Chapter Five: Endurance

Dwayne and Paul led the way as they walked across the boardwalk towards two other bikers and surprisingly a little boy. The curly haired one in a patch-work jean jacket looked less threatening than the other peroxide blonde dressed in black. The little boy was standing dangerously on the wooden railing of the walk but he didn't show any sign of fright. If any, he was smiling from ear to ear.

"Finally!" the curly-haired one said exasperated, "I'm fucking hungry and you two just wander off!"

Paul rolled his eyes, "Chill man, we were only gone for, like, a minute."

This seemed to settle the other but the peroxide blonde still wasn't convinced. He had piercing blue eyes and Romy felt like he was undressing her with them.

"Well, well, well, maybe all's forgiven if you tell us your name sweetheart." He said, directing his question to Romy.

Romy stepped from behind Dwayne but he answered for her, "This is Fox."

"Fox," he grinned, "suits her."

He got off his bike, holding out his hand for Romy to shake, "David."

"Nice to meet you." She said politely.

"Hey don't forget me!" the other shouted, bounding over to them. He kissed Romy's hand, "Marko at your service, Fox."

Romy blushed, "Thanks."

She suddenly felt something latch onto her leg. Looking down she saw the little boy was hugging her quite tightly. Romy smiled at him,

"And who's this?"

Dwayne mussed the boy's hair affectionately, "Laddie."

Laddie gazed up at her, "Hi Fox!" he beamed, hugging her even tighter.

So this rag-tag bunch was the feared and respected Lost Boys. Romy couldn't believe they'd accepted her so readily, like they'd been old friends. Quickly she looked at her watch, not wanting the boys to see she was keeping tabs on her timing. She had to be home by twelve.

Romy stared at the small shot glass filled with whisky in front of her. The boys stood behind her, waiting anxiously to see what she would do next. She sniffed the liquid experimentally but withdrew quickly when it burned her nostrils,

"So just one gulp?" she asked reluctantly.

Paul nodded, "One gulp."

"C'mon Fox, you can do it." David said, patting her on the shoulder affectionately.

She took a deep breath, noticing that Marko had started to quietly chant her name in an attempt to egg her on.

"Here goes." Romy winced, knocking back the whisky swiftly. The boys cheered behind her, whooping happily amongst themselves. They downed their shots quicker than her with obvious experience.

Dwayne grinned at her, "Good?"

She looked at him, exasperated by the strong drink, "G-good."

She'd never had a drink before but being with the boys made her feel so grown up. So grown up in fact that she'd broken her curfew, as it was now 1AM.

Oh Romy's gonna be in BIG trouble for that. Next chapter Romy figures out what the boys really are.