Not Go Gentle

by cloneserpents

Part Fifteen

Standard Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all characters are property of J K Rowling, Warner Brothers, Bloomsbury Books, Arthur A. Levine Books, Raincoast Books, Scholastic publishing (et al.) and are used without permission. This work was written purely for noncommercial entertainment; no money is being made.

Title comes from a Dylan Thomas poem: "Do not go gentle into that good night"

WARNING: this work contains depictions of sex (heterosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, and group acts with both consensual and non-consensual sex scenes), graphic violence (including but not limited to torture, murder, mutilation, rape, and more). These actions will happen TO and be performed BY major canon characters (both protagonists and antagonists). This is a horror story so readers should expect evil activity from canon characters.

Summary: War wages on and Voldemort proves why he is the most feared wizard. Harry struggles against Voldemort's tyranny even with something horrible lurking inside him. Post-HBP. Pairings HP/HG/SB/DG DARK HARRY.

While the terrified Auror's screams still echoed off the walls of the Burrow, the person who had just dropped her father's head into her lap grabbed a fistful of Tonks' hair and yanked her head back hard. Her aunt, Bellatrix, snarled down at her. "Filthy little half-blood thought she could go behind our Master's back and get away with it, did she?"

"Oh God," moaned Tonks.

Bellatrix then forced Tonks to look down at the floor where the severed and mutilated head lay. "We had to teach you a lesson; so we cut off your mudblood father's head off."

Tonks screamed again. Her father's face was twisted and contorted in agony; his last moments of life were frozen on his face.

Bellatrix released Tonks' head. The evil witch sauntered to stand next to Ginny. A wicked smile formed on Bellatrix's thin lips. She squatted and reached down, running her fingers through the head's hair. She lifted the thing up, walked back to Tonks, and held it in front of the metamorphmagus' face. Tonks tried to close her eyes, but she could not. She sat there looking in horror at her father's severed head.

An amused giggle escaped Bellatrix's throat. While holding the head still, the Death Eater leaned down until her face was parallel to the decapitated head and opened her lips. Her tongue shot out and she dragged it up the dead face, licking it from the chin, over the cheek, and up the temple.

Bellatrix frowned in disgust. "Yuck! Tastes like a mudblood." She tossed the head over her back like it was trash. It landed with a sickening thump several feet away.

Ginny laughed. It was a light, musical laugh that filled the room.

Tonks looked at Ginny in surprise and shock. "Martha wasn't the spy?"

"Did you honestly think that bitch Patterson was the spy?" asked Ginny. She threw her head back and let out a long laugh. "Did you push her down the stairs hoping to make it look like an accident and free yourself from our Master?"

"How could you?" wailed Tonks. "How could you betray us?"

"Our dear Ginny saw the truth," said Bellatrix.

Tonks snapped her attention back to Bellatrix. "I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill you!"

"No you won't," a high, cold voice sounded.

Once again, the fear that voice created caused Tonks to lose control of her bladder.

Bellatrix bowed in reverence. "Master, I didn't know you were coming."

"When one of my Death Eaters decides to betray me, I am forced to take matters into my own hands," the Dark Lord said as he casually strolled into the kitchen. He looked at the unconscious Order members, saying, "If this had happened a year ago, when Dumbledore was alive and his precious Order was an actual threat, I would've killed everyone here. But now that the old Muggle lover is dead and gone, they are less than a threat – they're like playthings to me. I enjoy watching them struggle and twist in the wind."

The snake-like wizard walked to Ginny. The red-head fell to her knees and kissed the hem of his robes in pure worship.

"Rise, Ginerva," he said.

The red-head was trembling when she stood.

"Look me in the eye, Ginerva," the Dark Lord pressed gently.

"I don't deserve such an honor," said Ginny meekly, still averting her gaze.

Voldemort cradled Ginny's face in his hands and tenderly lifted her chin until she looked into his eyes.

Tonks was shocked to see Ginny's eyes sparkling with adoration and devotion.

"You of all people, Ginerva, have earned the right to look me in the eye," said Voldemort.

Tears spilled down Ginny's face. Her lip quivered and her arms twitched as if she desperately wanted to embrace the evil wizard but denied herself.

"It's good to meet you again," he said and his serpentine lips curled into a smile.

Joyful tears continued to cascade down Ginny's cheeks as she choked out, "Thank you, Master."

"No; thank you, Ginerva," Voldemort said. His hand left her chin and he glided the backs of his fingers over her tearstained cheeks. "You have proven to be my most valuable spy."

"I wish to do more for you, my lo—my Master," said Ginny, fumbling over the words.

"Soon, my dear, soon," he said. Voldemort turned and faced Tonks. "But for now, we must deal with my less faithful spy."

Tonks lowered her head and wept.

"Did you doubt my word, Nymphadora?" he asked. "You must have, for you eliminated the innocent witch that you thought was my spy, and tried to get the Order to rescue your parents." His words were like a knife twisting in her belly.

The fiend walked up behind Tonks and placed his hands on her shoulders. Tonks tired to shrink away from his touch but she could not move.

"You forced your Aunt to murder your father. It was your foolish action that led to your father's death. It is solely your fault he's dead."

She sobbed.

"Have you learned your lesion, Nymphadora? Will you ever try to betray me again?" he asked almost sweetly.

"No," Tonks choked out.

"Than say it," he ordered.

"I won't betray you."

"Tell me that you are my faithful servant."

"I am-" she gulped down another sob. "I'm your faithful servant."

"I wish I could believe you, Nymphadora, but you've betrayed me once," he said. "And with your father gone, I have lost half of my insurance over you. Perhaps I'll just replace the mudblood with someone else."

Voldemort's hands left Tonks' shoulders. She heard his hand slip into his pocket and she knew he was drawing out his wand.


Suddenly, Remus' body lifted into the air. Tonks screeched "No!"

The metamorphmagus fell from her chair and grabbed onto Remus' feet. Desperately, she clung onto her lover as his unconscious body floated further into the air.

"Come now, Nymphadora, you knew this had to happen," said Voldemort.

Remus' body pulled from Tonks' fingers. She collapsed to the floor in a heap.

"You know the rules; if you obey me and are faithful, your werewolf lover will not be harmed." Voldemort's red eyes sparkled. "Well, not permanently harmed."

Voldemort walked to the door with Remus floating behind him. Pointing to the remaining Order members, The Dark Lord said to Bellatrix, "Adjust these fools' memories. Make them believe Nymphadora and the werewolf had gotten word that a pack of werewolves in Spain were sympathetic to the Order's cause. Lupin went to Spain in hopes of enlisting them. He'll be out of touch for some time."

"Yes, Master."

Once the Dark Lord had left, Bellatrix began to work. She went to each Order member in turn, incanting "Obliviate."

As Bellatrix worked, Ginny moved to Tonks' father's discarded head and transfigured into a piece of parchment before throwing it into the fire.

Bellatrix turned to Ginny and said, "Good job."

"Thank you." The red-head's face was glowing with pride.

Once Bellatrix had left, Tonks made her move. She jumped up, whipped out her wand and lunged for the witch that betrayed her. Ginny pivoted on the ball of right foot and kicked out with her left. Her heel slammed into Tonks' groin. The Auror tumbled to the floor in pain.

"Wow, you really are dense aren't you," said Ginny.

"I'll fucking kill you, you cunt!" snarled Tonks through both the physical pain and emotional agony that ate at her.

Ginny leaned down and whispered softly into Tonks ear; "And just what do you think will happen to your blood-traitor mother and your lupine lover if anything were to happen to me?"

Tonks bit her tongue and glared threateningly at Ginny.

"Maybe they'll cut the subhuman creature's cock off and make you suck it like lolly," the red-head laughed.

"Why?" demanded Tonk. "Why'd you join his side? They cut your bother's arm off!"

"My family," she said the word as if it was a foul thing, "is nothing more than worthless blood-traitors! They deserve that and more! And I intend to be the one that punishes them for their traitorous actions."

"What?" The Auror was shocked by the anger in Ginny's voice.

"Let's just say I have a little surprise for this family and this hovel they call a house the day my Master finally decides to let me join him at his side," the red-head said with malice and rage dancing in her eyes. "You could say they'll be blown away."

Tonks struggled to her feet. She wanted to hex Ginny at the very least. But the little bitch was right: if anything happened to her, Tonks' mother and Remus would pay dearly.

"When did you join him?" asked Tonks.

Ginny smiled. "It started a long time ago. I was nothing more than a naive little girl when I met him. He showed me the truth about the world."

She placed her hands over her heart and admitted "That's when I fell in love with him."

"What?" balked Tonks.

Ginny smiled serenely. "I was just a little girl, but he opened my heart and mind. We would speak for hours and hours. I was so much in love with him that I nearly gave up my life so that he could be born again.

"There I was, an eleven year old girl, and not only did I love him completely, I knew his cause was more important than my life. I was ready and willing to sacrifice myself so that he could live."

The red-head's features twisted into anger. "Then that half-blood pillock stumbled in, thinking he was saving me, and killed the man I loved."

It looked as if Ginny was about to spit. "I was so lost and afraid. So alone now that Potter had killed him. I wanted to end my own life; if Tom wasn't in my world then I didn't want to be in it either. But I was too weak, I couldn't kill myself.

"Worst yet, I had to pretend. I told my family that Tom had possessed me and made me do those things. I was weak and I hated myself for it. I was a pathetic coward. I lived the next two years in a stupor… just a waking dream. Everyone thought I was meek. I wasn't meek – I was worthless."

Her face brightened. "Then, when Potter returned from the Third Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament and told everyone the Dark Lord had returned, I nearly broke down. Fate had given me a second chance and I jumped at it.

"The first moment I got, I contacted him. I told him how I knew him and what he meant to me. I was ready to run to his side and join his ranks if he just said the word. He contacted me; told me that I would be more useful keeping an eye on Potter and to get close to him.

"So I did. I spoke around him and smiled at him. I even joined him on his little adventure to the Department of Mysteries. Everyone thought that I had shed my insecurities and moved on with my life. It was an act. I had to get close to Potter. I had to prove my worth.

"When Dumbledore began training Potter the next year, I was ordered to get even closer to the boy. That was painfully simple. All I had to do was flaunt myself – toss my hair, kiss another boy in front of him. Like all boys, he was simple. I just played on his teenage hormones and he was putty in my hands.

"It wasn't as easy as I first thought, though. In order to gain his trust, I had to become somewhat intimate with him. I almost threw up in his mouth every time I kissed him. But I had a task to do. If need be, I would've spread my legs for the half-blood. Thankfully I didn't have to resort to that and have been able to save myself for the one I truly love.

"When Harry disappeared and was listed as dead, I still served the man I loved. I got some mundane job at the Ministry in hopes of gaining some useful information. It didn't; I wasn't privy to any worthwhile information as an emergency fire-call operator. However, my dear old mum and dad more than made up for my failure. Those two gibbering imbeciles blathered on and on about the Order and Ministry. They would make idle chatter at the dinner table and I would take it all in."

Ginny placed her fists on her hips and smiled at Tonks. "He asked me to keep an eye on you, too. Tonight, when you called the emergency meeting, I had to intervene. I spiked the juice and then contacted my Master."

The red head sighed in relief. "You know, that actually felt good. It was very cathartic to finally open up to someone. Thank you, Tonks."

"You're a sick bitch," snarled Tonks.

"Me? I'm the sick one?" Ginny let out a bark-like laugh. "You're a filthy half-breed who let a werewolf – who is a diseased man – fuck you. You do realize that every time he stuck his cock in you it was bestiality, right?"

"Don't you dare speak about Remus! You don't deserve to utter his name!"

"I can do whatever I want!" Ginny jabbed her finger in Tonks' chest. "And there's nothing – nothing – you can do about it!"

Tonks sorely wanted to grab the offending finger and snap it like a twig. But Ginny was right; there was nothing she could do about it.

One of the Order members lying on the ground began to moan.

"Looks like everyone's starting to wake up," said Ginny lightly. "Remember, play the part otherwise you'll arouse suspicion and we can't have that."

"You cunt," Tonks cursed. "I'll get you for this."

"No, no you won't," Ginny dismissed the threat. She added mockingly; "I know you've grown used to Remus and you'll be lonely now that he's indisposed. If it makes you feel any better, there's a stray dog wandering about – perhaps you can let him mount you and just imaging it's Remus shagging you." The red-head then howled like a dog and thrust her hips back and forth crudely.

Tonks suppressed the urge to hex Ginny into a bloody pulp as the witches and wizards around her began to stand.

Noticing the tears that stained Tonks' face, Molly waddled up to the Auror and hugged her. "Don't worry, dear. Remus will be safe. And once he's done with the werewolves in Spain, he'll come home."

Tonks never took her eyes off of Ginny. As other Order members joined Molly in consoling Tonks, the metamorphmagus stared daggers at Ginny. The red-head just smiled back at her, clearly unimpressed with Tonks' threats and winked at her mockingly.



The next morning, just as the sun climbed over the horizon, Harry and his witches stirred from their sleep. Hermione kissed Daphne and asked; "Are you all right?'

"I'm better," the black-haired witch said sadly.

Following Hermione's lead, Susan leaned forward and kissed Daphne. The red-head offered; "How about we just stay in bed today, huh?"

"No, we really need to set up the Detection Wards and lay a trap for Voldemort," said Daphne. "Besides, if I'm busy it'll help keep my mind off of my parents."

Susan added with a devilish smile "Well, there are ways to keep busy in bed."

"Thanks for the offer, but we should really get this trap started."

"Are you sure?" asked Hermione.

"Yeah," Daphne answered. There was still sadness in her voice.

After bathing and dressing, Hermione decided she would stay in the hut to begin imbuing the various charms into the map while Susan and Daphne cast the necessary wards around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

"Harry doesn't have a wand so he's the proverbial fifth wheel," the red-head said to Daphne in a stage whisper. "He's going to make up for not helping us by giving us all full body massages."

But the wizard had not heard this playful jibe. Instead he was reaching out with his senses beyond the confines of the hut. Straining his ears and sniffing the air, Harry quickly scanned the Forbidden Forest trying to pick up any sound or smell that would tell him the location of the deadly Acromantulas.

"Either Harry's confused regarding the notion of full body massages – which we all know isn't the case because he's damn good at it – or he's distracted by something else," commented Susan. "Perhaps his mind is preoccupied with discovering glorious new ways to reward his girls' hard work. Might I suggest full body massages and chocolates?"

"Actually, I was trying to find out where the Acromantulas are. Even though I doubt they'll attack, some might be sorely tested if two tasty morsels such as yourselves," he said, indicating Daphne and Susan, "go walking around in the open. I'm not willing to take any chances."

The fear of any Acromantula attacking them did not faze the witches. Hermione, Daphne and Susan nodded their heads, knowing if one of the beasts even wandered within a hundred feet of any of them Harry's heightened senses would pick up the monster's movement. They knew he would instantly change into his demon form and rip the Acromantula to shreds.

"I suppose saving us from being eaten alive is better than full body massages and chocolates," commented Susan in her typical fashion.

"I don't know," said Daphne with a show of deep thought. "Harry's massages are awfully nice and if you throw chocolates into the mix..."

"Hey, I'm the one who makes with the funny!" Susan playfully shot at the black haired witch. "You'd better watch your arse, skinny! You're encroaching on my territory!"

Chucking over his lovers' fake argument, Harry returned to scanning the forest. After a moment he found them. He could hear and smell the monsters a good distance from the edge of the forest. There were a few spiders roaming around by themselves, but most of them were divided up into groups. Harry was able to discern that some of these groups were involved in battles with one another a little over a mile into the forest. Apparently, the monsters were still fighting to see who would lead them.

Harry reeled in his senses and announced "They're far enough away that if they do decide to attack, I'll hear them coming long before they become a threat."

"So if one of the nasty things tries to gobble us up, you'll swoop in save the day?" asked Susan with a grin.

"Something like that," he replied.

"Well, we'd better get started," Hermione said; "See you in a few hours." She then began waving her wand and conjured a large map that covered one of the hut's walls.

Harry led Daphne and Susan out of the hut. He said "I'll keep both of you in sight, just in case."

"Let's leap-frog in the placements of the wards," suggested Daphne. "I'll erect the first one and you set up the next one a few yards down. Then we'll move and I'll set up the third ward and you take care of the fourth one and so on."

"Oh this is going to be such a fun filled day! Nothing's better than loads of marching and conjuring wards," exclaimed Susan sarcastically.

After the three moved away from the hut, Hermione busied herself imbuing the map with the necessary charms and spells. The one charm that would sound a chime when someone appeared on the map was elementary, but it took a long series of simple wand movements to cast. As the brunette performed the overly easy wand movements, her mind drifted to Daphne and her parents. Hermione theorized that part of the problem lay with the magical society as a whole. The culture of wizarding Britain was similar to the Victorian Era society, even though women were held in higher regard. Since the Victorian culture was very prime and prudish, any form of sexuality that was different from the accepted norm – such as homosexuality – was shunned, if not criminalized.

Added to this closed minded attitude, wizarding Britain was virtually obsessed with procreating the wizarding race. She recalled her first welcoming feast when she began attending Hogwarts. Everyone introduced themselves based on their blood status. It was clear that continuing the race was vitally important to wizards and witches since it was instilled in nearly every level of their society. And since lesbian lovers could not reproduce, the society doubly shunned them.

Hermione considered the situation further; it wasn't just the society and its beliefs that caused Daphne's parents to lash out. It was simpler than that. From her own experience, Hermione knew mothers and fathers have plans and dreams for their children. From a very young age, Hermione's own parent helped instill the desire in the witch to marry a handsome man and start a family. It was the desire of every parent to see their child start a family of their own. Taking this into consideration, Hermione realized that Daphne's parents must have been shocked by the revelation their daughter was involved in a lesbian relationship. It was by no means an excuse, but it was a reason.

This led to Hermione wondering what her own parent would do if they ever found out about her and Daphne. Even though her mother and father were very open minded, Hermione doubted they would instantly accept the relationship. More likely than not, they would be hurt and shocked at the notion their daughter was involved in a lesbian affair. The brunette snorted when she imagine what her parents' reaction would be if they learned Hermione was not only was a lesbian but in fact an active participant in a bisexual four-some.

Hermione completed the wand movements and successfully finished the first spell. Now that the simple task of imbuing the first spell into the map was done, Hermione moved on to the more complex charms – ones where she needed to focus intently on the incantations and wand movements. The brunette welcomed the distraction for if she had to concentrate on the spells her mind would not dwell on whether or not her parents would react in the same manner Daphne's mother and father had.



Daphne chose to erect the first ward just outside the hut. Her wand moved and twirled as she muttered the necessary incantation. The relatively simple process took less than thirty seconds.

As the black haired witch worked on the ward, Susan marched approximately thirty yards to the north of the hut and began to cast the second ward. Just as she started to finish, Daphne passed the red head on her way to the location for the third ward.

Harry stood behind his witches, pacing between them. All the while the wizard scanned the tree line; watching, listening and even smelling for any sigh of Acromantulas. He was ready to pounce the instant a threat appeared.



An odd article appeared on the second page of the morning edition of the Daily Prophet. Many who read the story brushed it off as nonsense – just some wizard desperately seeking attention. Only a handful of people took it for what it truly was. The article read:

Wizard allegedly escapes crazed Muggles without the use of magic!

By Warren Brounne

Mr. Jonathan Appleton, aged thirty-one, claims he recently escaped from the Muggle military unit kidnapping magical folk.

"See, look!" Mr. Appleton told this reported and showed me his cleanly shorn head and the fine, straight scar that bisected his bald crown. "That's where they cut into my brain!"

When asked why the Muggles cut open his head, Mr. Appleton responded "'Cuz they said they wanted to see if magical folk's brains are different from Muggles."

Mr. Appleton claims he was the subject of many strange Muggle experiments where they not only cut open his skull, but poked and prodded him with needles, drained large quantities of blood on a regular basis, and asked strange questions regarding what blotches of ink on pieces of parchment looked like to him.

Mrs. Joan Sperhafocus from the Muggle Relations Department in the Ministry knows of Mr. Appleton.

"He's a prankster," Mrs. Sperhafocus told this reporter. "I can't tell you how many times this department was called to his neighborhood to adjust the memories of the Muggles he played a practical joke on."

When confronted, Mr. Appleton admitted his transgressions against his Muggle neighbors but defended his current claim. "Those jokes were nothing. I was just having a spot of fun with the Muggles and I never hurt a soul. These Muggles that nabbed me are serious! They've got these things, these weapons that make you seize up!"

Mr. Appleton goes on to state that he was held prisoner for several weeks when something strange happened.

"One of the blokes in a white coat came in to take my blood like they did everyday. I told him to stop, like I did every day. The weird thing is that day he listened to me and he did stop. After asking and asking him not to poke me with a needle for weeks on end, he finally does.

"Then I get the idea if he said yes to one thing, then he might say yes to another. So I ask him if I could leave. And he (expletive deleted) did! He held the door open for me!

"One of the guards sees me walking out of my cell and he points on of those guns I was telling you about at me. I've been hit by that gun more times than I can to think about and it hurts like a (expletive deleted). So I tell him why doesn't he see how it feels to get shot by that thing. The bloke turns the weapon on himself and shoots himself right in the belly!

"Once that happened, I ran as fast as I could. About four guards tried to stop me, but like with that other guard I told them to shoot themselves which they did!"

"The Muggles listened and obeyed your every word?" this reporter asked.

"Yeah! I even got lost in the corridors and I stopped some bird in a white coat how to get out. Not only did she tell me which way to go, she led me out of the building! She (expletive deleted) held my hand and walked to the lift and out the door!"

When asked if he used the Unforgivable Imperius Curse on any of the Muggles, Mr. Appleton vehemently denied such actions. "Even if I had my wand, which I didn't 'cuz the Muggles took it away from me, I couldn't do the Imperius. Ask anyone who knows me; I'm utter crap at complicated spells. I got kicked out of Hogwarts because I failed my O.W.L.s!"

This reporter asked Mrs. Sperhafocus her opinion of Mr. Appleton and his claims. "I wouldn't trust him. He's a prankster through and through. I wouldn't doubt it if he made this whole story up just to get a laugh."



"We're making good time," Harry commented. Susan and Daphne had been erecting the wards for close to five hours. In that time, they had nearly finished encircling the grounds of Hogwarts with the Detection Wards. "If we keep this up, we'll be done before supper."

"What's this 'we' stuff, mister?" Susan called out playfully. "Daphne and I are the ones doing all the work."

He chuckled. "How about I make some lunch for you when we're finished with the school grounds?"

"I don't know," said Susan in a show of deep thought. "All this stomping around is making my feet sore. Perhaps you can rub my feet while I eat my lunch."

"Why are you obsessed with massages, Suze?" Daphne countered. She turned to Harry and stated "Lunch would be wonderful, Harry. You won't have to massage anyone while we eat."

"Thank you, love," Harry said to the black haired witch.

An hour later, Harry, Susan and Daphne returned to the hut. They found Hermione still standing in front of the map, twirling her wand about and muttering a long string of incantations.

"How much longer do you have to go with the map?" asked Daphne.

"I'm almost done. Just a few minutes more," the brunette replied.

Harry made his way to the kitchen and began to collect some bread, cheeses and meats.

"Harry's going to make us lunch," Susan told Hermione.

"It's nothing big," he interjected.

Harry looked to Daphne and asked "Can you give me a hand? As Susan likes to point out every chance she gets, I don't have a wand and I need the bread toasted."

"Sure thing," she said.

While the petite witch cast the simple charm to toast the bread, Harry scratched the side of his nose nervously and said; "Daphne, I know you've got Susan and Hermione, and that they're probably better listeners than me, but if you need anyone to talk to about your parents or anything else I'll be right here for you."

Daphne smiled sweetly at Harry while Susan commented; "Wow, a bloke who makes sandwiches and offers a shoulder to cry on. If you add a honking big willy, you've got yourself the near-perfect wizard." Her hazel eyes widened in mock surprise as she uttered, "Wait a tic... you do have a honking big willy!"

"All joking aside, I'm serious, you know," Harry said. "I don't want to pressure you, but if you need me, I'll be there for you."

Daphne sighed. "It hurts. I mean, I can't blame them. It must have been a terrible shock to learn my secret from somebody besides me."

"Do you think it would've been better if you were the one who told them?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Hard to say. The fact that I wasn't the one who told them probably got them steamed up. But they're old fashioned. There's a chance they would have reacted the same way regardless of who told them."

"Who'd you think told them?" asked Harry.

"I wouldn't doubt it was someone from the Ministry," said Hermione, looking up from the map. "We didn't flaunt our relationship, but we didn't exactly hide it either," she said recalling both Ginny and Martha walking in on an intimate moment in Flourish and Blots.

"It doesn't matter who told my parents. They know. What's bothering me now is whether they will ever accept me," she continued. "As I said, they're old fashioned. They expected me to get married and push out a few grandkids for them and the wizarding race."

"And when they heard about your relationship with Hermione, they believed that would never happen?" he asked.

"Pretty much," she replied. "I guess they reckoned I smashed all their hopes and dreams."

Hermione fidgeted nervously as she wondered once again how her parents would react to such a revelation.

"Still, that doesn't excuse hurting you," Harry said.

"No, but I can understand. They were upset and they just lashed out."

Harry wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Well, hopefully they'll come to their senses."

She smiled. "If they don't, I'll always have you, Hermione, and Susan."

Leaning down, Harry placed a soft kiss on her lips and echoed "Always."

A moment later, Harry grinned and asked; "I have a question; if I'm the near-perfect wizard now because of the making sandwiches, offering a shoulder to cry on and a big willy, what do I need to do to become the perfect one?"

"Master cunnilingus," offered Susan.

Smiling, he asked; "I wonder if I know someone who could help me in that aspect."

"You're in luck. I'm a very good teacher." Daphne's blue eyes sparkled. "Just ask Hermione; I taught her very well."

After chuckling over her lovers' interchange, Hermione set her wand down and announced "The map is done."

"Let's have some lunch," suggested Daphne.

As his witches ate, Harry looked out the window and to the ruined castle. He surveyed the utter devastation of the ancient building. A stray thought entered his mind as to the many ghosts who inhabited Hogwarts. Since they were incorporeal, they would not have been harmed by Voldemort's attack. However, Harry doubted they still roamed the ruined halls. He pondered aloud, "I wonder what happened to all the ghosts?"

"They probably moved on to haunt someplace else," said Hermione.

"I'm pretty sure Moaning Myrtle's still in the loo," corrected Susan. "I wouldn't doubt that she's lurking in her U-bend as we speak."

"I pity whoever Peeves decides to pester," added Daphne. "Poor bastards. Peeves would be pelting them with chalk and dustbins day and night."

Thinking of the ghosts and spirits, Harry recalled something. "Didn't Myrtle haunt an old classmate until the Ministry made her stop?"

"What, do you think Myrtle's gone back to haunting that person?" asked Daphne.

"No, but it brings up another point; I also remember Filch saying something about getting Peeves thrown out of the castle," Harry said. "How could you keep a ghost out of a building? They can walk through walls and spells don't affect them."

"Actually, one spell can affect them. It's called Spiritus Murus, or, more commonly; the Specter Deflector. There's a small department in the Ministry that comes to your house to cast it if a ghost is bothering you," said Susan. "We had to put one around our house because someone my Aunt put away in Azkaban came back to haunt her after he died."

"I've heard of that," said Hermione. "It sets up a shield that blocks any spirit – whether it's a ghost or a poltergeist – from entering a building."

"There are also some cells in Azkaban for particularly bothersome ghosts where the interior of the cells are imbued with the Specter Deflector," added Susan. "In that case, the spell prevents the ghost from leaving the cell as opposed to stopping them from entering a building."

Once she was done with her meal, Susan said to Harry "Thanks for the sandwiches."

"You're welcome," he replied.

"Are you hungry, Harry?" asked Hermione. She paused and rolled her eyes. "Look at how wild my life's gotten. I just asked Harry if he wanted an afternoon shag so he can feed off of our sex like it was a simple occurrence for me."

"Who would've thought Hermione Granger was such a wild child," said Susan, jestingly. "You're an insatiable minx, offering you body to a wizard so casually."

"Hermione's a minx, huh? I'm surprised you haven't asked Harry to take you in the arse yet," giggled Daphne.

Harry's eyebrows rose as he looked at the red-head questioningly.

"That's right, Harry, our outspoken Hufflepuff enjoys a good buggering now and then," added Hermione with a snort of laughter.

Susan blushed slightly but held her head high. "Don't mind them, Harry; they don't know what they're missing."

"So do you need to feed, Harry?" asked Daphne knowingly. "We can have Suzie bend over the table if you want."

Harry chuckled. "No, I'm fine."

"Maybe next time," offered Susan and slapped her bottom.

"Besides, Harry will get his substance when I give him a few lessons later," said Daphne, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

"You were serious about teaching him cunnilingus?" asked Hermione.

"Of course I was."

"Sweet! Pussy licking is so much better than a foot rub!" cheered Susan.

Harry flashed his lopsided grin and said "What if we combine the two; I practice my cunnilingus on you while Daphne and Hermione massage your feet."

Susan's eyebrows peaked "By Merlin, I think Harry's hit upon one of the greatest discoveries ever!"

"I can't believe I'm discussing oral and anal sex so nonchalantly," Hermione said while blushing and laughing.

"You're a minx I tell you," Susan playfully chided. "A minx!"



When his lunch hour came, Ron left his office and made a beeline to the Muggle park he had visited the day before. As he strolled around the park, he noticed a number of his peers wandering about. Ron wondered if these wizards and witches took their lunches here often or were they at the park for the same reason he was.

His fantasy the night before, when Mafalda had given him a hand-job, sparked a desire in him. A desire he had to quench.

Ignoring his fellow magical folk and the reasons for them being there, Ron began to search. The red-head didn't have time to waste worrying about what his peers were doing. He only had an hour and he planned to use every minute to its fullest. And for that, he needed to find a woman.

Walking pass a group of Muggle women from a nearby office, Ron quickly dismissed them. None of these muggles fit his criteria. He spotted another woman, a blonde, and dismissed her as well. One after another, Ron brushed off almost every woman he saw in the crowded park. Then, after about five minutes, he finally found the right one.

Generally speaking, the woman was not very attractive. She was certainly prettier than his wife, but she was not beautiful by any means. The woman's breasts were large, which appealed to Ron, but her bottom was a bit fat and she had a large, hooked nose. But none of the Muggle woman's appealing or unattractive features mattered to the wizard. The sole reason Ron chose this woman was for her hair. It was brown and wildly curly and it reminded him of Granger's unruly mane.

He approached her. Before he acted, Ron needed to know if the same strange thing that affected the Muggles from the day before affected this woman.

"Pardon, but what's your name?" he asked.

"It's Sarah," she said.

"Could I call you…" the wizard hesitated. He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was near. If this failed, he didn't want anyone to know. "Can I call you Hermione?"

"I wouldn't mind," the woman said with a smile. "It is a pretty name."

Looking around again, he asked the woman; "Could you follow me, Hermione?"

'Hermione' stood and asked "Where are we going?"

"Just to those trees over there." He pointed to the area Blaunkfrount had used the day before.

The woman followed him without hesitation. Ron set up a Compulsion and Silencing Charm around the area – he did not want anyone walking in on him and this proxy-Hermione and ruin his moment.

"I'm going to rape you," he said calmly.

"Oh," the woman said.

"But you'll like it," he said.

"Really? I didn't realize I was that kinky."

"I want you to fight against me while I shag you, okay?"

The woman purred. "A bit of rough sex, huh?"

"You ready?" he asked.

The woman nodded her head. Ron's hand flew, slapping her across the face. The woman flinched and recoiled.

"Beg me to stop, Hermione!" snarled Ron as his hand flew once again.

As the woman begged him to stop, Ron viciously ripped her clothes off. His fingers dug into the tender flesh of her breast and bottom. He told her to cry as he pushed her to the ground. Following his commands, the woman screamed for him to stop when he pushed his organ roughly into her. When he came, Ron's whole body was rocked. He had not felt such a powerful orgasm since he lost his virginity with the real Hermione.

Lying on top of the woman, Ron said "You liked that, didn't you? You're a nasty whore who loved every second, isn't that right, Hermione?"

"Oh God, yes," she said, whipping the tears from her eyes.

Running his fingers through her wild hair, he asked "Do you love me, Hermione? Tell me that you love me."

"Of course I love you," she said with a warm smile.

"Tell me that you can't live without me."

"I'd die if you left me."

Ron pulled out of her and retrieved his wand. After he magically cleaned his bits, he waved his wand over the woman. Her clothes mended right before her eyes.

"Wow, that's a neat trick," she said in awe. The woman then looked into Ron's eyes and asked "Will I see you again?"

Smiling, he answered, "Tomorrow, same time, right here."



Meanwhile, in a small château outside Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, Johan Blaor smiled. The wizards and witches supplied by Monsieur D'Arras proved to be skilled potion masters. They had already memorized Blaor's complicated potion and were making numerous batches. By his estimation, they would be able to start tainting the water supply in France in two days. And once they were finished with France, the French wizards and witches he had just taught would travel to Belgium, while Blaor and his team would head to Germany. Once there, he would train the Germans so they could go to another country and train even more magical folk about his miraculous potion so they could teach even more just as the French team would be doing in Belgium. The people spreading his potion and tainting the Muggle water supply would grow exponentially.

By conservative estimation, if his students continued to spread the knowledge to other trustworthy wizards and witches, his potion could be spread throughout the entire European continent within two to three months.



In her flat, Tonks clutched her knees to her chest and rocked her body back and forth on her bed. Tears rolled down her face.

The witch didn't think she could get much lower than she was at that moment. Not only had her father been murdered, but Voldemort kidnapped Remus right in front of her. However, the issue that plagued and wracked the Auror's mind the most was Martha Patterson. Tonks had killed an innocent person. She had pushed Martha down a flight of stairs and then wrenched her neck until it snapped.

Tonks had acted fool heartedly. Not only had she judged Martha to be a Death Eater spy, the Auror acted as her executioner.

After she killed Moody, Tonks had eased her guilt by saying she was forced to do so. It had not erased the pain and sorrow she felt, but it did give her a modicum of relief and absolution. But with Martha's death, Tonks had to take full blame. No one made her shove Martha down the stairs. No one threatened to kill her loved ones if she didn't snap the witch's neck.

She pulled fistfuls of her own hair as she wailed.

There was no way back now. She had killed an innocent person under her own volition.

She considered suicide. The idea of ending her pain by pointing her wand at her head and muttering the Killing Curse seemed infinitely better than the pain she was suffering.

But Tonks knew if she ended her own life, she would forfeit Remus' and her mother's lives. If she were to die, Voldemort and his Death Eaters, having no use for the two hostages, would kill them.

Tonks flopped over and wept into her pillow. How many more people did she have to kill in order to save the people she loved?



After lunch, Hermione joined Susan and Daphne in erecting the Detection Wards around the ruins of Hogsmeade. Just as he had done when Daphne and Susan worked on the school grounds, Harry watched, listened and smelled for any Acromantulas as his witches moved about Hogsmeade. With the three witches working together, they finished the task of placing the wards around the village in a few short hours.

As they made their way back to the hut, Susan chimed "Hey, I just realized, once we lure Voldemort into a trap and kill him, won't his followers come running to avenge their master's death?"

Harry nodded his head in agreement. "Acromantulas or not, the Death Eaters will attack."

Daphne gulped and Hermione looked worried.

"We'll have to leave right after I kill him," said Harry.

"Where would we go?" asked Daphne. "It's not like any of us can pop to Diagon Alley and lease a flat. Hermione's wanted by the Ministry, Susan and I would be brought in and asked about Hermione's whereabouts. And everyone thinks you're dead, Harry."

"I don't think we should worry about the world finding out Harry's alive," said Susan. "Once Voldemort is dead, it won't matter if everyone knows Harry's alive."

Hermione's expression grew concerned. "I know my parents are safe because we've protected them from another threat; the Ministry. But what about Susan and Daphne? Won't the Death Eaters go after your families for revenge?"

"I suppose this is the first time anyone's even said this, but I'm lucky I'm an orphan," replied Susan with a sad smile. "Since Aunt Amelia was murdered, I don't have any family for Voldemort's lackeys to hurt."

Daphne's complexion paled. "I'll have to convince my folks to leave the country like Hermione did with her parents. Which may be a touch complicated seeing they probably won't even want to see me much less talk to me."

"That may not be a problem," said Harry. "You three should stay in the hut if anyone shows up. That way, no one will know that you're connected to me and they'll have no reason to go after your folks.

"And as for where we should go after I destroy Voldemort's body, why don't we go to Hermione's parents," offered Harry. "It's already under the Fidelius Charm, so we'd be safe."

"I could magically expand my bedroom," added Hermione.

"Um, what about Harry's special diet?" asked Susan.

"We'll definitely have to put up a few Silencing Charms around the room," Hermione said with wide eyes. "I don't think Mum and Dad would appreciate 'feeding time'."

"We can stay there until we find a more suitable hiding place," concluded Harry.

"All right, now that's settled, I'll lay the bait," said Daphne. She waved her wand and conjured a floor-length mirror. The black-haired witch began twirling her wand over her head in an intricate pattern. Her long, black hair grew lighter until it changed to a steel grey color. Her long, silky strands twisted and scrunched until her hair became a mangled mop. "The sooner I start spreading the 'rumor' that I saw Harry in Hogsmeade, the sooner Voldemort will take the bait."

After she was satisfied her hair was done, Daphne continued to wave her wand about in front of her face. Slowly, her nose grew thicker and longer. A bend formed in the bridge of her nose. Numerous deep wrinkles appeared on her brow, cheeks and neck. Next Daphne waved her wand over her left arm and hand. Dozens of liver spots popped up over her forearm and back of hand. She switched her wand to her left hand and repeated the same wand movement over her right arm and hand, producing the ugly marks.

She smiled, revealing a toothless grin.

"Wow, you're really good at self-transfiguration," uttered Susan.

"Needs, one more thing," said Daphne. She waved her wand over her robes, transforming them into dirty rags. "There, I look like a proper hag. One that would rummage through Hogsmeade in search of valuables to sell," Daphne said proudly.

"Be careful," said Hermione.

"I won't be long," said the now hag-like Daphne. "I'll just pop in a pub or two, have a drink, and blather on how I saw a ghost that turned into a scary demon."

Daphne walked outside and Apparated to Knockturn Alley. She hobbled down a twisting street as if her left knee could not bend properly. She approached a darkly lit pub. It was the type of establishment that promised unruly and disreputable clientele. If rumors of someone seeing Harry alive were to reach any Death Eaters, Daphne reasoned it would be here in this dark place.

The disguised witch hobbled into the pub. The foul stench of body odor, urine and cheap alcohol hung heavily in the air. There were more than two dozen witches and wizards throughout the pub. Each one the typical dredge of society.

Daphne made her way to the bar and in a gravely, cracked voice announce "I need some fire-whiskey!"

"Ten Sickles," grumbled the bartender.

After dropping the coins on the counter-top, the bartender poured Daphne a shot of the amber liquid. Daphne took a deep breath, picked up the shot glass and tossed the burning alcohol down her throat. Slapping the empty glass on the counter, Daphne called "Another one. I've had a rough day!"

After scooping up ten more sickles from the witch, the bartender poured another shot which Daphne quickly gulped down.

Dropping ten more coins on the counter, Daphne said aloud "Keep 'em coming, barkeep. I just saw a ghost."

A haggard wizard sitting on the stool next to Daphne said "Big deal. I see a ghost everyday."

"Me too," another wizard sitting further down the bar echoed. "When my mother-in-law died, I thought I had finally gotten rid of the cantankerous old bitch. But now her bloody ghost follows me all around the house, gripping and complaining."

"That may well be," Daphne said. She paused and gulped down her third shot. "But have you ever seen a ghost turn into a bloody demon?"

"What are you on about, you old hag?" asked the bartender gruffly.

"I was in Hogsmeade," she began.

A number of voices called out in disbelief.


"Are you barmy?"

"The acromantuals would've eaten you!"

Daphne turned and said; "They didn't bother with me. I don't got enough meat on my bones to attract them.

"As I was saying, I was in Hogsmeade looking through the rubble for any trinkets or doodads that I could hock for some coin when I saw him!" she said. "The ghost walked out from behind a half collapsed wall. At first, he didn't see me. But then, when he finally noticed me, his face got all twisted like he was mad as hell. Then – bam—he turned into a ten foot tall, black skinned, demon. Complete with horns!"

"A ghost can't change his shape," someone argued. "They keep the same shape they were in when they died. Remember Gryffindor House's ghost? His head was barely attached to his shoulder 'cuz that's the way he looked when he died."

"Same with the Bloody Barron," another added. "He was coated with blood when he died and so he's ghost was coated with blood."

"I'd swear on my magic I saw the ghost change into a demon," insisted Daphne.

"Maybe it wasn't a ghost then," offered a witch.

"It had to be a ghost," Daphne replied. "It was Harry Potter."

All heads in the pub turned and faced Daphne.

"You saw Harry Potter's ghost?"

"Harry Potter?"

"His ghost is haunting Hogsmeade?"

"He turned into a demon?"

As the patrons chatted animatedly about what Daphne had just told them, the witch sneaked out of the pub. She walked a half mile away and found another, even seeder pub.

Slapping a handful of coins on the bar, Daphne said "Merlin, I've had a day you wouldn't believe!"

Once she had seeded the rumor at the second pub, Daphne headed back to the hut. She stumbled in, startling Hermione who was putting the finishing touches on the magical map of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade that covered the South wall of the hut.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just a bit tipsy," replied Daphne. She tapped her wand on top of her head and muttered "Finite."

Her appearance shimmered for two seconds before she reverted to normal.

"Did it go well?" asked Harry.

"Swimmingly," Daphne said with her face aglow. "I'll head out tomorrow for a repeat performance."

Susan giggled. "Just how many drinks did you have?"

"Three in the first place and four in the second," she said. "No, wait, five in the second."

"You've been gone less than thirty minutes!" exclaimed Hermione.

"And that's precisely why I'm a little tipsy," the black-haired witch slurred slightly. "Let's see how well you hold up when you take eight shots of fire-whiskey in twenty-five minutes."

"Maybe you should lie down," suggested Hermione.

"No, I'm not that bad," she returned. "Besides, I promised Harry that I'd give him a few lessons."

"You can't be serious," chided Hermione.

"Can I sit in on the lessons as well?" asked Susan. "It would only be proper if I were to learn seeing how I'm bisexual now."

"I don't mind at all," Daphne responded. The black-haired witch turned and looked at Hermione, ordering "Get naked."

Harry laughed at the absurdity.

"What?" Hermione was stunned by the blunt command.

"I need a visual aide if I going to teach Harry and Susan anything," explained Daphne. "Now strip and hop on the bed."

"What if someone takes the bait and shows up first thing in the morning?" asked Hermione.

Harry replied, "I don't think that'll happen. I reckon these types of rumors take time to cement."

Hermione eyed Harry suspiciously. "You just want to watch, don't you?"

He raised his hand. "Guilty as charged."

"No, he's right, Hermione," said Daphne. "No one's going to come down here tomorrow to try to catch a glimpse of Harry. I was planning on heading out tomorrow night and play the part again."

"Now stop stalling and strip," ordered Susan.

Hermione's face burned. A moment later, she shrugged her shoulders and said "To hell with it" and began to undress.

"Fantastic," Daphne said, rubbing her hands together excitedly. "First I'll start with the basics and then I'll give a practical example. After that, Harry will have a go while I coach him, then Susan."

"Once Susan's had her turn I have a feeling the lesson will turn into a free-for-all," promised Harry with a smile.

"This is going to be a long night." Hermione laughed with embarrassment as she unclasped her bra.



Early the next morning, Herbert Belova hobbled down the corridor to the Minister for Magic's office as fast as his legs could carry him. The wizard was old, even by magical standards. And time had not been kind to the elderly wizard; his eyesight was so poor, he was forced to wear thick spectacles while arthritis had nearly crippled him. His bones creaked and ached painfully with each step. The wizard's body begged Belova to stop, but he had to meet with the Minister.

Rushing past Godfrey's secretary, Belova stormed into the Minister's office. The secretary quickly followed Belova, trying politely to stop the elderly wizard by asking "Do you have an appointment?"

"Good day, Herbert," Godfrey greeted the obviously angry wizard with a warm tone. "What brings you here this early?"

Belova threw down yesterday's Prophet directly in front of Godfrey. The paper was folded open to the second page and the article concerning Appleton's escape from the Muggles. He pointed contemptuously at the paper and growled; "This is what's brought me here, sir!"

"I'm sorry, sir," the secretary apologized to the Minister. "He just slipped by me."

"It's quite alright, dear," Godfrey said. "I was expecting this meeting."

"Very well, sir," the witch left the office, closing the door behind her.

Belova snarled; "Why you do it? Why'd you give Blaor the funding to poison the Muggles? The committee that you and I both sat on refused his proposal!"

"I could deny such an accusation," Godfrey said, leaning back in his chair. "But to do so would be an insult to you."

"Damn right it would," snapped Belova. "There was no way in heaven or hell Blaor could've done this without government funding!"

Godfrey gestured to a chair. "Please, Herbert, have a seat."

Grumbling under his breath, Belova sat. His aching joins welcomed the chair.

Godfrey steepled his fingers under his chin. "You cannot deny that the potion has already been beneficial. That very article is proof; one of our citizens has escaped the Muggles."

Belova huffed indignantly. "I take it you haven't heard the rumors then? One M. L. E. officer was suspended for three days because he took sexual advantage of a Muggle. And he was able to do so because of this damned potion! Once the public is made aware of this travesty, who knows what will happen!"

Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, the Minister said "That is unfortunate about the M. L. E. officer."

"Unfortunate?" barked Belova. "Unfortunate? I bloody knew something like this would happen when Blaor gave us his proposition! Once magical folk find out about what's happened to the Muggles, they'll be outraged!"

"Are you certain, my old friend?" asked Godfrey. "Was the M. L. E. officer outraged that he could take advantage of a Muggle so easily?"

"Of course he wasn't," snapped Belova. "He practically raped that woman!"

"Was it truly rape, Herbert? Did the woman protest? Did she fight back?"

"No, she couldn't! That damn potion robbed her of her free will!"

"If she had no free will of her own, how could it be rape?"

Belova stared at Godfrey. "Are you saying that the wizard was justified in his abuse of the Muggle because she had no free will of her own? Because her free will had been stripped away?"

Godfrey shrugged his shoulders and brushed the comment aside. "That's a debate left to more enlightened wizards than either of us."

"The hell it is!" Belova pointed a finger at the Minister and shouted "You brought this down on the Muggles. Every crime that's committed against them rests squarely on your shoulders, Festus!"

"Crimes? Crimes?" Godfrey's brow furrowed in anger. "Tell me, Herbert, is it considered murder when you kill a deer to feed your family?"

"Are you comparing Muggles to animals?" Belova was aghast that Godfrey had even mentioned such a thing.

Godfrey slapped his hand on his desk. "By our very nature we are superior to Muggles."

Belova's eyes widened in surprise. He always knew that Godfrey was an elitist but the elderly wizard had no idea how extreme the Minister's views were.

Normally, Godfrey was much better at keeping a cool and level head. But Belova's ignorance and stubbornness prevented him from seeing the truth. "Our life expectancy is significantly longer then theirs. From childhood, we can do wondrous things with a few words and a flick from our wands. We can create water from thin air. Eleven year olds are taught how to turn buttons into beetles. And we can travel from one spot to another just by willing it to happen. Even with the Muggles' precious technology they are still inferior to us in every way!

"You say that magical folk will be outraged when they learn what we've done to the Muggles. I say they will finally open their eyes to the truth," Godfrey continued to rant. "Mr. Blaor's potion has shown beyond a doubt that we are the Muggles' betters and it is high time we accept that!"

Belova's face twitched in anger. He struggled as he stood. "We shall see which one of is right, Minister."

"We're not done here, Herbert," Godfrey said.

"I say we are, sir!"

Godfrey pointed his wand at Belova's chest. "Please sit down."

"Are you threatening me?" demanded Belova. "Am I now inferior to you like a Muggle?"

"Herbert, I am no fool," he said evenly. "I know there will be many wizards and witches who share you naive view. They do not bother me for they know nothing of Mr. Blaor and his potion. But you, and the others that were part of the meeting, know too much."

Taking a long, deep breath, Godfrey raised his wand until it pointed at Belova's head. He did not want to do this. Belova was a fellow wizard and deserved better. However, this needed to be done.




Normally, Maxwell Foundscuim did not listen to rumors. He knew that such farfetched tales were often blown out of proportion. When he heard that one hag claim she saw the ghost of the Boy Who Lived lurking about in the ruins of Hogsmeade, Foundscuim believed the hag had created the tale just to garnish some attention for herself.

One thing about her claim did catch his attention however. She said she had ventured into the ruins of Hogsmeade to loot the homes and shops. Foundscuim knew that the large items in these places would be destroyed. But there was a very good chance he'd find some small trinkets – such as jewelry or wands – lying about in the wreckage that he could sell and earn some gold.

No one had dared scavenge and salvage Hogsmeade since the attack for fear of the Acromantulas. But the thought of the potential gold he could earn pushed Foundscuim to brave the dangers. True, it was a more hazardous than his normal trade of sneaking into magical folks' homes while they were out, but Foundscuim believed it was worth the risk.

Besides, he would be extra cautious. He told himself he would just Apparate in the middle of the village. He would risk no more no more than fifteen minutes searching for valuables. If he even saw a hint of an Acromantula, he'd Apparate away as quickly as possible.



A sudden, loud bell sounded, rousing Harry and his witches from their slumber.

"What the hell?" asked Susan groggily.

"It's the map," said Hermione. "Someone's entered Hogsmeade."

"I guess I was wrong about the rumor needing more time before someone came to investigate for themselves," commented Daphne.

Untangling himself from his witches, Harry crawled out of the large bed. He walked to the map and looked for black dot, indicating where the person was. "He's near where the Three Broomsticks used to be."

Harry selected a point close to the area the person was in to Apparate to.

"Hold on a tic," said Susan. She rolled out of bed and snatched up her wand from a nearby table. She trotted to Harry side, unmindful of her bouncing breasts, and waved her wand over Harry's body. A pair of ratty and worn robes shimmered into existence over the wizard's body. "I figure if you're supposed to have been stumbling around here for months, your robes should look torn."

"Thanks," Harry said. He closed his eyes and focused on the spot he had selected. After feeling the unpleasant squeezing sensation of Apparition travel, Harry was in Hogsmeade.

Using his heightened senses, Harry pinpointed the mystery person. He heard the person, a man by the smell of him, stumbling around a hundred feet away. Slowly, Harry slinked through the destroyed buildings and rubble. When he was about twenty feet away from his target, he peeked out from behind the remnants of a wall and saw the wizard. He was around forty and was wearing old robes. He was flicking his wand at some rubble, sending chunks of brick and mortar flying away. The wizard's face brightened. He bent over and picked up a gold necklace. The wizard was a lowlife scavenger, picking at the bones of Hogsmeade. Harry would enjoy scaring the man.

Making his move, Harry walked out from behind the wall. He turned and moved briskly toward the wizard. When he was ten feet away, Harry shouted angrily "What the hell are you doing?"

Foundscuim shot up. He looked in utter shock at the young wizard approaching him. His eyes fell on the famous lightning bolt scar adoring his head. "Holy shite, it is Potter's ghost!"

"Get out of here!" yelled Harry. Before the unknown wizard could react, Harry tapped into the Pryapux's power, releasing a large portion of the demon. In the blink of an eye, Harry transformed into the beast. Baring his silver fangs, Harry roared "GET OUT OF HERE!"

Foundscuim's eyes nearly popped out of his skull. He screamed and pitched backwards, crashing to the ground.

As a show of anger, and also to prove he wasn't a ghost as Daphne's fabricated-rumor claimed, Harry raised his fist high over his head and brought it crashing down on a nearby pile of bricks, smashing them to dust. "LEAVE!" he bellowed.

Not noticing that warm urine was flowing down his leg, Foundscuim rolled over and got to his feet as quickly as possible and ran as fast as his legs could take him.

As the wizard retreated, Harry kept up the show of rage. He screamed and roared loudly as he swung his wildly at the remains of the buildings surrounding him.

The wizard continued to run out of the remains of the village. Once out of sight, Harry reverted to normal and Apparated back to the hut.

"Did it work?" asked Hermione.

"Like a charm," he replied. "It was some wizard looking through the rubble, searching for valuables. I got close enough for him to get a good look at me before I changed."

"Well I guess this means I won't have to go out tonight and tell people I saw Harry in Hogsmeade like last night," said Daphne. "That bloke will do it for me."



Draco rapped his knuckles against Pansy's door. "Pansy, let me in," he pleaded.

His urges had not been met. The Muggles he attempted to torture could not satiate him and he needed his lover.

But Pansy would not have Draco touch her. She had locked herself in her chambers.

She had always remembered Draco forcing the powerful love potion down her throat, but for a long time, she felt as if she deserved it to happen. Her adoration of Draco made her believe he was acting in her best interests and his actions had made her better. But now, as the effects of the Amortentia potion slowly began to wear off, Pansy grew to hate and despise Draco for the deed. He had forced a love potion down her throat and turned her into a sex slave. She had become Draco's own personal whore.

However, she did not hate Draco completely. Whether it was still the lingering effects of the Amortentia or her natural feelings for the wizard she had dreamed of spending the rest of her life with, Pansy did not know. She still loved him.

The conflicting emotions of hatred and love tore her asunder.



"Damn thing hasn't even sparkled," complained Rhisiart as he looked at the globe that was supposed to light up when Daphne Greengrass entered her parents' home. Even the veteran officer's time honed patience was being tried. "Doesn't this girl ever visit her mum and dad?"

"Apparently not," replied Segundus grumpily.

"You know, we're going to have to come up with another plan," suggested Marshal. "This one's not working and Wright's going to get angry if we don't come up with some leads to track down the mudblood."

"Well don't look at me, ask Ron," said Segundus.

"Hmm?" mumbled Ron. The red-head had been focus on the clock on the wall and had not heard his subordinates.

"What's your problem, Weasley?" asked Marshal. "Your head's in the clouds."

"Sorry," he said. "I've just been thinking."

"Hopefully you've been thinking about the case and how we can catch your ex," chided Segundus.

"Leave the man alone," sounded Rhisiart. "He's got a lot on his mind with the case and his pregnant wife."

"Thanks, Rhisiart," said Ron. He glanced at the clock. Two minutes to noon. "I'm going to take my lunch now." Ron looked at his subordinates and lied, "I'll get a spot of fresh air. Maybe that'll get my brain going and I'll come up with another idea."

Ron had no intention of attempting to create another plan to capture Granger. He was going to use his lunch hour to satisfy his own needs.

Like the day before, Ron went straight to the Muggle park. He found the Muggle he had dubbed 'Hermione' waiting for him just as he had commanded. Taking her by the hand, he said softly "I'm glad you listened to me."

"I'll always listen to you because I love you," said 'Hermione'.

He took her into the small patch of trees and forced her onto her knees and shoved himself roughly into her mouth. As he pumped in and out of her mouth, Ron let loose and growled out the frustrations that had built inside of him. "You can't nag and order me about, now can you, Hermione!"

In short order, Ron climaxed. As before, his orgasm was powerful and intense. Much to his pleasure, he was still hard. The wizard pushed 'Hermione' onto the ground face first and took her from behind. A few moments' later, he came for the second time and his knees gave out. The exhausted wizard fell backwards onto the grass.

Panting and spent, Ron lay there with a satisfied smile on his face. 'Hermione' crawled up his body and pressed her bosom into his chest.

"You can do that to me forever, my love," she whispered breathlessly.

His smile grew broader. This is how it was supposed to be with the real Hermione. That bitch had taken it away from him, but Ron had gotten the last laugh. With this proxy-Hermione, Ron showed that bitch who was the one in charge. This was the way he thought it was supposed to be – he was the one in control, not her. This 'Hermione' would always know her place and never make him feel low or worthless. It did not matter to Ron that it was all fake.



Wormtail licked his lips as he looked down at the steaming bowl of stew before him. The Splintered Wand, a pub located deep in Knockturn Alley had the absolute best beef stew. There was something about the combination of spices, potatoes, carrots and onions that made his taste buds dance. Even though most people thought him to be dead and he could be recognized, the rat-like wizard couldn't help but to make a visit to The Splintered Wand and sample their delicious stew every chance he got. After years of living as a rat and being forced to eat scraps, Wormtail enjoyed his little indulgences. Before diving into the stew, Wormtail pulled the hood of his robes forward to conceal his face from any prying eyes. Thankfully, most wizards and witches tended not to put their noses in other people's business in Knockturn Alley. To do so often meant trouble for the prying individual.

It was while he was eating the delicious stew that Wormtail noticed a terrified looking wizard stumble into the pub. The wizard, who had evidently soiled himself, staggered up to the bar and ordered fire-whiskey. Wormtail smiled. He liked to see other people cower.

At the bar, Maxwell Foundscuim's hand trembled as if he was suffering some kind of fit as he raised the glass to his lips. The amber liquid sloshed out and spilled on his fingers. Before he could lose any more of the precious fire-whiskey, he gulped down the contents of the glass.

"You okay there, Maxie," asked Sebastian, the bartender of The Splintered Wand. "You look worse than that hag who claimed she saw the Boy Who Lived's ghost last night."

"It weren't no ghost," said Foundscuim. "Ghost don't turn into demons and they certain don't smash bricks to pieces."

Wormtail nearly dropped his spoon. Not only had the frighten wizard claimed he saw Potter, but he saw Potter change into a demon.

"He turned into a big, black thing with silver fangs and horns!" Foundscuim said rapidly. "His body was covered with these weird designs!"

"Oh tosh," scoffed Sebastian.

"I'm serious!" snapped Foundscuim. "I saw it with my own eyes! The monster roared at me and I ran! I ran for close to a half hour before I calmed down enough to Apparate!"

"Maxie, you're nothing more than a swindler, a liar, and petty thief," retorted the bartender. "This is probably just some scam."

"It isn't!" Foundscuim protested vehemently.

"I heard enough about Potter's ghost from that hag last night thank you," said Sebastian dismissively.

Foundscuim frowned and barked "The hell with you then!" and stormed out of the pub.

Forgetting the stew, Wormtail quickly followed the wizard as he left. It may have been true what the bartender said about this wizard being a liar and thief. But he had mentioned that the demon had intricate designs on its body. This gave credence to the wizard's story for Wormtail remembered that Harry had numerous designs carved into his flesh.

Once outside, Wormtail quickly moved in front of the wizard.

"What do you want?" Foundscuim snapped angrily.

"Did you really see Harry Potter?" asked Wormtail.

"What, are you going to call me a liar like Sebastian?"

"No, I believe you," Wormtail said. He raised his silver hand and pointed his wand at the wizard's face. "Stupefy!"

After creating a portkey to transport himself and his prisoner back to his Master's castle, Wormtail hurried to the Dark Lord's throne room with the unconscious wizard floating behind him. Wormtail was ecstatic. If this wizard could tell the Dark Lord where he saw Potter, then Wormtail would be showered with praise.

Entering his Master's throne room, Wormtail quickly bowed, touching his brow to the cold, stone floor. "Forgive my intrusion, Lord, but I've brought news as to Potter's whereabouts!"

Voldemort said, " I take it this wizard will be able to tell me this information."

"Yes, Sire," Wormtail said, trying to hide his glee. "I overheard him claim he saw Potter and that he turned into a demon that had symbols and designs all over his body."

Voldemort cocked an eyebrow. He flicked his wand and the wizard slowly lowered to the floor. The Dark Lord spoke, "Rennervate."

Opening his eyes, Foundscuim screamed in terror. Standing before him was the most feared wizard, Voldemort.

The Dark Lord smiled, pointed his wand at Foundscuim and said; "Legilimens!"

Foundscuim stopped screaming as Voldemort searched his memories. A few moments later, Voldemort ended the spell.

"Does he know of Potter's location, Master?" asked Wormtail, waiting for the rare praise he was about to receive.

"Yes he does," Voldemort said. He smiled cruelly at Wormtail. "My pet is in Hogsmeade."

"Hogsmeade… but…" Wormtail began to panic. "But there were Acromantulas all over the school grounds…"

"I ordered you to search both Hogwarts and the village," the evil wizard said. "Clearly you did not follow my command."

"Bu—but Sire, the moment I arrived on the school grounds, a pack of Acromantulas tried to attack me," he whimpered pathetically.

"And you reasoned if the Acromantulas tried to eat you in your rat form then they certainly would've eater my pet," Voldemort said.

"Yes," Wormtail said desperately hoping that his Master was going to forgive him.

Voldemort scoffed. "Fool, I gave you a command. You should have obeyed it without question! If you had done as I said and avoided the Acromantulas, you would have found my pet!"

"Forgive me, Master, forgive me."

Leveling his wand at Wormtail, Voldemort snarled "Crucio!"

As the rat-like wizard scream and writhed in agony, Foundscuim scurried to the far corner of the room, hoping to distance himself from You Know Who as much as possible.

Even though Voldemort had come to the same conclusion as Wormtail – that if Potter went to Hogwarts he would've been eaten by the Acromantulas seeing the giant spiders charged Wormtail in his rat form – the Dark Lord felt he had to punish his minion. Voldemort could not show weakness in any fashion. If he admitted Wormtail had performed his duty despite not finding Potter when he ventured to Hogwarts, Voldemort would share in the failure. Therefore, he had to place the blame on Wormtail for thinking Potter was not at Hogsmeade or Hogwarts.

Voldemort continued to cast the curse on Wormtail as he considered what he had just learned. Potter was alive and at full strength. That meant he had more concubines than just the mudblood Granger. One witch could not feed his pet completely.

Another thought about the situation bothered Voldemort. For some reason, the blood bonding ritual had not worked properly and Potter still had a will of his own. Continuing this thought, Voldemort scrutinized Foundscuim's memory. Potter revealing himself to the wizard seemed too convenient, too staged. Foundscuim was nothing more than an unwitting dupe, but it was clear that Potter was up to something. He had shown himself to the wizard in hopes of the sighting reaching Voldemort.

The Dark Lord snickered. It was obviously a trap. Was Potter foolish enough to think that Lord Voldemort would fall for such an obvious ruse?

However, Voldemort did want his pet. Perhaps he could use Potter's foolishness to his advantage.

Voldemort had to consider the threat that his pet posed. Even if he could turn the situation against Potter, the power his pet held was substantial. So much so that the demon could gravely injure the Dark Lord if given even a moment to act. Even if he approached Potter with twenty of his best followers, the demon was so strong that he could still pose a significant threat to Lord Voldemort's safety.

Voldemort realized he had to weaken Potter before he could risk reclaiming his pet. Then it came to him.

Finally lifting the curse on Wormtail, Voldemort called to one of the guards stationed outside his throne room. "Inform Bellatrix and Draco that I wish to see them and their team this instant."

The guard trotted out of the room to go fetch the Death Eaters.

Voldemort turned to the whimpering Wormtail.

"You have been a great disappointment, Wormtail," he hissed at the whimpering wizard. "Next time you fail me, I will not be so generous."

"Thank you, Master," sobbed Wormtail.

"Be gone from my sight," Voldemort said, turning his back on Wormtail.

As the rat-like wizard crawled out of the room, Voldemort spoke to Foundscuim. "You have outlived your usefulness, I'm afraid."

"Please, I won't tell anyone, please don't kill me," begged Foundscuim. Voldemort let the wizard continue to plead for his life for a short while. Finally, Voldemort pointed his wand at Foundscuim and said "Avada Kedavra."

A few minutes later, Bellatrix, Draco, Pansy, Nott, Goyle, Crabbe and Bulstrode entered the throne room. Voldemort announced, "I have found my pet."

"That's wonderful Master," cheered Bellatrix.

Draco tried to conceal his disappointment. He had wanted the honor of finding Potter for the Dark Lord.

Even though she knew it was improper to do so in front of their Master, Pansy glowered at Draco. She was still battling with her feelings toward him.

Voldemort looked to Nott, Goyle, Crabbe and Bulstrode and said "Thank you for your diligent work. As a reward for your service, I shall inform you of a secret that only a few of my most trusted Death Eaters know."

He spent the next several minutes explaining to the four Death Eaters about Potter and the demon inside of him. Voldemort concluded by saying, "To retrieve what is rightfully mine, I must weaken Potter. To do so, I must remove him from his food supply."

Bellatrix seemed to glow with excitement. "You wish for us to kill his concubines?"

"Yes, Bellatrix," he said in response. "However, my pet will be very protective of the witches he has bonded to. In order to kill these witches, we must distract Potter."

Voldemort stood in front of Bellatrix and ordered "Fetch your niece. She will serve well as part of the distraction."

"Yes, my Lord," she bowed.

"While the half-blood metamorphmagus distracts my pet, you shall search Hogsmeade for his concubines," ordered Voldemort. "I will also assign two more teams of Death Eaters to assist you in this task. You must move quickly for if Potter even suspects that his concubines are in danger he will lay you to waste."

Voldemort paused and looked over Draco and his team. He needed another distraction to help keep Potter's attention away from the Death Eaters hunting his concubines. Draco and Pansy were too valuable to him – Voldemort could use their skills in the future. Goyle, Crabbe, and Bulstrode were too dim to act out his plan. That left Nott.

Placing his hand on Nott's shoulder, Voldemort said; "Theodore, I have a special task for you to complete on this mission."

Nott beamed with pride. "Anything you require, my Lord!"

"There is a chance that the metamorphmagus will not distract Potter long enough. I shall place two more teams of Death Eaters under your command. If the metamorphmagus fails, it will be your duty to stall Potter in order to allow your teammates time to hunt down his concubines," the Dark Lord explained.

Draco averted his eyes. He thought bitterly that Voldemort should've chosen him for this important task. With twenty Death Eaters under his command, Draco could easily take care of Potter – demon or not.

Bowing, Nott said "Thank you, sire. I will not fail you."

"There is another aspect of the mission that will need to fulfill, Theodore," Voldemort said, he placed his hand on Nott's shoulder and led him out of the throne room. "And for that, we must stop by the potions laboratory."



Ron staggered into his home and immediately flopped down in the nearest chair.

"Did you have a rough day at work, Ronnie?" asked Mafalda.

"Yeah," he muttered. "They had me running ragged."

In truth, Ron had been exhausted by his afternoon romp with the Muggle he named Hermione. Ejaculating two times in a row had drained the red-head. He had dragged his feet throughout the rest of the day, yawning and struggling to stay awake.

"Your father is tired, too," informed Mafalda. "But Molly thinks Arthur's coming down with a case of the dragon pox. The poor man. He just gout out of St. Mungo's and now he's sick."

"Really?" asked Ron, concerned for his father's well being.

"It's probably just a cold and I think Molly's just exaggerating. You know how she is. She's got Arthur cooped up in his bed and she's demanded that he stay there all evening." Mafalda walked out of the kitchen and said "Unfortunately we're all out of pepper-up potion. So Molly and I are going to head down to Diagon Alley and pick up some ingredients."

He frowned. "What about my dinner?"

"It's in the over," she said with a smile. "Just put a warming charm on it before you eat it."

She donned her traveling robe and said "Molly and I will gone for a while. Once we get the potion, we were going to head to a second hand shop to look for baby clothes."

Ron yawned loudly. "S'okay."

"Why don't you take a kip before you eat, Ronnie," suggested Mafalda.

As he closed his eyes, Ron said "Don't mind if I do."



"Are you still weeping over that half-human mongrel?"

Tonks shot out of bed and looked at her aunt in shock. The Auror had not even heard Bellatrix enter.

"What do you want?" demanded Tonks, whiping the tears from her face with the back of her hand.

"The Dark Lord has selected you for an important mission," said Bellatrix.

"Who do I have to kill?" she asked flatly as if her spirit had been crushed.

"Even though you've become quite proficient at murdering defenseless wizards and witches," Bellatrix was clearing enjoying her cruel choice of words, "this mission only requires your presence."

Tonks leveled her eyes at Bellatrix suspiciously.

"I'm telling you the truth," the evil witch said in her sickly sweet voice.

"There's more to this than what you're telling me," Tonks said.

Bellatrix simply smiled. "We're leaving in five minutes. You might want to freshen up."



Back at Voldemort's castle, the Dark Lord was addressing over two score of his followers gathered in the main hall.

"I have selected all of you for a very special mission," he began. "This is vitally important to me and I shall reward you if you succeed.

"Gibbon and Mulciber, your team will accompany Draco's team. You shall spread out along the edges of Hogsmeade and search for a group of witches. Once you find them, kill them quickly. Do not hesitate or toy with them. If you do, you will be putting your own lives in mortal peril." Voldemort spoke soberly. He turned and stated "Carrow, McAlister, and Stibbons, your teams will follow me."



"Good grief," said Susan as she looked at the map and the dozens of black dots at the far end of Hogsmeade. "I didn't realize that people would buy the rumor so quickly."

Harry stood before the red-head and asked "Could you conjure up another set of robes for me?"

She sighed as she waved her wand over his body. "All this hard work conjuring robes just so you can shred them to pieces by changing into the beastie is going to get bothersome real quick."

After he was dressed, Harry checked the spot where the person arrived. There were forty-eight dots.

"It's Death Eaters," said Harry.

"Really?" asked Hermione. "So soon? I thought it would've taken a few days to reach Voldemort."

"It has to be," Harry said. "There's over forty of them and I doubt a bunch of people are here to sight-see. It's an attack force."

Hermione looked at the numerous dots on the map. "Do you think Voldemort's with them?"

"More likely than not," he replied. "Voldemort wouldn't want to leave retrieving his pet demon to one of his underlings."

Harry watched as one dot broke away from the rest and walked down the middle of the village. The dot had traveled the equivalent of a dozen feet before two more groups broke off. These groups split up and began to move on either side of the village – ten on each side. The other twenty-two held their position.

Pointing to the dot walking alone, Harry said "I'll lay money down that's Voldemort. He's going to try and draw me out. These," he said indicating the twenty dots moving alongside the village, "are probably trying to flank me."

"What are you going to do?" asked Hermione.

Harry tapped his finger on his chin as he considered his options. "Voldemort's the strongest one of the bunch. I'll have to take him out first. Then I'll move through the rest. I'll Apparate a few feet in front of him and then jump him before he has a chance to react."

"Be careful, Harry" said Hermione. She kissed him on the lips. Susan and Daphne followed suit.

He checked the map again, closed his eyes and Appareted to the spot he had chosen.

Before he opened his eyes, Harry began to tap into the power of the demon.

"Harry?" a surprised and familiar voice cried out.

He opened his eyes and froze in shock. "Tonks?"

To be continued…

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