy decided to retire early, little did they know, Romy decided to go out and experience Santa Carla life herself.

Very short but I've written many chapters so I'll post them if I get reviews. Peace.